Wordless Wednesday – Mama and Baby Racoon

We have raccoons in our backyard {I’ve shown pictures of them before}, but I did think this was kind of cute. This mama had two babies and was having a hard time keeping them both on one side of the fence.

what does a baby racoon look like

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  1. Oh my goodness! That’s crazy.

  2. Aww! That is cute…from a safe distance.

    Mine’s up with a linky! :) http://www.sliceoheaven.us

  3. I love your picture! Is that the same racoon from your Monday Mingle? Happy Wednesday girlie! Hugs!

  4. Last summer we had 3 baby raccoons. My oldest daughter was loving it. So were the rest of us…til the neighbor shot them.I went around the house turning up the music and shutting the blinds. Both neighbors were concerned about them growing and eating their gardens. NOT easy!! We were soooo upset! I knew he was just waiting for the little guys to walk to his yard, which they did. =(I had no way to get them somewhere else).

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words

  5. Look at that! I don’t think I have every seen one up close.

  6. Hehe… It’s nice to see that ALL mom’s have issues keeping little ones in line sometimes. :)

  7. Valerie2350 says:

    awww I love Racoons. We have visitors every evening and sometimes during the day :)

  8. Cute Critters!

  9. Aww…poor mommy, it must be hard keeping track of 2 Raccoons! Very cute!

  10. I have twins just like her and boy can I relate! Keeping two mobile babies in check is always a struggle!

  11. Oops forgot to hit the button! Sorry.

  12. How cute… I love having all the wild life in our area, too.

  13. Reminds me of the time some raccoons came to visit on Halloween and sorted through the candy for their favorites. They unwrapped and presumably ate all the Snickers; left the Milky Ways. Gosh they are smart and cute!

    • LOL – that is so funny! Who knew they were that picky about what they ate? I guess they liked the peanuts in the Snickers. Little stinkers!

  14. Awww they are so cute, even though I know they would probably try to scratch or bite my face off. LOL! I love animals of all kinds even if they are dangerous. Of course I know when you’re not suppose to touch or get too close to something, but it doesn’t stop me from being an animal lover of all animals. I love this pic. =] It’s so neat.

  15. Aw, that’s nice to see. We used to have many masked critters here, but I think a lot of them have gotten rabies.

  16. Mickey Coutts says:

    Adorable! We have raccoons that eat the birdseed out of our feeders. I’ll be hangout on the couch and will suddenly see a family of raccoons climbing the screens on our porch to get to the feeders. My husband gets annoyed, but I love to watch them and take pictures. Raccoons gotta eat too! :)

  17. I could watch raccoons for hours…they are just too hilarious…their inquisitiveness intrigues me~!! Thank you for the photo share~!!

  18. katherine kinnaird says:

    I’m wonderin if they found what they were looking for?

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