Dear Electric Company – your rates are too high


Paying too Much for Electricity 

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Dear Electric Company,

You screw us repeatedly. That is not very nice in this struggling economy. I am pretty sure you don’t want us living in the streets, now do you? We have been a customer of yours for many, many years now (we have no choice, really). We pay our bills on time every, single month. Yet we cannot seem to get a break from you.

For the past two months our electric bills have been extremely high – $650.00. Yes, so in two months we have paid you about $1,300. Funny, on your website it says that for most households that amount (actually $1,200) is the average per year per household…and we are paying it for TWO MONTHS. We have never, ever had a bill under $200 from you, regardless of the time of year or the weather. EVER. I was talking with my neighbor this morning who has the same exact house model as us, and his bill this month was $100 something. He has five people in his house, we have three (except when son is home for summer). They run an average of four televisions (we run 2). Granted, he doesn’t run his air conditioner nearly as much as we do, but still. I also understand that the more electricity we use the more you take advantage of us with your lovely tiered rate. In talking with friends in other states, I learned that their electric companies do not do that. They have a base rate which they are charged on. How on earth can you do this? Oh – I know – it is because you can. You have no competition. Apparently to afford to survive, we have to:

a) move to another state
b) live like the Amish
c) die of heatstroke

If we were going to be staying in this house longer than 5 or 6 years, we would do solar panels. Hell, at this rate, it would probably be cheaper to make a monthly payment on solar panels. We called you and you told us to set the air conditioner to 78 degrees, unplug everything not in use, and to suck it up. Since receiving these bills, we have been diligent in doing these things. I have been cooking in the dark, turning lights off, unplugging EVERYTHING (even my washing machine when I am not using it). I went a step above and now have the thermostat set at 80 degrees (yes, I am sweating like a pig…happy?). I highly suggest to you that you send a smaller bill next month…or I will have to unleash my wrath upon you.>

SF Bay Area Weather, {See this temperature to the left? That is our actual temperature outside right now – it is 6:00 p.m.!}

I beg of you Electric Company, if you are going to have your way with us like this, can you at least include some lube with your next bill? It would be the nice thing to do.

A Royally Screwed Customer


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