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OCD – We have all heard of it and I think some of us probably wonder if we have this disorder. This post is not to make light of OCD – I know it is a very serious condition. I have been watching a new show called “Obsessed” – it is about OCD, and some of these people have a variety of obsessions and compulsions – pulling out hair, hoarding things, of course excessive cleaning, afraid of freeways, etc. It got me thinking about the things I do repeatedly, and I was curious what others do. I do think we all have our little things that we consider obsessive or compulsive – I know I sure do.

obsessive compulsive disorderNow my husband is strange about certain things that don’t bother me at all, and vice-versa. For instance, he likes his dollar bills facing the same direction, and perfectly straight, neat, etc. Not me – I just shove my cash in a pouch in my purse. He really hates that. I tease him sometimes and open the pouch and say “Look honey!”. Sometimes when he is ironing, he will even iron his money (he doesn’t do this often thank goodness, but only occasionally). He also likes things straight on walls, such as pictures, frames, etc. I do too. His tool box – he has about three of the large rolling ones – are perfectly organized. There is not an item out of place, not a single crooked wrench, or misplaced screwdriver. I am not allowed in there, by the way, but he has made me my own tool box with older, not-so-special tools that I can just throw in there. I don’t use them often – I have him to fix things! {This is an actual picture of one of the drawers in his toolbox}

But the things that don’t bug him, really bug me. I am really weird about my bed, sheets and blankets. I call him up to help me put the sheets on the bed after they are washed and we get the fitted sheet on fine. When it’s time for the flat sheet, it never fails. His side is either way longer or way shorter than my side. It does not bother him! He starts to put the blanket on and I have to stop him and I walk around the bed to size up the situation. “Pull a little to your side and up a little”…we go through this for five minutes or so until it is perfect.

I also have a fear of bugs in my bed. Each and every night, I have a “ritual” that I perform before I get in bed. I start on my side and I pull back the comforter and swipe with my hand the top sheet. Then I pull the top sheet back and do the same with the fitted sheet. I pick up the pillows, swipe under them, then carefully place each sheet back in place, smooth them and repeat on his side. Of course the sheets have to be perfectly aligned on either side, and the top sheet has to be folded “just so” over the part of the comforter that will be under my chin. UGH – it’s a pain, but at least I feel safe when I get into bed, and so does my hubby (well actually he doesn’t even know about this, and really he wouldn’t care!). I also like the sheets taut…I can’t stand them loose around my legs.

I am a hand washer. I wash my hands umpteen times a day. I cannot help it. I like them clean, and they don’t feel clean if I have recently handled something. I don’t scrub them obsessively or anything, just wash them with soap and dry. Ahhhh – it feels nice to have clean hands. I know I’m not alone in this – many others do this too (mostly women).

Of course, I do the other things that others do frequently as well, such as check door locks. I am home all day, and that is a habit of mine. It never fails though, when my husband is home on the weekends and he goes outside for something, I lock him out. Time and time again. He taps on the sliding door and gives me the “look”. Oops. I’ve ingrained this in my children too – they know to always lock the doors. That means that I get locked out a lot too. I will be out gardening and my daughter will come out to visit me. When I am ready to come back inside, the door is locked. Usually she is inside playing her music loudly and cannot hear me ringing the doorbell and knocking repeatedly. It’s my own fault – I’ll admit it.

I have a fear of big rigs, but it is slowly getting better. I consider this a real fear, as I was once in a terrible traffic accident in the fog and I was hit by two big rigs…yes two! My car was totaled, but luckily I was okay, other than a few bumps and bruises. I do not like driving next to big rigs on the freeway, or in front of them. If I am with someone else who is driving and we are side by side with a big rig, I tense up and my heart starts racing (and I usually nicely ask them to “please hurry up and pass this damn truck!”).

obsessive compulsiveThere are many, many other things I am obsessed about but I won’t go into detail about all of those (consider yourself lucky!). My daughter has a thing about picture frames. Now my 19 year old son is a different story. He is not obsessive about anything. His room is a mess, nothing is in order anywhere and he really just is not concerned.

What about you? What are your obsessions or compulsions?


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