Try Out the new Domino’s Specialty Chicken – Review


On Monday night, a very polite Domino's delivery man brought us a dinner for review. Domino's has introduced a new menu item, specialty chicken, and we tried out each flavor to review for you! Domino's new specialty chicken is twelve pieces of boneless white meat chicken covered with different toppings, sauces, and cheeses. The flavors of … [Read more...]

Treat Yourself With IHOP’s Brioche French Toast – Review


On Saturday afternoon, one of my best friends and I went out to enjoy a delicious brunch to review, courtesy of IHOP! The new Brioche French Toast options at IHOP were enticing and my best friend said he'd been wanting to try some ever since he saw the first advertisement so try some, we did! The Bananas Foster Brioche French Toast is dipped in … [Read more...]

#JustBrewIt with Keurig


I’m the only coffee drinker in the house.  It’s not easy being me.  Mainly because when I want a fresh cuppa joe, I want a fresh cuppa now!  I don’t want to snag a cup of 4 hour old coffee from the pot.  Ew! Whether I’m on my first cup or fifth (we all have those days!) Keurig brews my beverage fresh. I’ve been using the Keurig K45 Elite … [Read more...]

$100 Birthday Express Giveaway & Review!


I love throwing parties.  Love it!  Problem is we have a smaller house so it is hard to do here so I like to have the parties outdoors.  Living in the south we typically have mild (er) winter's and spring comes early.  Not this year!  What's up Mother Nature, burrrrr!!! My baby turned 5 in March.  5!  She has never had a little friend party.  We … [Read more...]

Celebrate Spring with Duncan Hines Spring Velvets – Review


Spring is the perfect time to bake a cake! The beautiful colors and flowers of the season and the celebrations that accompany spring break, so wonderful! That's why when I learned that Duncan Hines would be sending me a goodie bag containing their new Spring Velvets cake mix to review, I knew I would have oodles of fun with it! The first thing I … [Read more...]

Get Brewing with the Keurig K65 Special Edition – Review & Giveaway

Keurig K65 Special Edition

I participated in a campaign on behalf of One2One Network for Keurig. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.   Alright, friends, I am going to jump right in on this one. How many of you are coffee drinkers? How many of you enjoy a good cup of tea? How about a soothing … [Read more...]

Enjoy Easter Treats With The Fruit Company – Review & Giveaway


The Easter Bunny, I mean, The Fruit Company sent me their Easter Treats Basket to review and what a gift that was! This basket was beautiful even more delicious. If it helps to illustrate how delicious, I didn't even make it through those two sentences about it without having to get up and snack on some more of my Easter Treats Basket! I love … [Read more...]

Get Fit and Fierce with Icelandic Glacial – Review

Icelandic Glacial Logo

In parenthood, there are plenty of things that we try to teach our children. One of the daily lessons here is the importance of water. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with two little ones that, more often than not, opt for the healthier options when it comes to just about anything including their drink of choice. Now that the weather is getting … [Read more...]

Grow Some Boom with Angie’s Boomchickapop Giveaway


Since being diagnosed with Diabetes, I’ve become a bit more selective when it comes to food.  I have to be.  I am not only trying to control the amount of sugars I consume, but I’m curious as to how the food is processed, if any at all. Since popcorn is one of my most favorite snacks…and I totally thought I’d have to give it up for good.  … [Read more...]

#ShakeYourBooty with Pirate’s Booty and Rio 2 – Review, Giveaway & Contest Announcement

Pirate's Booty Rio 2 Limited Edition Packaging

When I think of Rio de Janeiro I think of a beautiful shoreline, the warm sunshine, Carnival, and a whole lot of dancing. That fast-paced, energetic, happy-go-luck Brazilian music has a way of getting your toes tappin’ and your booty shakin’ along. It’s just one of those things. Regardless of your mood or where you are, when you hear it, you just … [Read more...]