Sphinx Personal Lounger Review and Giveaway

Sphinx Personal Lounger

As you may know, we have an indoor pool/hot tub in our retirement/vacation home. We use the hot tub just about every time we are at our home, but for the ultimate in relaxation, I now turn to the Castle & Bay Sphinx Personal Lounger. When I was sent the lounger (*free of charge, for my honest review), I was pretty excited.

inflatable book holder for beach, sphinx lounger

The Sphynx Lounger was created by Melissa Ortega. She wanted to be comfortable while at the beach, or in the pool (she even consulted with a chiropractor when designing the Sphinx Lounger!). I have seen many multi-use products in my day, but this one really has it all. It is an inflatable backrest basically, or chest rest, which allows you to “hug” it while lying face down, and includes a detachable bolster that is perfect for reading a book. The bolster also doubles as a cooler (such a great idea!). Or it can also be used as a place to store your keys, sunglasses, etc. That Melissa is one clever lady!

The Sphinx Personal Lounger comes in a mesh bag for easy portability. Simply deflate the lounger and put it back in the bag when it is not in use.

sphinx personal lounger

My friend and I took it for a test “drive” in our indoor pool, and my friend was kind enough to let me snap a few photos of her lounging on it.

inflatable pool lounger,Sphinx

We loved how soft the material was on the face rest, and there is even a little divet for your chin. There is a space under the head rest that allows you to wrap your arms around it, for the ultimate in comfort.

If we could change anything about the Sphinx lounger, it would be longer arm rests (at least for use in the pool). We both agreed that this would just add an extra element of comfort. My friend placed a noodle underneath to demonstrate this.
castle & bay, sphinx inflatable lounger

I am so excited for Summer, as I will not only be floating around the pool, but I can rest my back on it while I am soaking up the sun. I can’t stand just lying on a towel, or even a lounge chair for too long (my back starts to hurt), so this will be perfect.  If I recline a lounge chair all the way back and then put the Sphinx Personal Lounger on it, and the bolster under my knees, I may not want to get up :)  I do believe that I will be the envy of everyone when I head to the beach too!

sphinx, inflatable lounger

The possibilities are endless really – this would come in so handy while camping, backpacking, attending concerts or anywhere else you  would like to be comfy. Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is right around the corner – the Sphinx Personal Lounger would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift!

Stay tuned, as Castle & Bay has several more fun and useful products pending!  I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. Follow Castle & Bay on Facebook and @castleandbay on Twitter to keep up with the latest product information and promotions!


One (1) winner will receive a Sphinx Personal Lounger ($49.99 ARV)!

Open to US residents only. Ends 4/8.

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*I received the above product, free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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