I always have such positive thoughts in the morning…some days each day I just want to conquer the world. Well, not the world really, but I do get inspired to get things done around the house – those little nagging things that need to be done but just aren’t much fun to do.

Take yesterday, for instance. I woke up all gung-ho (after a few cups of coffee – I’m NEVER gung-ho about anything when I first roll hop out of bed). The first order of business? Tackling the stack of bills that need to be filed. I head upstairs to the file cabinet, put a few bills in the appropriate folders, and discover that some of the folders have really old paid bill halves in them…they are taking up too much room. Hmmm…maybe I should shred some of the old ones. I grab the first two files, pull out the old bill stubs and start shredding. Boy this feels good to finally do this. I have a small shredder that fills up rather quickly, so I head downstairs to grab a garbage bag to empty it. I set the bag on the counter and…oh look! Our outdoor kitty, Annabelle, is staring in the window at me! She’s probably lonely, I should go out and visit her. She runs to me for our morning “love fest”, purring all along the way. I pet her and speak to her, then I notice some small weeds starting to grow in the crack of our walkway…can’t have that! I pull and pull all the way out to the front yard. I start admiring the flowers that are opening and realize they need some water. I begin to water when I see the mailman pull up. Cool!! I love mail! I retrieve the mail, walk immediately to the recycle can to get rid of the stuff I know I won’t read. That way I won’t have to sort through it later. I head in the house and realize I haven’t figured out dinner yet. I go to the garage to pull something out of our large freezer when I notice that my beautiful car has a big spot on the side of it. How on earth did that get there? I grab a rag, come back in the house to wet it…shoot – hubby said he needed his dress shirts washed today. I throw his shirts in the washing machine but realize I don’t have a full load (I just can’t bring myself to do half a load), so I head back upstairs to check everyone’s laundry hampers. I pass by my computer and the little blue blinking Skype light is flashing away…my friends are waiting for me!

I sit down at the computer and about five two hours later, I’m getting very, very sleepy. OMG…I really need Starbuck’s. I head to my car, drive to Starbucks and load up on triple White Chocolate Mochas…yummm. NOW I should be able to get all kinds of things accomplished!

After I arrive back home, I hear UPS drive down the street. I love UPS…when they bring me stuff. If they don’t, my words aren’t kind. Yeah! I hear him open my front gate. I run outside to retrieve my package and I remember I still haven’t fed the kitty. I do manage to run inside and grab some food for her (and remember to bring it back outside!).

Dinner time…great – what are we going to have. I failed to get something out of the freezer, there is nothing in the house. I’ve got a shredder full of paper, picked weeds littering the walkway, file folders spread out all over the place, unopened mail, a dirty car, unwashed clothes, and dry plants, and nothing for dinner.

Where on earth did I go wrong? Why do I get so distracted? Is it old age, or just too much going on? Or is it the boredom in one project that leads me to the next (unsuccessfully I might add). Well, that’s okay…after all tomorrow IS another day, and I most certainly will get it all done then….oh look – a chicken!!


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