Aloha Friday – I Met Tom Jones


I met Tom Jones


I met Tom Jones!

Here’s my story, and my question:

My question this week:

What movie star, tv star, musician do you really, really like but are afraid to admit?

My answer is: Tom Jones

I love Tom Jones. I have seen him in concert several times, and wow, he can still move! Now this is a funny story that happened about 4 years ago. My father-in-law and I went to see him at a hotel casino. Let me explain that my dear mother-in-law died 10 years ago, and my father-in-law and I are great buddies and we used to go everywhere together (my hubby isn’t big on doing these things). My father-in-law is 60 and really, really cool.

So we get to the hotel early in the day, head to the bar for a drink, and the bartender told us that Tom Jones was at the pool area yesterday hanging out with his musicians. Oooooh, that’s very exciting! I suggest to my father-in-law that we go to the pool area and see if he’s there. I ask the bartender at the pool are if he has seen Tommy Boy. He said that Tom was supposed to be there any minute, that he’d be eating his lunch in one of the cabanas (there were about 7 or so lined around the pool). I asked how much it was to rent a cabana and he said $40 for 3 hours. So I rented one, the one right next to where Tommy would be. OMG this was exciting! So Tommy and his entourage arrive a few minutes later.

I didn’t bring a camera, so I asked my FIL to go to gift shop and get a disposable camera. He comes back and says there were out of cameras (uh-oh). But he brought back playing cards! ?????? So we start “playing” cards while I’m eavesdropping. I can hear his voice. After he finishes his lunch, he stretches out on a lawn chair about 6 feet from my cabana…right in front of my cabana!! He has got an amazing body. At one point he bent over while applying his lotion…HELLO!! I didn’t have a camera phone at the time, but my FIL did, so I start snapping away (casually). It was so funny, all the other girls laying in their lawn chairs were peeking over their books at him. Nobody wanted to disturb him. I did earlier say “hi” to him, and he said “hi” back. Finally he gets up to leave. Nooooo, don’t go! He leaves the area but leaves his hotel beach towel on the lounge chair. I say to my FIL “Ooooo, go grab his towel”. He didn’t want to at first, but I was too embarrassed. My FIL is such a good sport. He snuck over, grabbed the towel and brought it back to me. I was dying laughing…I have more funny stories of my FIL, but I’ll save those for another time. I had the pics of this on my other camera, and I wish I had them to post. If I can dig them up somehow, I will post them. My husband says Tom Jones is a homewrecker LOL

I still have that towel. I call it my “Tommy Towel”. I did wash it, you’ll be happy to hear!

My question this week (I’m posting it again, in case you’ve forgotten why you came here!):

What movie star, tv star, musician do you really, really like but are afraid to admit?


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