Leap into Spring: HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures Review

Thanks for joining us for the Leap into Spring event! Melissa and I have some great stuff in store to help you get ready for Spring!  Make sure to stop by both blogs each day because new stuff will be added daily!

Today at Outnumbered 3-to-1:
HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures!
Hexbug Review and giveaway,Hexbug robotic creatures

Are you tired of putting the same boring things in your kids Easter Baskets? This is the year for something fun and exciting that your kids are sure to love (and you will too!). I was sent a HEXBUG Crab for review, and at first I wasn’t quite sure about it, but after playing with him, my whole family is really enjoying this little guy!

A HEXBUG is a micro robotic creature that can sense light and sound. They really are quite amusing! As I mentioned above, I received the Crab. Here is some info on him: THE HEXBUG Crab uses its autonomous light and sound sensors to hide in the dark and run from loud noises. Users control which direction the HEXBUG Crab scurries and can make it change direction with a simple clap of your hands! There are quite a few critters available, in a variety of colors (perfect for Easter Baskets!).
Hexbug robotic purple crab,hexbug review
There is an Ant: The HEXBUG Ant is the fastest member of the HEXBUG family, equipped with front and rear touch sensors enabling it to maneuver around objects in its path. In addition to its unmatched speed, the HEXBUG Ant’s hooked claw wheels propel the creature across both smooth and carpeted surfaces.
micro robotic creatures, Hexbug green ant
There is an Inchworm: The HEXBUG Inchworm comes with a miniature infrared remote control outfitted with two channels so that two bugs can be operated independently or at the same time. The remote offers seven way steering and the HEXBUG Inchworm can pirouette in place when stopped on its center pod foot.
If you are just starting out with HEXBUGs, you might want to try the Original! The HEXBUG Original is armed with bump and sound sensors.  Clap your hands or touch it’s front antennas and the bug will reverse in direction! You will have fun no matter which one you choose.

Easter toys, Hexbug robotic bug toys,
We had fun playing with the HEXBUG Crab – even my cat was fascinated!  The crab scooted all over the house, and we were quite entertained.  There was virtually no set up – we just opened the package and he was ready to go.  Batteries were included and already installed (yay!).

I am so happy to discover these little creatures (thanks to Melissa).  I will definitely keep them in mind for gift giving.  They are unique and  they are certainly something that most kids will not already have.  You can buy HEXBUGs at the Hexbug website, and some are available Toys R’ Us, Radio Shack and other specialty retailers.  Or you can win the HEXBUG Nano below!

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    My son saw these and immediately wanted two of each lol. I got to admit they are really cool. His favorite was the Inchworm in green but then he saw the nano video where you could build a nano habitat and he was soooo excited and laughed sooo hard. The nano had a case for your nano collection too and he liked that to keep them in. He is already talking about collecting them and seeing how big he can build the habitat. I think he has found a new hobby. He even ran outside and made me wait to show his father. lol I wish I had read your review earlier because this would of made the perfect Easter Present. Thanks for sharing this review and giveaway with all us readers. I have never seen these before.

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