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bubble and bee organic body lotion
organic bath and body products

I am so excited to tell you about a company that I reviewed in the past, and I absolutely love their products. I am talking about Bubble and Bee Organic. If you haven’t heard of them before, you are really missing out! Not only are the labels on their products whimsical and very clever (I have never found labels quite this entertaining before!), but their products are amazing.  The lotions that I tried previously (one is pictured below) smelled so good – like a tropical island.  It made my skin soft – all day long and it was so easy to apply and small enough to carry around in my purse!

bubble and bee lotion stick

Bubble and Bee products are organic – even the labels are made from tree free stone paper. There is no “bad stuff” in their products!

From the Bubble and Bee website:

We Pledge to:
Use Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible.
Never use synthetic fragrances.
Never use a synthetic ingredient if there’s even a small question about it!
Give our customers choices.
Always stand behind our products.

Stephanie Greenwood began working in a Biology lab at 14, and started taking advanced Chemistry classes at the University of Utah at 16. But it wasn’t until she was 26 that she learned that the thousands of chemicals around her in personal care products like parabens, phlalates, and artificial fragrance could be causing some of her health problems, like hormonal imbalances and asthma. She diligently sought safer alternatives, but none of them lived up to her standards of purity. She found out that many products had hidden ingredients. So, she decided to make her own products using simple, organic ingredients.

Organic lotions bubble and beeorganic scented body butter

I love that their products are all natural and don’t contain nasty chemicals (ick).  Bubble and Bee Organics has a great selection of products and they make wonderful gifts too.  Their prices are very reasonable, and it would be so fun to put together the  perfect gift basket together for a gift. Here is a video that explains Bubble and Bee products:

The nice people from Bubble and Bee are letting me give away a $25 Bubble and Bee gift certificate so you can “oooh” and “ahhh” over their products too!

Organic lip balms,

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  14. I'm sold on flax seeds after reading what she had to say about them. I'd also like to try the rude raspberry lip balm.

  15. I think the Lemongrass Rosemary 100% Organic Deodorant stick sounds like an interesting and nice smelling option for a natural deodorant.

  16. Organic Coconut Wax Candle Votive sounds so cool! Have always wanted to try one!
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