Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy – guilt-free candy! #WerthersSugarFree

By Jennifer-admin
In Food Finds
April 28, 2013


My dad had adult onset diabetes, and it wreaked havoc on his body. Diabetes is such a horrible, horrible disease, and I try to be careful about the sweets that we keep in the house. I care about my family’s health and aside from an occasional “bad” baked treat, we generally stock our kitchen with sugar-free alternatives to sugar laden candy. Well, it was a happy day when I received a variety of the new Werther’s Sugar Free candy in some FANTASTIC flavors!

werthers original sugar free

I have enjoyed Werther’s Candy for many, many years (oh my goodness, they are good!), so when I learned that they now have their yummy candies in a sugar-free variety I did a little happy dance. My family and I had so much fun sampling each flavor: Caramel Apple, Original, Caramel Cinnamon and Caramel Coffee. How could we ever get bored with so many choices? Not likely! I feel confident that I don’t have to be a hard-nose when my kids, hubby or I want to indulge in something decadent. Seriously – that is how I would describe these candies. You would NEVER know they are sugar-free. You know how some foods come out in a sugar or fat-free variety and they just taste…blah (and like you are sacrificing for the better of your body)? Yeah, that is not the case with these.

werthers sugar free flavors

We all have our favorite flavors. Mine is the Caramel Apple (it is kind of like being at the county fair but without the sugar rush, and definitely without the mess! My son loves anything and everything coffee, so the Caramel Coffee is a big hit with him. My daughter is a cinnamon fiend, and she found that the Caramel Cinnamon Werther’s Sugar-Free candy really hit the spot when she is craving her favorite flavor. My husband is a simple man – with all food. He likes the Original Werther’s Sugar-free Candy and after eating a couple, he put the bag in his car to take to work. We have both been watching our weight more carefully over the past few months, and we have found that each piece of hard candy keeps us entertained for awhile and also keeps us away from grabbing something sugary-sweet.

werthers hard candy sugar free

Although my dad passed away almost two years ago due to diabetes and kidney problems, I cannot help but think how happy the new Werther’s Sugar-Free candies would have made him. He was really good about eating healthy, but in the evenings while watching television, he always liked something to munch or suck on. Hard candy was his favorite, and he would have been thrilled with the Werther’s Sugar-Free candies – especially the Caramel Apple flavor.

werthers sugar free candy

Just say “no” to Diabetes!

I desperately hope that you and your family will try the Werther’s Sugar-Free Candy in place of your regular candy. Anything you can do to stay away from sugar is a step in the right direction. Diabetes is no laughing matter – it is very, very serious and can cause cause so many other problems. My dad actually had his leg amputated below the knee and although he was a champ and didn’t let it get him down, it was really hard to watch. He was diligent in checking his blood-sugar levels daily (it was also hard to watch him poke himself to draw blood). Diabetes can also cause eye problems, including blindness, high blood-pressure, skin problems and so many other things.

Have you tried the new Werther’s Sugar-Free Candy yet? I would love to know your thoughts!

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21 Responses to “Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy – guilt-free candy! #WerthersSugarFree”

  1. Erin says:

    Nom. I LOVED Werther’s as a kid! My grandma always had those and jelly beans in her candy jar that she kept on her coffee table – taunting me. But when she let me pick a piece I always chose the Werther’s.

  2. I love Werther’s Original’s and like to take them to work. They are so good and they take my mind off of wanting to smoke.

  3. Elizabeth Gentry says:

    I bought these for my best friends dad who is diabetic all the time when I used to work for CVS. He loved them.

  4. heta s says:

    DH just got diagnosed as pre diabetic. I will surely buy this for him.

  5. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I have to try these…I love their caramels and years back, whenever I went to my grandparents home, she always had Werthers Candy there. They have been around many years

  6. Connie Lee says:

    Yes, I’ve tried them, trying to watch my weight, and they are delicious. I keep some in my purse so I can have one almost anything time.

  7. June M. says:

    I love Werther’s but do not like artificial sweeteners at all. I will have to check these out and get them for my father who is a diabetic.

  8. Michele P says:

    I actually have tried these since my mom is also diabetic and once in a while craves something sweet! They are pretty good, and I agree diabetes sucks!

  9. I love Werther’s ~! I had no idea they had sugar free. Mother’s Day is coming up and she would love a couple of bags of Werther’s. I think I’m going to make her up a special basket and add a few bags to her gift basket. Thanks for the idea. She is diabetic and she has a hard time staying away from the yummies sometimes so having a bag of these around maybe she will behave and stick to her diabetic diet :)

  10. TINA MERCADO says:

    i love Werther’s can’t even tell Sugar Free

  11. Ed mercado says:

    love them

  12. Fawn H says:

    I would love to get these for my husband and myself. I didn’t realize they had so many different flavors! My husband would probably love the Caramel Coffee and I think I would love the Caramel Apple.

  13. angela says:

    I love Werthers…… So good.

  14. kath g says:

    i love werthers and always have them around the house, and in my pockets, and in my purse, and….and being sugar free – they are the perfect ‘cheat’ treat.

  15. Lisa Brown says:

    I have not tried them, but the sugar alcohols are problematic for me.

  16. Alexandra Roach says:

    I haven’t tried these but they look good!

  17. Charlene S says:

    This candy is so good and sugar free candy is the best.

  18. Amy N. says:

    I actually never had Werther’s till I was an adult. My grandmother always bought Brach’s for whatever reason. I like these better!!

  19. samantha s says:

    I actually was at walmart yesterday and picked some up. I always get the original but I grabbed this extra bag for myself and it doesn’t taste so bad!

  20. Nicole Sender says:

    I’d like to try the Sugar Free. I was unaware that Werther’s had such a product!

  21. I love Werther’s. I did not know they now come in sugar-free. This is fantastic – great taste, without the guilt.

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