Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Here are my “not me” moments of late:

I DID NOT not have a major hot flash in Sears last week and DID NOT get mad at the lady who ignored me when all I had to do was pick up a pair of glasses for my dad. I WAS NOT sweating profusely and I certainly DID NOT feel like I was going to pass out. People DID NOT look at me like I was some kind of freak. I WAS NOT even a bit embarrassed.

I DID NOT get annoyed when someone (who shall remain nameless) asked me to pick up something “while you’re out”. I DO NOT hate running errands, and I DO NOT have a system, and it DOES NOT throw my system out of whack when someone adds an errand to my list. I DO NOT cringe when I hear the words, “While you’re out, could you….”

I DID NOT chuck rocks over the fence trying to scare the raccoons, and I DID NOT think to myself, “Oh crap, what if I hit somebody?”. Raccoons DO NOT get on my nerves when they tear up my yard, and I NEVER blast them with the hose when stomping my feet doesn’t scare them away.

I WAS NOT annoyed when I mentioned to someone (again, who shall remain nameless), that I was so happy that I had nothing doing that day…no doctor appts., no shopping, etc. I WAS NOT steamed when someone took that to mean that I needed something to do, and that someone DID NOT think of things for me to do.

I saw my doctor about my dizzy spells last week, and when he asked if I was having trouble hearing, I DID NOT say “What?”. I DID NOT say, “Kidding, kidding”, and he DID NOT totally look at me like I was 5 years old. He totally WAS NOT amused. I DID NOT crack myself up, and I WAS NOT giggling all the way out the door.

I DID NOT totally babble about a product review to someone who knows nothing about blogs. They WERE NOT interested and I WAS NOT peeved that they wouldn’t even try to learn.

I DID NOT almost cry because I DID NOT devour my 12 boxes of Trader Joe’s peppermint bark in less than a month, I DID NOT have DT’S OR withdrawals. I AM NOT bummed that I have to wait almost a year to consume more yummy peppermint bark.

I absolutely DID NOT roll my eyes and I WAS NOT perturbed at the Wendy’s drive thru when I could not understand what the girl in the speaker was saying. She DID NOT have to repeat herself 4 times, I DID NOT get angrier each time. I WAS NOT amazed when I got home and my order was correct.

Speaking of drive-thrus – I have to add this: My dear father-in-law DOES NOT try to order in Spanish at Taco Bell, and he DOES NOT confuse the cashiers. This DOES NOT cause us to get the wrong food order, every time.

da-dum-dum-dum…I’m here all week

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