Recycle Food Scraps! Green Cycler Review {& Discount Code!}

By Erin
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June 20, 2013

Recycle Food Scraps with the Green Cycler

In the last few years I’ve come a long way. I am a self proclaimed black thumb, yet I’ve managed to keep several plants and produce not only alive, but thriving. Seeing that my black thumb has become a dark green hue, I felt it was time to start composting. I know composting can be an arduous task, but thanks to the Green Cycler I received, composting is less of a hassle. [*]

Recycle Food Scraps with the Green Cycler

The Green Cycler is the first pre-composter appliance. It effectively shreds and contains food scraps, with a spin of the hand lever. I keep mine on the countertop for easy access. It fits under our cabinets with plenty of room to spare and sits flush against the wall – so it doesn’t take up too much space. That is a much appreciated feature. I cannot stand my counters cluttered with appliances! Considering our whole foods diet and the obscene amount of produce we eat, this appliance is one that will remain on the countertop. But it easily tucks away in cabinets if you don’t need to use it as often as my family does.

Other features include:

  • The Crystal Series offers three stylish color options: Crystal and Black, Crystal and Lime Green, and Crystal and Pink, allowing you to coordinate with your kitchen’s colors!
  • Fully removable lid w/ a viewing window.
  • Recycle Food Scraps with the Green Cycler

  • Lever-activated strong suction cups keep the Green Cycler anchored.
  • Micro-vented throughout to reduce odors and aid in quick decomposition.
  • All components dishwasher safe.
  • Inner-compartment to hold optional odor and pest repellent filters.
  • Recycle Food Scraps with the Green Cycler

    Recycle Food Scraps

    I still save some veggie scraps for my bone broth; like onion peels, celery tops, etc. But nearly everything else is composted. Cutting down on our weekly garbage use even more! I compost The Mister’s coffee grounds, apple cores, strawberry stems, not so pretty kale leaves and kale ribs, banana peels, avocado skins… I can even {with some muscle} run the avocado pits through it! Which is great because we eat avocados daily and the idea of hand chopping an avocado pit for composting sounds like it could result in a blood bath. No thank you.

    Recycle Food Scraps with the Green Cycler

    Typically, the break down and decomposition of material takes a while – some items take months to fully decompose. To speed up the process, the Green Cycler shreds organic material down into more manageable pieces.

    Once the bin is full of shredded material, I simply add it to my composting container outside. But even if I didn’t have a dedicated compost container, I could add the material to my green bin for local refuse pick up. Or I could use them to pre “season” containers for new plants.

    “Let Nature do the work. In a few months, your planting hole will be full of beneficial microbes and nutrients that will give life and disease protection to your plant.

    So far, I haven’t noticed any stink emitting from my Green Cycler, I assume thanks to the Super Green Zeo filter tucked inside the compartment. This filter is made from natural, toxin-absorbing zeolite and can be “recharged” so simply by hanging it outside in the sun for a few hours. This releases the moisture and odors. If I need to replace the filter, I just snip the metal hanger and toss it in my compost pile. No waste!

    Then I wash out the bin and spray the blades down and let them dry. I do wish it came with a long wire brush for hand cleaning the shredding cartridge. That would make it much easier to clean when my dishwasher is full.

    Recycle Food Scraps with the Green Cycler


    You can purchase a Green Cycler online. The Crystal Series models retail for $119.99 and would be a fantastic addition to the home of a green living appreciator or gardener! A portion of all proceeds from Crystal Series Green Cycler sales are donated to environmental and health causes. Green Cycler appliances are also manufactured in the USA!
    made in the usa

    Discount Code:

    The generous folks at Green Cycler have set up a discount code for Eighty MPH Mom readers! To receive a 15% discount AND FREE SHIPPING on your order, use code: 80MPH.


    Feel free to connect with Green Cycler on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to learn about future products and specials!

    * [Erin received the mentioned product{s}, free of charge, to facilitate her review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only. Review product provided by Green Cycler.]

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    46 Responses to “Recycle Food Scraps! Green Cycler Review {& Discount Code!}”

    1. Maria Iemma says:

      I have been thinking of starting to compost – this product makes it much easier and faster. i appreciate the information you have shared.

    2. latanya says:

      This is pretty cool. We eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits too, so this would be useful.

    3. ANN*H says:

      Very interesting. I have been composting for many many years and this is a new and different idea . I like the design and color of it would look great on my sink . thanks for the info on it

    4. Thomas Murphy says:

      This thing is awesome! I need to get one, thanks for the review.

    5. Janet W. says:

      Wow this would be really useful! Neat product!

    6. Alana Vester says:

      This would come in handy for my parents. They eat a lot of fruits and veggies and they have two birds that eat a lot as well.

    7. Liz Neal says:

      My son in law would love this. He just keeps a bucket ( with a lid of course) on the counter in the kitchen, which he puts all his scraps in, and goes and empties it every couple of days. I have a big compost pile at my house made out of just boards that have been hammered together, making a box.

    8. Susan Smith says:

      This is pretty interesting. We just throw our food down the garbage disposal. I had never thought of composting before.

    9. Julie Wood says:

      This food scrap recycler is amazing and a really good appliance to have in the kitchen to recycle food scraps. I always have food scraps and wish there was a better way of getting rid of them, and now I find that there is a Food scrap recycler! Great product for me to own!

    10. This sounds like a great appliance to have in the kitchen.

    11. crystal smith says:

      Super neat idea- especially the odor filter, pretty amazing….Ive never really thought about composting but this article really has me considering it now!

    12. Tammy S says:

      I would love to have this! We started composting a couple of years ago and and it has saved us a ton in trash costs. We are down to every other week trash service. We don’t have as nice a compost system as this. I love that it just sits on your counter or goes below. Thanks for the review.

    13. s riches says:

      I really like this item. It would help break down the scraps before they go into the compost bin.

    14. Cindy B says:

      What a great helper for those that want to compost and don’t have room for an outside composter!

    15. Alex Roach says:

      Wow this is a great way to preserve the environment

    16. Gianna says:

      Neat new product.

    17. Robin Wilson says:

      I am amazed! There’s no other way to put it ~ I just love this appliance and cannot believe that it is so compact for what it does. I only have 2 concerns. Despite the filter I still wonder about odor when I open the lid. Secondly, flies. I wonder if after some time you would have them. Thanks for sharing.

    18. Marti Parks says:

      Wow! I never knew there was such a thing, but it really sounds like a great idea.

    19. Valerie says:

      This is pretty fantastic. We compost yard waste but have yet to do food. (We’ve always been concerned about critters outside since our composting box is open-slatted)
      I’m thinking if we could really shred things up it would a bit less enticing to the bigger critters.

    20. this is really interesting!! i haven’t seen anything like it before.

    21. Brutus Duffy says:

      Glad you didn’t notice any odors, but I’d hate to have it in my hot house during the summer.

    22. kristy edgington says:

      this sounds much easier then the one in my backyard covered in flies etc…

    23. Tammy S says:

      This is a must have appliance for me. We compost a ton! We have reduced our waste so much that we now only have trash pick up every other week. I love how handy the Green Cycler is. I am putting it on my wish list for Christmas.

    24. Sandy VanHoey says:

      Now I really like this and didn’t know about something like this until now. So glad you reviewed.

    25. Betsy Barnes says:

      This is so cool, never heard of it. It would be very useful in my house :)

    26. June M. says:

      I can really see how this would be hand for those who compost or who want to start composting (I have never done this, don’t grow food or flowers, etc due to disability)

    27. Nancy says:

      This is a fascinating new “green” kitchen item. It’s very clever!

    28. Meg Tucker says:

      YOUR a black thumber! I thought I was the only one left! LOL! I’d love to have one of these!

    29. polly says:

      My biggest concern was if there is any odor from it…glad to know the filter is working!

    30. Zoe Right says:

      Interesting idea- seems like it would cut down on the time it takes for things to break down.

    31. Holly Thomas says:

      I could really use this.

    32. Maria Iemma says:

      Anything I can do to make the earth a better place! I think composting will help and this will be a great product to have in my kitchen.

    33. Robin Wilson says:

      We have a compost pile way in the back of our yard that I use to put food scraps. This would be nice, but I would have to wonder about he odor when opening and flies. I have this thing about flies! Never saw anything like this before!

    34. Dana Rodriguez says:

      That is a great product!I could def use one of these in my home.

    35. Lisa Brown says:

      That is a great unit. Love the size, ease of use, very handy to have.

    36. Crystal says:

      Ooh, that’s really interesting! A nice alternative to just tossing things into a compost pile!

    37. I like it. It would be a great way to keep those left overs sealed and no mess or ugly buckets on your counter top.

    38. vickie couturier says:

      interesting,I haven composed yet,we do recycle though,,im seriously considering composting

    39. Cheryl says:

      This looks amazing! Simple to use, small and stylish. Definitely something my family would like to use.

    40. Rebecca Lock says:

      This looks nice and handy. I compost but sometimes I wish there was a way to take care of the scraps inside.

    41. Yolanda says:

      I have always wanted a composter appliance. I think these are a great invention and also a very smart way to go green

    42. dawn k says:

      What a great idea. Excellent for the composter, and saves having a smelly place hanging around for your scraps!

    43. Elena says:

      Looks really cool! I would like to own one

    44. Sarah L says:

      It’s amazing that it’s strong enough for avocado pits. Good idea.

    45. Sandy VanHoey says:

      Awesome product and one I think most of us would use. We have enough food scraps that I know I’d use it

    46. kristy balser says:

      i wish i had this in my kitchen

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