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Welcome to Monday Mingle – October 26th!

If you’d like to join in the fun, do a short vlog on your blog, link up below in the linky, post the above button on your site and link to me. Each week we will have questions, subjects or ideas that we can all talk about on our vlog. Visit the other participants, learn about them and have fun! It’s not too late – you can link up anytime during the week.

This week’s questions:

1. Talk about a breast cancer awareness program and post a link to that site. You can wear pink if you’d like, or do something else for Breast Cancer awareness (this whole step should be simple).
2. What is the closest you have come to meeting a celebrity? Or have you ever met a celebrity? (this can be ANY celebrity- famous author/singer/actor/even blogger LOL) – thanks Annie for this question!
3. Would you rather lick a grocery cart handle or lick a bus stop bench?
4. Do you like to sing?  Are you a good singer? What would Simon Cowell say about your singing (in your best Simon Cowell accent LOL)? Feel free to sing a short song if you want.
5. Make up a limerick or poem about Monday Mingle!  (you know – limericks?  “There once was a man from Nantucket….”)
NOTE: If you didn’t do you animal sound this week – please do it on this mingle (thanks Erin for requesting animal sounds LOL)

Would you like to submit a question/idea for Monday Mingle? I will link to you and your site when your question is posted. Please submit your questions/ideas using this form:

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Monday Mingle will publish at 7:00 on Sunday nights – so you can link up before Monday morning!
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Monday Mingle vlog – October 26th from Jennifer Regan on Vimeo.


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1. Tell us a joke!

2. How old are you?  We are all friends here – we won’t tell!

3. Do you like to dance? Are you a good dancer?

4. What were you for Halloween? Your kids?  Do you do anything special for Halloween?

5. What was your favorite subject in school?  Subject you hated?

6. Get someone else to do a Mingle!

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