Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Here are my “not me” moments of late:

It was NOT ME who went to the mall yesterday and couldn’t find one piece of clothing that fit me (except for socks), so out of frustration it was NOT ME who bought oodles of candles and lotions, and other fun things just because I wanted to come home with something.

It was NOT ME who then decided it was a good idea to buy two boxes of Cinnabons because I DID NOT have a coupon for buy one get one free that was about to expire.

It was NOT ME who stood in the front yard for an hour trying to get a picture of a Turkey Vulture because I thought it was fascinating. My neighbors DID NOT think I was a nut.

It was NOT ME who threw a bunch of “clutter” into a laundry basket and into a closet because my husband WAS NOT tired of looking at it.

It was NOT ME who screamed to myself in my car when the drive through coffee line wasn’t moving and I HAD NOT been there for 15 minutes…I WAS NOT impatient and crabby, and I most certainly WAS NOT yawning in between screaming.

It was NOT ME who encouraged my husband to go grocery shopping for me because I absolutely, DO NOT detest grocery shopping. When I do go grocery shopping, I DO NOT only put away the refrigerated items when I come home and I DO NOT wait a few hours before putting the rest away.

I DID NOT get frustrated when my husband said some friends were joining me for my birthday dinner but he DID NOT tell me who was coming. Oh and my birthday IS NOT coming up and I DEFINITELY AM NOT turning one year older. I AM still only 29, of course. I AM NOT even getting any wrinkles!

I DID NOT forget to do laundry this weekend because I was busy blogging and my husband IS NOT down to his last pair of clean undies. But I WILL do laundry today.

I DID NOT get brave and try to tackle cleaning my closet. I DID NOT find a whole heap of clothes that I can no longer fit into, I DID NOT end up with 15 other piles – one for donation, one for I might fit into soon, one for “this is cute, why was this shoved in the back of my closet? get the point. I DID NOT leave this project sitting in the middle of the room and I WILL NOT probably leave it there for a few weeks.



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