Trader Joe's Peppermint Bark
Okay, so I didn’t meet a person at Trader Joe’s…I’m happily married.

Have you ever been “hooked” on some food item? So much so that thoughts of it consume you? Here’s my story:

Where do I start. It was Christmas of 2007. I got totally hooked on Trader Joe’s Peppermint Bark, which is seasonal. Okay – back up. I originally got hooked on Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark, but it is about $26 a box and I can’t afford that habit. So I tried TJ’s and loved it.

So Christmas of 2007, I’m munching away on the bark and I chipped the front tooth, which happens to be the middle tooth of a very expensive bridge. Did that stop me? Nope! I kept buying the bark and just biting on it with the front teeth of the other side of my mouth. After Christmas, I searched desperately for more bark, but to no avail. I was so bummed.

I had totally forgotten about the bark, when I wander into Trader Joe’s in late November (2008). I’m strolling down the aisle when I see the familiar red, green and white box….could it be? Oh boy! It is!! I am just beside myself with excitement as I load three boxes in my cart. I know this is going to get ugly. I end up doing the same thing over Christmas, getting totally hooked again. I kept a box by my computer, and would munch on a piece periodically (like every 5 minutes!). It helped me think…

Fast forward to about Jan. 10th. of this year. I run out of bark and I start to panic remembering that this is a seasonal product and they may not have any left. I rush to Trader Joe’s in a frenzy, run down the aisle, and I spot it. YIPEEEEE! They are also 50% off…I’m a happy girl. I grab 5 boxes (it’s all I could hold since I didn’t bring a cart in…just as well). Okay, so I go through those boxes pretty quickly.

Last weekend, I ran out of bark. Uh-oh. I called the Trader Joe’s in my city and the nice guy checked for me. They are out. CRAP. But he gives me the number for their other store (next town over, kind of far). I call them and they have some. Woot woot! I got a little busy and didn’t get to go pick up my bark during the day.

By late Saturday afternoon I was really needing some bark. I had to have it. The problem is, I don’t like driving at night…the lights really bother me. I went downstairs where my husband was watching tv, and sheepishly said, “Honneeeyyyyy?”. He knows that I want something when I say it like that. “Yes, sweetheart?” he replies. “Ummm…well…our Trader Joe’s is out of bark but the good news is that the one in _____ has some. Can we drive there after dinner?”. He agreed to take me. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but my husband works some really long hours during the week, so on the weekends, he likes to stay home and not go out.


After dinner, my hubby, 12 year old daughter and I pile into the car and drive all the way to the other Trader Joe’s. I am so excited. I rush into the store, start scouring the aisles. This one is set up differently than my Trader Joe’s. My husband spots the familiar boxes of bark and I literally start loading them into the waiting arms of my daughter and husband. We are all giggling like crazy. We’ve got about four boxes each, and I start heading to the check-out line. I glance back and my husband is loading two more boxes on his already tall stack of bark. What a sweetie. I pause with my hubby and daughter before we reach the cashier and I tell them that if anyone wonders, we are getting these for my elderly father…he LOVES his bark and I bring him a box every week. We giggle again.

As we head into the checkout line (it was empty thank goodness), the cashier starts laughing, hubby laughs and rolls his eyes, and me? I’m just ecstatic. What a steal – they were all 50% off. I didn’t tell the cashier my concocted story about my father, but instead I confess – I’m hooked. She says, “But the good part is, you can take it to parties and tell them you made it!”. Yeah right. This stuff is not leaving my house. It’s like gold to me. More power to anyone who can take this bark from my Kung Fu grip. We leave the store carrying heavy bags of bark, giggling all the way back to the car.

So I’m happy to say that I have a great supply of Peppermint Bark (for now). The other good news? I’m getting my tooth fixed next month (finally). Maybe that will encourage me not to eat bark next Christmas…AS IF!

I hope this batch will last me until at least March…but then what????

NOTE: Believe it or not, my weight has not ballooned. I throw in some exercise in between boxes!

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