Boboli Pizza Crust Review

boboli pizza crust reviews, whole wheat pizza crust

Although pizza originated in Italy, I think we Americans can stake a solid claim to it, just like we have with the hot dog and hamburger. Sure, you can get pizza Margherita here, but pies featuring pineapple, taco meat, and even mac-and-cheese are uniquely ours. While I love to get carry out pizza (I mean really, who doesn't?), lately I've been … [Read more...]

Link em Up Thursday giveaway linky March 31 – April 7th

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Linky for March 24th - 31st Make sure you enter the current giveaways at Eighty MPH Mom! Don't miss these awesome deals and savings:   Please leave a comment after you have posted your giveaways, and RETWEET THIS using button above, or phrase below: Link em Up Thursday - new Giveaway Linky is live @EightyMPHMom - … [Read more...]

Welch’s Paint It Purple & Grape Juice Review!

Welch's 100% grape juice review

I absolutely LOVE grape juice. Not all grape juice is created equal though - they definitely do not taste the same. Welch's grape juice has been around for years, and Welch's is a name I know and trust. I received Welch's Grape Juice for this review, and it reminded me how much I love it.  I haven't bought it in awhile, and I have no … [Read more...]

scunci Bendini Hair Clips


Like most women, I'm always changing my hair - coloring it, cutting it, curling it, straightening it, pinning it up, letting it down - you get the point... Anyway, the one thing I'm always looking for, no matter how I choose to wear my hair, is an interesting hair accessory.  You know something cute and flirty or vintage and funky... Well, I … [Read more...]

In My Neighborhood Tuesday photo meme- Lazy Things

Photo memes,In My Neighborhood Tuesday meme

WELCOME TO "IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD TUESDAY"! Spend some quality time with your family and friends and discover average things in a new light. Join In My Neighborhood Tuesday - a fun photo meme where you can be creative and get outdoors! There will be an assignment/prompt for each week, and hopefully you will have some time to take a walk and show us … [Read more...]

5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party ’11!


Woot! Woot!  It's almost party time! Once again, Susan and Janice from 5 Minutes for Mom are hosting the Ultimate Blog Party - for 2011!  The fun starts on April 1st {no joke!} and ends April 8th. The Ultimate Blog Party is loads of fun and there are oodles of prizes to be won. Entering is super simple too - you will just post on the party … [Read more...]

School Fundraisers have come a long way!

water parties for fundraising, inflatable water slide party

When I was a kid and our schools held fundraisers, it was always a challenge to sell enough items to reap the rewards {incentives} in the colorful brochures.  I tried and tried, but sometimes it just didn't happen. Throughout my son's school years {and now my daughters}, there were fundraisers galore.  I actually used to love when they brought … [Read more...]

The Method to My Mug Madness – guest post

coffee mug collections, do people collect mugs

The Method to My Mug Madness Everyone who knows me knows that I love coffee. And not just any old coffee. I like good coffee. I drink it day and night. I take great delight in shopping for coffee like some people shop for fine wine. I usually prefer a dark roast, although, I can get with a great medium roast coffee. However, I don’ t like a … [Read more...]

$50 Tea Collection (clothing) Giveaway

Tea Collection women's long sleeve shirt

  When I was contacted recently to review Tea Collection clothing, I was really excited. I previously hadn't heard of them, but once I started perusing the clothing on their website, I knew it was a new place to do my shopping. Tea Collection was founded in 2002 and our children’s clothes are available in more than 400 stores including … [Read more...]

Back when I was a kid we didn’t have…

the olden days, modern conveniences

I remember listening to my parents tell my brother and I about what they did and didn't have as children.  It was fascinating, to say the least.  My parents were both born in the 1920's.  Things we take for granted, they somehow managed to survive without. Their freezers didn't make ice - instead, the "ice guy" {okay that's not his real … [Read more...]