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I learned that kids have the grimiest fingers – seriously! I let my daughter play with my iphone (she is 12), and after retrieving it later, it was so smeared – UGH! I mean I get fingerprints on it, but nothing like this.

I learned something today that just made me shake my head. I am short, so I was shopping in the Petite section, and to see the sizes on the top of the waistband (pants), I had to stand on my tippy-toes. What is wrong with this picture!! I am short – can we please make short racks so I don’t need to pull up a step stool to find my size? Geesh.

I learned that I still cook as if my son were not away at college. I made chicken last night – it was a big pack of breasts, and stupid me decided to cut each one into thin slices. Of course I was breading them. Real bright. I stood at the stove for 1 1/2 hours cooking chicken. I have a huge plate of leftovers.

I learned that I want to be one of my cats. They have it made. They eat and sleep – that’s it.

I learned that when I don’t turn my printer off, the fax sound (you know that obnoxious screech?) blasts the ears of those calling me. I do not know why this happens, but it is a great way to get rid of telemarketers, and others I don’t care to talk to.

I also learned this week that I have some of the nicest readers around. Thanks to all who participated in my Mother’s Day Week of Giveaways, and thank you for your nice “thank you” emails – that just warms my heart to know you received and are enjoying your prize!

is this a beetle, brown bugs
This week I learned something very important. Never, ever, assume when you reach into the kitchen drain strainer thing, that there is only food or something normal in there. I was pulling a couple of leaves (from a flower arrangement) out of the kitchen drain catch-all, and putting them in the garbage disposal. I was doing this with my bare hands. There was something dark in there and I tried to grab it and could not get a good grip. I tried a second time and noticed it moved. EWWWWWW. There was a huge, gigantic bug in there – OMG – I actually touched it. I screeched and jumped around the kitchen, as chills ran down my spine. I put a small kitchen scraper over him so he didn’t crawl out. I left the room for awhile, and when I returned he was on top of the scraper. So I turned a bowl upside down on him and immediately texted my husband to let him know about the intruder he would have to tend to when he got home. The picture on the left is the actual bug in my sink. I think he came in with the flowers my hubby brought home.

I went back in the kitchen later and lifted the bowl. He looked dead. I felt kind of bad. Hmmm. I searched the kitchen for something to escort him outside in and found an old jar. I used a plastic fork and thrust him into the jar and walked outside to set him free. I carefully (kind of) put him on the deck and he started moving!

Sorry – that turned into a long story didn’t it. Well, I did my good deed for the day, but I will never again reach into the sink strainer with bare hands.

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  1. I like these entries!

    The beetle in the drain is better than a spider-in-the-shoe. Shudder.

    And haha, that’s a good observation about the not-to-scale racks. Ironic. 🙂

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