$50 CVS Gift Card & Beauty Products Giveaway – Big Extra Care Promotions!

By Jennifer-admin
In Beauty
March 1, 2013

cvs extra care

I have some great news from CVS/pharmacy and Procter & Gamble®! They are teaming up to give you some really special offers on some of your favorite Procter & Gamble beauty products. I am sure you like saving money just as much as I do, and hopefully you take advantage of discounts, coupons and rewards programs such as the CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare program. This program is a fantastic way for shoppers to save money on almost all household necessities, including toiletries. I am part of this program and love, love, love it! It always puts a big smile on my face when I get my dollars off coupon when I check out. Make sure you start each trip by visiting your local CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare In-Store Coupon Centers for more awesome savings.

cvs extra care

Save, save and save some more!

During the week of March 3, 2013, you can use your CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare Card at ExtraCare Coupon Centers to get great deals on Herbal Essences® and Aussie® products. I happen to love both of these products, and I will definitely be stocking up with this deal:

· Get 2 Herbal Essences® Hello Hydration Shampoo or Conditioner (10.1oz) for $6
· Get 2 Aussie® Moist Shampoo or Conditioner (13.1oz) for $6

You will also get an additional $1 off when you scan your ExtraCare Card! Now math isn’t my best subject, but I do know that this equals almost $3.60 of savings with 2 products. This makes me one happy girl :)

CVS Rebate programs

From now through 4/30/13, CVS shoppers who spend $50 on certain P&G Beauty products will receive a $15 VISA gift card via mail-in rebate. To receive your $15 gift card, go to www.BestOfBeautyRebate2013.com and download the rebate form, fill it out, and mail it in with your original dated sales receipt(s). Be sure to circle the P&G beauty items and purchase price(s). P&G will mail you your $15 VISA gift card in 6-8 weeks.

How easy is that?  Don’t forget to head to CVS next week (March 3-9) to take advantage of the above deals, and through 4/30 for the rebate offer! Be sure to pick up your March P&G brandSAVER® in your local newspaper this Sunday, (March 3, 2013) for more great deals on your very favorite P&G products.

CVS Extra Care


One (1) winner will receive a CVS Prize Pack (pictured above) which consists of:

  • $50 CVS Gift Card (so you can take advantage of the spend $50, get $15 offer!)
  • Aussie® Moist Shampoo (full-size)
  • Aussie® Moist Conditioner (full-size)
  • Herbal Essences® Hello Hydration Shampoo (full-size)
  • Herbal Essences® Hello Hydration Conditioner (full-size)

Giveaway open to US only.  Ends 3/16/13.

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*I received the above prize pack, free of charge, for this post. All opinions are my own. Procter & Gamble provided the prize pack for myself, and will be providing the prize for the winner as well.

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446 Responses to “$50 CVS Gift Card & Beauty Products Giveaway – Big Extra Care Promotions!”

  1. jennie sanderson says:

    diapers, diapers, diapers and more diapers ;)

  2. Elena Vo says:

    Aveeno lotion and wet’n’wild nail polishes.

  3. Meg Tucker says:

    I’d buy some spring/summer things…flip flops,sunscreen and sunglasses ;)

  4. betsy cortez says:

    I would buy sunscreen and maybe toilet paper or paper towels.

  5. jessica hager says:

    I’d probably buy toilet paper, paper towels, sunscreen, water and whatever else I can get a good deal on.

  6. Lee Durgan says:

    I would buy aussie conditioner,and maybye some tuuthpaste

  7. Elena says:

    I would buy shampoo and body wash

  8. Amy Green says:

    Sodas, scrapbooks, & candy!

  9. Jenna D says:


  10. Emily says:

    Tylenol and diapers

  11. Lisa Brown says:

    I would stock up on my hair care items

  12. Selene M. says:

    I’d buy some their toilet tissue and paper towels when they’re on sale.

  13. Lisa Brown says:

    RSS feed with Google reader via email: lisa.brown24 at gmail dot com

  14. Mary Happymommy says:

    I would buy new lipstick and mascara.

  15. Margaret Smith says:

    I shop at CVS all the time. I’d be buying shampoo, over the counter meds, paper products.

  16. Mara Zamora says:

    Cosmetics,baby shampoo ,and diapers

  17. Sarah B says:

    I’d probably buy diapers or some razors.

  18. Adrienne gordon says:

    I’ll buy hba items

  19. Sandra K321 says:

    I would buy Tide detergent and Pantene shampoo.

  20. Nataly Carbonell says:

    Some skincare items

  21. Kelly D says:

    I would buy a new humidifier since ours broke.

  22. Shelly Hill says:

    First I would see if I could use the GC for one of my monthly prescriptions. If not, I would pick up some face wash and moisturizer, bubble bath, nail polish and some hand cream

  23. Maureen says:

    Pain relievers, tooth paste and shampoo and other beauty and health items

  24. Tabathia B says:

    I would stock up on cold/cough medicine, allergy medicine and vitamins for the kids

  25. maria reaser says:

    Allergy meds for my daughter and other health care items

  26. Connie Lee says:

    Everyday items I use such as paper towels, kleenex, dish washing liquid, etc.

  27. Tara says:

    diapers and wipes

  28. K. Cleaver says:

    I’d use it to pay for prescriptions.

  29. robyn paris says:

    i would buy makeup

  30. Linda Kish says:

    I’d use it for my medicines

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  31. Don D says:

    I would get some birthday items for my twin girls.

  32. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I would buy my prescriptions, hair color and make-up.

  33. sarapete says:

    sunscreen and first aid kit.

  34. CATHY TRUMAN says:

    I would buy vitamins, sugar free candy for my husbands. I would buy paper towels
    and a new dog bed for my new puppy.

  35. Jessie C. says:

    I’ll get body lotion

  36. David Haug says:

    I would stock up on toothpaste, some junk food, tissues, vitamins, etc.

  37. sandra davis says:

    some lotions

  38. Kathleen says:

    toilet paper and makeup

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  39. Cindy says:

    Charmin toilet paper and pepsi.

  40. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says:

    They have the brand of hair products I like.

  41. Eloise W says:

    I will buy myself some lotion and hair products

  42. Rebecca Graham says:

    I will buy makeup.

  43. Janet W. says:

    I’d probably use it on things like deoderant, tooth paste, shampoo.

  44. Sherrie C. says:

    I would buy toiletries and household goods.


  45. More makeup! that is what I wo uld buy!

  46. debbie says:

    OTC medicines and cleaning supplies

  47. Becky Horn says:

    I would buy some beauty products

  48. I’d shop for makeup, especially lip products, my secret obsession!

  49. sheri grennille says:

    i buy everything at cvs – food, health, beauty, wellness…

  50. Julie Cutshaw says:

    Oh i love herbal essences products and love to get money saving bargains at CVS and use my rewards card. I would buy more hair care products in the set me up styles to along with the shampoo and conditioner that comes in this awesome sponsored prize pack like the mousse and the shimmer spray
    And grab a can of the cvs brand honey roasted cashew nuts too before i check out, they are better than name brand and they carry a full line of choices in specialty nuts at great prices!!
    Thanks for. A Great review and the chance to win

  51. DEBIJOT says:

    coffee, lots of coffee

  52. Ann Fantom says:

    I would buy dental products like toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, toothbrushes etc.

  53. diane says:

    soda and candy

  54. Tari Lawson says:

    I would like to get sme lipstick and nail polish.

  55. lillyinpa says:

    Summer products

  56. Robin O says:

    I would buy BB cream and makeup wipes….and diet soda…and snacks…$50 would go far!

  57. Audra Weathers says:

    I would buy hair care products and maybe splurge on some new makeup for myself.

  58. Henry B says:

    Thanks for the offer Jennifer

  59. Jackie says:

    I’d buy shampoo, deoderant and soap.

  60. Patricia B. says:

    I would buy some nail polish and makeup.

  61. Teresa Trau says:

    I’m due to replace a few items from my cosmetic bag, so I’d pick up those things and use the rest to buy Easter basket fillers.

  62. Jay P says:

    I would buy some groceries

  63. Cynthia C says:

    I would buy vitamins and supplements.

  64. Angela Neynaber says:

    Probally milk, shampoo, and Easter candy.

  65. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would buy medicines and make-up

  66. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    aussie hairspray, tp, laundry detergent and dishwashing pacs

  67. Margie says:

    I’d probably buy some moisturizers.

  68. Mary Cloud says:

    Probably grocery items and beauty items
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  69. Jennifer T. says:

    Cosmetics and kids’ medicines.

  70. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says:

    Makeup! =D

  71. Barbara Montag says:

    Nail supplies – trying to grow mine.
    Thank you.

  72. Jennifer Ryder says:

    I love CVS. I would buy Neutrogena sunscreen and Dove cream oil and maybe the new Revlon Lip Butter colors when they arrive in the store.

  73. Sonya says:

    hair care products, makeup, nail polish

  74. Debra S says:

    This one is easy- I’m dying to buy Pine Brothers softish cough drops again! After all these years, they have come back with them, and CVS has them.

  75. Erica Barnes says:

    Lotion, groceries, and anything else I need.

  76. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Prilosec for my fiance and makeup for me ;)

  77. vickie couturier says:

    I usually get my cards an hair supplies there

  78. Janice Cooper says:

    Makeup and Easter candy

  79. Sara Blose says:

    I’d buy baby formula

  80. Michelle says:

    I would buy household supplies

  81. Kurt Hoffmann says:

    printer cartiridge

  82. Alycia says:

    Diapers and wipes!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  83. cheryl c. says:

    I would buy a lot of the basics-shampoo, toothpaste, OTC medicines, and makeup.

  84. angie says:

    I’d buy makeup and cleaning products.

  85. jules p says:

    makeup and nail polish.

  86. Marti Parks says:

    I will buy make up and beauty products.

  87. steve weber says:

    health and beauty items.

  88. Robert Lloyd says:

    suncare products and candy!

  89. tracey byram says:

    I’d get hairspray, toilet paper, laundry soap and paper towels.

  90. latanya says:

    shea moisture hair products

  91. C.j. says:

    Paper products and laundry detergent

  92. Bruce Smyth says:

    Chocolate and Ibuprofen

  93. Charlene S says:

    I would stock up on shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, and sunblock.

  94. Sharon Kaminski says:

    would buy vitamins

  95. elven johnson says:

    Shampoo, nail colors, face wash

  96. mrsshukra says:

    We shop at CVS every week! I need napkins and storage bags!

  97. Jason Crooks says:

    I would refill on household supplies. Towels, toilet paper, kleenex, lotion, toothpaste, etc…

  98. Dawn K says:

    I’d buy shampoo and pull ups.

  99. Carol says:

    I’d like to buy personal care items

  100. FRANK S says:

    Fish oil.

  101. Stefanie Gladden (Ann Lyfe) says:

    i would probably buy some makeup & hair products!

  102. Marie S. says:

    I love buying the kids magazines at CVS and picking up photos from their photo developers.

  103. kim s says:

    Starbucks doubleshots :-) Thank you!!

  104. Jessica To says:

    I will buy toothpaste and toilet paper!

  105. Carolyn Berg says:

    shampoo, cosmetics &medication

  106. Melissa Hartley says:

    I’d hit all the sales on beauty products so I could get more for my money :)
    Thank you!

  107. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would buy cleaning supplies

  108. Meryl says:

    Skin lotion and medicated powder.

  109. Louis says:


  110. sandra says:

    i’d get medications

  111. D Schmidt says:

    I think I would buy make up and hair products

  112. ellie s says:

    t. paper and makeup

  113. Colleen Boudreau says:

    Make up & hair dye.

  114. Donna L says:

    I would buy shampoo and conditioner, vitamins and body wash.

  115. EMMA L HORTON says:


  116. kelly nicholson says:

    Tell me in a comment what you might buy at CVS if you win!

    ice cream

  117. Crystal says:

    I’d probably pick up some makeup. I could use a new mascara!

  118. Deborah says:

    Baby products, Green & Black 85% Dark Chocolate bars, vitamins, whatever else we need at the time!

    thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  119. Julie says:

    nail polish and hair care

  120. Tamar says:

    Probably some prescription meds.

  121. kim says:

    I would buy whatever is on sale that week I love CVS for their great weekly deals I do really well with my coupons there

  122. Linda G. says:

    I would buy bath soap, shampoo, conditioner and laundry soap

  123. Lisa Ehrman says:

    hair care products

  124. Lawanna says:

    some good shampoo!

  125. Andrea Williams says:

    Probably some makeup.

  126. Ani says:

    I’d buy lots of makeup and shampoo.

  127. Kayla Pacton says:

    I would buy diapers, laundry detergent, and snacks

  128. Daniel Thornton says:


  129. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I would buy makeup and hair products.

  130. Suzanne K says:

    vitamins and skin care

  131. soha molina says:

    I will buy shampoo

  132. Alana Vester says:

    I would buy toilet paper, paper towels, and other odds and ends for my house.

  133. Terri says:

    I would stock up on body wash, shampoo, conditioner…

  134. Deb K says:

    Some new makeup.

  135. Wanda McHenry says:

    A stockpile of Boost

  136. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I might stock up on paper [roducts.

  137. bridget boyle says:

    I would buy expensive skin care products.

  138. Jeanna says:

    I would stock up on my Pantene!

  139. Tina B says:

    Plenty of makeup and a few things for my kids!

  140. Tracy L Davis says:

    I would buy aussie conditioner

  141. Tracy L Davis says:

    I would buy aussie conditioner and shampoo

  142. Theresa Pettit says:

    I would buy Vitamins.

  143. Maureen G says:

    I buy vitamins at CVS

  144. Georgette C says:

    I would buy hair dye.

  145. Margie Papetti says:

    I love their store brand undereye cream, so I would stock up on that!

  146. Chrystal D says:

    I’d buy some new makeup.

  147. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats says:

    Hair products and nailpolish!

  148. JILL says:

    BB and candy

  149. Lynda Del says:

    Hair care products

  150. Amy Z. says:

    I would buy lotion and hand cream!

  151. Sweep Casey DuPont says:


  152. Mary Casper says:

    I would buy make up

  153. Vicki S says:

    Makeup brush and paper towels, shampoo, a lot of things!

  154. ron says:


  155. Joanna F says:

    Sunscreen for the summer (I have an outdoor job so I blow through a ton of sunscreen every year)

  156. Sam Kelley says:

    Shampoo and candy!

  157. Calli says:

    Aussie deep conditioner!

  158. Kiara says:

    I would buy makeup.

  159. danielle lima says:

    this would cover a few months worth of my perscriptions

  160. Kate F. says:

    I might buy some cosmetics.

  161. Katherine Donovan says:


  162. Theron Willis says:

    A new eye wash cup and plenty of condoms.

  163. Christine says:


  164. Tracy Robertson says:

    I would buy makeup, snacks and household items.

  165. Katy M says:

    I’d stock up on nail polish!


  166. Linda Lansford says:

    I will buy food

  167. Jamie Z says:


  168. Alfred Reyes says:

    The wife would get some nail polish!

  169. Debra Gaswint says:

    I will probably buy some good makeup if I win. I just buy really cheap stuff now, and you can tell I am wearing cheap stuff.

  170. I would stock up on my favorite Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioners.

  171. Maryann says:

    bah products and sunscreen

  172. Michelle C says:

    Cosmetics! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  173. makeup
    Thanks! Janna JOhnson jannajanna@hotmail.com janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  174. Bo says:

    I would buy some floss and toothpaste!

  175. Brenda I says:

    Some shampoo, soap, and vitamins.

  176. Amber says:

    I would buy Neutrogena sunscreen and Chobani yogurt!

  177. Kristen says:

    I’ll buy shampoo and toothpaste.

  178. Stephanie Larison says:

    I’m use it on diapers and wipes.

  179. Jim Weaver says:

    It would help with my monthly prescriptions

  180. Selinda says:

    I’d get my Summer First Aid things! Aloe, band-aids etc!

  181. kelly willis says:

    pull ups for my son

  182. Robin Wilson says:

    Some new mascara and lots of lip gloss and hair supplies!

  183. Cindy Merrill says:

    Cranberry supplements!

  184. karel says:


  185. Amy Orvin says:

    perfume or cat food.

  186. KIM H says:

    Makeup and otc meds

  187. Amy Orvin says:

    RSS Subscriber as Google Reader as Amy Orvin , 2dogs5catscrew@att.net

  188. Sarah Hirsch says:

    toilet paper, kleenex, toothpaste, etc

  189. Courtnie says:

    I’d buy beauty products.

  190. Laurie says:

    I’d buy DIAPERS!!!

  191. I’d pick up my prescriptions!

  192. House hold items and probably medicine.

  193. Michael M says:

    I would give it to my wife and she would probably buy candy and cosmetics

  194. beth shepherd says:

    toliet paper, paper towels and pantene shampoo

  195. Patti Hess says:

    Poise Hourglass Shape Pads Maximum Absorbency

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

  196. Ibelie says:

    I would buy toilet paper.

  197. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    I’d get Loreal cosmetics

  198. Tina M says:

    some make up

  199. Robyn Dones says:

    With Easter coming up, I’d buy Easter candy, supplies and baskets. Thank you for the chance to win!

  200. Jimmy says:

    I would buy aspirin, cereal, and body wash.

  201. rachelrj says:

    i would buy some shea moisture & maybe try some new products

  202. Daniel M says:


  203. Cynthia R says:

    i would use to buy shampoo. soaps toothpaste anything that had extra bucks attached to it

  204. Dwayne Berry says:

    I’d buy Mucinex DM

  205. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I would buy things on sale that is needed at home…makeup or household cleaners

  206. Eileen says:

    Razors, shampoo and conditioner, nail polish and nail file for my daughters Easter basket, and candy possibly for it too. thanks for hosting!

  207. Debra Guillen says:


  208. Hollie Jahnke says:

    I’d buy shampoo, conditioner and toilet paper.

  209. Seyma Shabbir says:


  210. deb c says:

    I would buy makeup and dry shampoo.

  211. Brittany C. says:

    Probably diapers, wipes and some new makeup for me!

  212. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I would buy some shampoo, body wash, beauty products!

  213. Nicole Bear says:

    I would buy general household and bath & beauty supplies: soap, body wash, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

  214. Amy Martin says:

    I buy stuff at CVS all the time, love that they have nearly everything in their offbrand. I get supplements and eye drops

  215. Sarah Brooks says:

    Big and Sexy Hair Products

  216. Julie says:

    Cereal, toilet paper, face wipes, allergy medication, decongestant… The possibilities are endless.

  217. Steve Stone says:

    some vitamins

  218. kelley wood says:

    beauty prods!

  219. casey everidge says:


  220. Sarah says:

    I’d purchase goodies for our family’s Easter baskets!

  221. Dijah A says:

    I always stock up on toilet paper and paper towels at CVS….and snacks

  222. Trisha says:

    I love shopping CVS! I Buy my papers there and they always have good deals.

  223. Vicky H. says:

    I’d get hair care products for natural and/ore curly hair.

  224. Daiva says:

    Shampoo, diapers, bathroom tissue and etc.

  225. Maria Iemma says:

    I buy my toiletries and cleaning supplies. CVS rocks

  226. Louis says:

    toilet paper :) always needed
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  227. brittany says:


  228. Vera Khule says:

    I think I would buy skin care products

  229. courtney hennagir says:

    i love their cosmetics section!! great prices!i would head there for nail polish and makeup.

  230. Annmarie W. says:

    I’d buy some Pantene shampoo and some Tide detergent!

  231. nicole krutz says:

    i would stock up on personal care stuff like shampoo and conditioner

  232. Suzie Williams says:

    Diapers and snack foods.

  233. amber says:

    i would buy easter candy

  234. Terri C. McMillan says:

    makeup or hair products

  235. Mary J says:

    toilet paper & herbal essence products

  236. Amber says:

    I’d buy stuff for Easter Baskets

  237. Autumn C. says:

    I should buy home essentials, but I will probably end up buying nail polish and makeup. :-)

  238. Rita M says:

    A few essentials (toothpase, dental floss, deodorant) and maybe some scented soaps.

  239. Katie Roch says:

    I would buy makeup, I really need some new foundation.

  240. pinky sade says:

    I’d buy toiletries

  241. Beth Johnson Titus says:

    Cleaning products for Spring cleaning

  242. Vunda V says:

    easter surprises for the kids

  243. Jamie Brigham says:

    I’d definitely buy some Herbal Essences and some cosmetics. I need more covergirl foundation.

  244. Katherine H says:

    I would probably buy some beauty products and stuff for the house!

  245. Mer says:

    I’d stock up on some new makeup.

  246. Heather! says:

    I would buy a new perfume! I need to change things up in the department, but it’s an expensive purchase that I don’t easily justify.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  247. Tammy Shelton says:

    Make up

  248. Becky Richied says:

    I plan to give this to my daughter since we dont have CVS here so she can get stock up on diapers because she has four kids in diapers right now.

  249. Laura C says:

    Cereal shampoo more

  250. CherylS22 says:

    I’d buy refills for my Oral-B Vitality toothbrush~
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  251. Haley says:

    I would buy makeup :)

  252. Sheila K. says:

    I’d buy shampoo, conditioner, and body wash!

  253. Chavonne H says:

    I would buy some toilet tissue and women’s pads probably.

  254. Tonya Dean says:

    Shampoo & conditioner


  255. Miriam says:

    Diapers – for sure!

  256. Thabal says:

    Baby essentials, mainly diapers.

  257. Jason Vaughn says:

    I get photos and snacks

  258. Amber Faith says:

    I would buy toothpaste and shampoo/conditioner!

  259. Allie L. says:

    Milk, medicine, makeup, paper towels, toilet paper, drinks…anything really!

  260. Patsy Clark says:

    Shampoo, conditioner, and candy for the kids.

  261. Rebecca says:

    Body wash & other toiletries!

  262. Maggie C says:

    I would buy makeup.

  263. Priscilla says:

    I would stock up on k-cups!

  264. Ellie W says:

    My little guy’s Advair prescription.

  265. Lilith Katz says:

    I would buy whatever I could get a good deal on

  266. kyl neusch says:

    buy sunscreen

  267. Catie says:

    I would get lotion!

  268. Mark R. says:

    diapers and wipes

  269. Claire says:


  270. Joni Mason says:

    would buy skin and hair care products.
    Thanks for the giveaway!11

  271. Michelle Tucker says:

    Probably some makeup.

  272. Jessica says:

    I would buy diapers and wipes

  273. I’d splurge on some new makeup.

  274. Sue Hull says:

    Easter candy and gifts.Thank you for the great giveaway! :)

  275. Gina H. says:

    Toiletries, Easter stuff, gardening supplies.

  276. Kristi C says:

    I would buy new nailpolish and eyeshadow.

  277. kim burnett says:

    toilet paper or paper towels

  278. Yona says:

    I’d use it for going out of town and stocking up on travel supplies.

  279. Stacy says:

    I would pick up some new makeup

  280. Geoff K says:

    I’d stock up on multivitamins and painkillers from CVS. Thanks!

  281. Allison Swain Downes says:

    some household products and makeup

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  282. krystel says:

    shea moisture

  283. Kristen says:

    diapers and probiotics

  284. Karen says:

    I love stocking up on paper goods at CVS!

  285. Sara Haaf says:

    vitamins and personal care items.

  286. Tina Bartunek says:

    Some new makeup and cleaning products.

  287. Geri S says:

    Things for the summer; like sunscreen, bandaids. Also items for myself, makeup and shampoo

  288. Cody Anderson says:

    I’d use it for Shamppo and Conditioner.

  289. Sara Newman says:

    Makeup & hair products!

  290. Shar says:

    I would buy makeup and vitamins.

  291. Shannon says:

    Stock up on toiletries!

  292. Helga says:

    id pbuy paper products

  293. Lori S says:



  294. Rosanne says:

    Elder care products for my mother

  295. Danielle Papsis says:

    I’d buy diapers.

  296. Steph says:

    I would stock up on toiletries!

  297. Cheryl says:

    cold meds & nail polish

  298. MAKEUP! I am in desperate need of some new beauty products!

  299. Christine Mayfield says:

    I would buy laundry detergent

  300. betty says:

    I would make it go along way stocking up on P&G products- Tide, Pantene and Olay

  301. Betty says:

    I like the candy and cookies that they stock! Thank you

  302. joni says:

    I would use it towards a costly prescription.

  303. James Beck says:


  304. JEFF TAYLOR says:

    Cleaning supplies and laundry soap

  305. Marty Harris says:

    I would buy shampoo

  306. Megan M says:

    New eyeliner! I need it bad

  307. chadro says:

    pet foods, snacks

  308. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    I would use it to stock up on cold medications, razors, and Pampers wet wipes.

  309. ky2here says:


  310. gina says:

    Girly stuff like cosmetics & facial & hair masks

  311. ALICIA CAMPOS says:

    I would buy everything to restock the shower: shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, etc… :)

  312. dani marie says:

    mascara and makeup.

  313. Faith I. says:

    Makeup for shows

  314. Joy says:

    I need some makeup :)

  315. Anne says:

    I get sugar-free CVS cough drops at CVS.com.

  316. I might get a new blow dryer!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  317. carol says:

    my son loves the Aussie products and so do I.

  318. Chad H says:

    Stock up on the sun screen because summer is near.

  319. Karen says:

    Toiletries, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

  320. Erica C. says:

    It would probably go towards toiletries.

  321. Stacy says:

    I like to buy nuts and other snacks

  322. Amanda Kinder says:

    Nail polish, makeup, and a few other items.

  323. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  324. renee walters says:

    I would buy shampoo and conditioner. Thanks!

  325. Claire says:

    I’d buy a lot of makeup :)

  326. Terra Heck says:

    I’d purchase some Axe body wash and some hair products (shampoo, hairspray, conditioner) for everyone in the home. Thanks.

  327. Deb C says:

    I’d buy hair and skin care products, shower gels and more.

  328. nicole says:

    perfume for my mom

  329. Elaine C says:

    I would stock up with the basics, soap, toilet paper, laundry liquid and other items that I can get a deal on.

  330. Karen ;-) says:

    I practically live at cvs!!!

  331. Amanda Polanco says:

    Stock up on cold medicine and Kleenex

  332. Sarah S says:

    I would buy nutritional supplements.

  333. Shirley Hicks says:


  334. Gennie Lancaster says:

    Lotion and some stuff for my daughters Easter basket.

  335. Jennifer says:

    I would buy some cleaning supplies.

  336. Denise Welch says:

    Some makeup

  337. Tanya Bartlett says:


  338. Rebecca Peters says:

    deodorant, shampoo and personal hygiene stuff

  339. brandy c says:

    Some yummy snacks

  340. Jennifer says:

    I like to buy make up there

  341. lisa says:

    flip flops, paper towels, shampoo.lotion

  342. HilLesha says:

    I’d buy Shea Moisture shampoo. :)

  343. Michelle W says:

    My summer supplies like sunscreen and snacks for a road trip

  344. Brandi Hopper says:

    I would buy makeup

  345. victoria says:

    their eye makeup remover is the BEST!

  346. Kari Flores says:

    Diapers and Formula.

  347. Nicole Price says:

    I’ll probable spend it slowly and take advantage of the free after Extra Care bucks deals.

  348. Jennifer says:

    I’d use this for hair products

  349. Hesper Fry says:

    Diapers and candy

  350. AMBER says:


  351. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    I would buy Laundry products

  352. Nancy Sloan says:

    I would buy Downey

  353. Misses Giveaways says:

    I would buy baby products

  354. Stephanie Chandrasekaran says:

    new makeup and I love their season sections

  355. Virginia Rowell says:

    I would buy hair dye and laundry soap.

  356. Jemima P says:

    i’d start with toothpaste and toothbrushes!

  357. Carl says:

    Household goods would probably be my choice.

  358. Holly says:

    I need Spring make-up!!

  359. shawna says:

    I would get beauty products.

  360. Kelly Britton says:

    I would buy some new makeup, haven’t bought any in a very long time. :(

  361. Brittney House says:

    cold meds

  362. Susan Smith says:

    I would buy makeup and hair products

  363. Gianna says:

    Tea and beauty products.

  364. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Diapers and wipes

  365. julie hawkins says:

    I’d buy shampoo and makeup

  366. Melissa says:

    paper towels and things like that!

  367. Kathleen M Smith says:

    Personal and food items

  368. Michelle C says:

    Right now I would Buy Easter candy to make up our Easter Baskets.

  369. Karen Gonyea says:

    Makeup :)

  370. Lisa says:


  371. Lori C. says:

    lotion, allergy meds

  372. Stacey V says:

    nail polish and OTC meds

  373. polly says:

    i would buy some makeup products, sodas, paper towels and toothpaste

  374. Sheryl says:

    I would probably get items to fill my first aid kit and paper products.

  375. Denise Donaldson says:

    I would buy some allergy meds

  376. amy deeter says:

    some body wash and shampoo

  377. Allison says:

    Sunscreen and make up!

  378. s riches says:

    I would buy vitamins.

  379. jules m. says:

    some new makeup!

  380. susan smoaks says:

    i would stock up on make-up, i need new make-up!

  381. Coriander Warren says:

    I would buy diapers and wipes

  382. Lillian says:

    Can always use shampoo and conditioner!

  383. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I’d get house supplies.

  384. Karen says:

    Something new for spring from their seasonal isle.

  385. Lisa Cipriano says:

    shampoo and body wash

  386. martha says:


  387. April V. says:

    Toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo & toilet paper!

  388. Jennifer J says:

    baby wipes, hair color and soap! maybe some sodas too, lol.

  389. jeanne conner says:

    makeup of course..

  390. Shannon says:

    shampoo, toothpaste, beauty products

  391. probably toiletry supplies

  392. kathy pease says:

    I would buy new cosmetics

  393. Kat Emerick says:

    shampoo and body wash.

  394. Angela M says:

    I would probably buy makeup.

  395. Sarah Hall says:

    Health and beauty products like shampoo and deodorant.

  396. liz l says:

    nail polishes!

  397. Kayla M says:

    Diapers and hair dye!

  398. Angela W says:


  399. thischickwins says:


  400. lisa lo says:

    Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and pet supplies.

  401. Susan Climan says:

    I love CVS so it would be a combination of makeup, toiletries and cleaning supplies.

  402. giveaway gal says:


  403. nicole w says:

    I need a couple makeup and hair styling products right now, so this would cover that for me :)

  404. cassandra (rab pom) says:

    random things i need paper cups, cat food, sunscreen etc!

  405. I’d buy a whole bunch of nail polish and chocolate, because I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re supposed to buy at CVS… ;)

  406. Teresa Thompson says:


  407. heather c says:

    Probably make-up for my pinterest experiments.

  408. Pam Schad says:

    Aussie products and cleaning supplies.

  409. Alison King says:

    I buy everything at CVS!

  410. Sarah L says:

    deodorant & sundries
    Thanks for the contest.

  411. Lisa Duffy says:

    Probably toilet paper and water

  412. Katherine says:

    I don’t know, I like their food items the best

  413. Lisa Boyd says:

    I might buy some greeting cards and easter candy for my daughters easter basket.

  414. Ruby Yoshi says:

    I’d buy bath products.

  415. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    kleenex and other paper products

  416. Vicki D. says:

    I would stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, and kleenex.

  417. Michelle S says:

    I would use it on diapers.

  418. Robert Pyszk says:

    I would buy some cleaning supplies for the house

  419. laurie says:

    makeup products

  420. Emma McCauley says:

    Lots of diaper, wipes, and makeup!

  421. Sheila Hickmon says:

    I would get stuff for Easter baskets for my kiddos!

  422. Peggy D says:

    I would buy new spring/summer make-up products.


  423. Jenny says:

    I would use it to buy lotions, pampers, wipes. It would be great to have!!

  424. CharityS says:

    Makeup & Easter Candy

  425. Barbara Stenby says:

    Vidal Sassoon Shampoo & some olay moisturizer

  426. Laura says:

    Olay products

  427. AEKZ2 says:

    I’d buy greeting cards and candy

  428. Miranda says:

    I would buy some make up, and food.

  429. Chris Noe says:

    Color to cover the gray in my hair.

  430. Leslie L. Stanziani says:

    I would use it towards my monthly medicines.

  431. Shanda S. says:

    I just bet I’d buy toilet paper!

    shrish231 (at) gmail (dot) com

  432. sheryl cullum says:

    probley will stock up on shampoos and lotions and bodywash

  433. anthony says:

    Ice cream!

  434. DanV says:

    I’d get some groceries

  435. Tim Moss says:

    I’d probably buy some nutritional supplements that I use anyway. It’d be great to get them for 50 bucks off!

  436. Michelle Spayde says:

    Today I’d buy some Airborne!

  437. meme says:

    things for Easter

  438. Christian Alejandro says:

    Diapers! Diapers! and a razor!

  439. I would buy makeup and other little items… maybe some chocolate@!

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