Celebrate Spring with Duncan Hines Spring Velvets – Review


Spring is the perfect time to bake a cake! The beautiful colors and flowers of the season and the celebrations that accompany spring break, so wonderful! That's why when I learned that Duncan Hines would be sending me a goodie bag containing their new Spring Velvets cake mix to review, I knew I would have oodles of fun with it! The first thing I … [Read more...]

Rice Krispie Easter Baskets

Rice Krispie Treats,easter,baskets,fun food

Whew! I have really had fun making Rice Krispie Treats lately, and last but not least, are my Rice Krispie Easter Baskets! They are super cute, and can be filled with whatever you want. To be completely honest, they took a little patience, but I think they were well worth it. I used colored marshmallows, and used the same process I did … [Read more...]

Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs

rice krispie easter eggs label.jpg

And you just thought I was done with yummy, festive Easter Rice Krispie Treats! I hope you enjoyed my cute little Peeps Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Treats (and if you haven't made them yet, what are you waiting for?)! Today I bring you something that I think is just adorable - Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs.  These are super easy to make, and they … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter S’more Bars

Peanut Butter,Smores,bar,cookie,betty crocker

Peanut Butter S'more Bars I bake mostly from scratch but there is one thing that I don't mind cutting corners with, my Peanut Butter S'more Bars. Why haven't I tried to figure out a way to make these bars from scratch? Probably because it is so darned easy using Betty Crocker's Sugar Cookie Mix. Plus, there are always coupons and it is really … [Read more...]

Peeps Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Treats

Peeps, Easter Bunny, Rice Krispie Treats

Peeps Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Treats I have a blast creating Festive Rice Krispie Treat goodies, and now that Spring/Easter is almost here, I am at it again! We all know how cute and colorful Peeps are, and I thought it would be fun to incorporate them into my Rice Krispie Treats, in the shape of bunnies, without having to add more coloring … [Read more...]

Easter Bunny Mini Cupcakes with Jelly Bean Frosting

easter cupcakes FINAL.jpg

Easter Bunny Cupcakes Easter is one of my favorite holidays, and has been since I was a small child. Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, and pastel colors fill my world. I also enjoy baking for Easter. I have some REALLY fun goodies in store for you this Easter, and today I want to share one of my creations - Easter Bunny Mini … [Read more...]

Peppermint Chocolate Pudding

Peppermint Chocolate Pudding

Not to brag or anything, but I can make this pudding without looking at my chicken scratch recipe anymore! With just a handful of ingredients, this pudding is ridiculously easy to make. Ingredients 1 can organic coconut milk * I buy Natural Value; organic and BPA-free cans. 4 TB organic arrowroot powder 2 TB organic cacao powder 1/4 … [Read more...]

El Monterey Taquitos for Superbowl – the Best Taquitos of the Big Game!

El Monterey Taquitos,battered taquitos,shell shockers

*El Monterey has asked me to talk to you about their Taquitos/Shell Shockers for the big game, however, all opinions are my own. Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? Yay - me too! Are you ready for some fun and tasty snacks while watching the big game? Oh yes, I am as well. El Monterey Taquitos has you covered for Superbowl, with the best taquitos … [Read more...]

Holidays with HERSHEY’S Chocolate – Holiday Pretzel Buttons Recipe

HERSHEY'S,Holiday Pretzel Buttons,recipe,snacks

Hershey's Chocolate The brunt of holiday feasting is over and so begins the cliché resolutions of getting fit. After we’ve all packed on the pounds with the overload of goodies, it’s probably a good time to get our butts back in gear, right? Wrong! The holidays aren’t over yet, people! Hold onto those resolutions for a few more days! Now, I’m all … [Read more...]

Pistachio Macarons with Bacon Dark Chocolate Ganache

Pistachio Macarons with Bacon Dark Chocolate Ganache

A while back, I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to master the art of macarons. You know, the "pinky out" French confections. I failed the first time. Miserably. It was a complete and utter snafood. The shells were crunchy, not light. So, I researched recipes before trying again. I finally found a blogger that seriously appears to be the … [Read more...]