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Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Here are my “not me” moments of late:

While on our little trip to Monterey, our hotel room WAS NOT supplied with only one packet of regular coffee (and one decaf – they can keep that!). I DID NOT drink the pack of regular coffee the moment I stepped into the room, and I WAS NOT freaking out that I would not have any coffee for the morning. I DID NOT go to the front desk and tell them there wasn’t any coffee in my room. He said they would have some delivered to our room, and I DID NOT request three coffee packets. In the morning after drinking one pot (using one packet), I DID NOT hide the extra two packets in the drawer under my clothes. The housekeeper DID NOT leave two more for me, thinking I had no coffee at all.

I DID NOT have a blast going through one of the numerous candy stores in Monterey – you know the type – you fill up your basket from the barrels of candy on display? I DID NOT buy some candy called “CRAB CRAP” for my dad. It was a bag of chocolate covered peanuts, and dad loves those!

Also at the candy store, I DID NOT buy several strips of “Zotz”…do you remember those? The little hard candies that have fizzy stuff in the middle? Well, I DID NOT eat about 3 strips of them that night – even when the roof of my mouth was raw. After discovering it was raw, I DID NOT keep eating them anyway. When I went to the dentist for my root canal, I DID NOT hear the dentist say to his assistant, “Her soft palate is irritated”. Hmph. In my nitrous oxide haze, I also DID NOT think the dentist was just a little bit cute.

I DID NOT eat enough for an entire army the whole time I was in Monterey. It WAS NOT me who COULD NOT resist the delectable seafood on every menu. One restaurant was so good, that hubby and I decided we would come back the next night too, and order something different (since there were so many good items to choose from). When we went back the next night, we DID NOT order the exact same things we had the night before.

Upon leaving said restaurant, I DID NOT notice these amazing cocktails, and wonder immediately WHY ON EARTH DID I NOTorder one or both?

Speaking of food (yet again!), one night when we were at the sports bar in the hotel, we ordered nachos and some Gilroy Garlic Fries. We knew for sure that the next day we WOULD NOT frighten people away with our garlicky dragon breath. Not to worry though, after we got about half way through the garlic fries, my hubby DID NOT accidentally spill his soda all over the fries.

While hubby and I were walking along the path by the ocean, there was some lady sitting on a bench. She saw us taking pictures with my digital camera and then proceeded to tell us how she has a regular camera and how expensive it is to develop the film. I was telling her that digital cameras are the only way to go, and she wanted to see mine. Being the nice person I am (wink), I showed it to her. Then I made the mistake of showing her my Flip camera. She was fascinated and kept asking questions…so many questions. I DID NOT finally try to casually scoot away from her, and before I made my great escape, she DID NOT yell out, “Wait, where do you buy one of those Flippers?”. I DID NOT almost blow a gasket, while calmly telling her it is called a “Flip”.

These shirts I saw in a store in Monterey DID NOTtotally crack me up!:

I DO NOT stare at this Lily daily and wonder if it will stop growing taller and just bloom already!!

Our next door neighbor’s cat, “Magnificat”, DOES NOT prefer to climb up our gate instead of just jumping over it.

And last, but certainly not least – yesterday I was grocery shopping (those of you who know me, know how I DO NOT detest grocery shopping), and I am in the produce section. I hear a lady say, “Oh no, not these onions”…I glanced at her and all around her and there WAS NOT anybody else there. She DID NOT keep talking – I mean she was not mumbling – she was having a real conversation! It DID NOT freak me out just a little, and I DID NOT decide I needed carrots immediately (which happened to be clear on the other side of the produce section). I mean, I am friendly, and will talk to anyone, but a three-way conversation (one of the people being invisible) did not sound like a good plan in getting me out of the store ASAP.

OH – and get this! So yesterday I am outside and I want to take a picture, but this bucket thing is in my way. I move it over and guess what IS NOT underneath it? The gargantuan beetle that was in my sink! I totally HAD NOT previously dumped gently released him clear on the other side of the yard! He WAS NOT dead now.

Have a great week!



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