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Do you ever have those times when you just don’t want to go grocery shopping?  I have those moments each and every time unfortunately.  I really dislike grocery shopping.  I would have them delivered more often, except I tend to wait until I am completely out of everything, then panic sets in and I have to shop immediately.

It is a shame I didn’t know about Spud! earlier!  Spud! is an online grocery delivery company. They make it easy to order online.  There is also the option to have your standing order saved.  Those items you need weekly?  Put them on your standing order and you won’t have to worry about running out. You can have them delivered weekly, bi-weekly or every 4 weeks!

Spud!also has a “My List” area – ‘My lists’ is a set of shopping lists containing products that you have tried before or that you want to group together to make it faster and easier to do your grocery shopping. For example, you can create a dinner party list or a favorite recipe ingredient list. We also provide some suggested lists, such as kids lunch items or your last order list.  Are you running out of meal ideas? Spud! has a Recipe and Meal Idea section too.

Spud! kindly put $40 in my account for me to try out their service.  It was super easy to shop – I received so many items! Spud! They have a wonderful variety of organic items, and even cleaning supplies. I also ordered fresh baked Pugliese bread from Grace Baking (and it was amazingly fresh when it arrived!).  Interested in produce?  Spud has wonderful produce choices as well. My order was left on my porch on the specified day.  It was in a plastic container to keep everything fresh.  Here is a little more about how the delivery works:

Each order is shipped in a reusable bin. Inside, your groceries are carefully packed and kept fresh using specially designed ice packs and freezer bags. The freezer bags have a small, fully refundable deposit.

In the bin, you will also find a complete printed receipt and our very informative Garlic Press newsletter. Published weekly, the newsletter profiles events and people within the community, health and wellness news, and information about spud! and local suppliers.

Each community is designated a delivery day, for example, spud! delivers to Bellevue on Thursdays. To find out your delivery day, view the spud! delivery areas.

spud! drivers deliver between the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. On your delivery day, the spud! delivery driver will leave your groceries at your door or another location that you specify.

There are plenty of weekly specials at spud!  You can find just about everything you need, including baby food, bulk staples, prepared meals, snacks, meat and meat alternatives.  Their prices are pretty amazing.  I was astounded at what I could buy for just $40!

To find out more about how the Spud! works, you can check out their FAQs or their How it Works section. Feel free to follow Spud on Twitter and Facebook!  They also have a fun blog!  Why not take advantage of Spud Home Grocery Delivery Service?

Spud! has kindly offered my readers a discount code. The code is HEALTHY09, and it is valid until March 1st. It gets you $25 off, over your first four orders ($5, $5, $5, $10). Thanks Spud!  To find out if spud is available in your area, you simply enter your zip code on their website.

Thank you spud! for this review opportunity!

The only compensation received for any review post, is a sample of product. Compensation never has a bearing on the outcome of a review. The opinions expressed herein are those of blog author only. I received compensation for this review/post in the form of a $40 credit to use on their site. For further information, please refer to my Acknowledgment Policy.



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