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Pine-Sol Review and Giveaway
It is that time of year again – Spring cleaning!  I usually dread the deep-down cleaning during the annual “Spring Cleaning” in my house, but this time around  actually enjoyed it.
I have to be honest – I have never really used Pine-Sol before, because I really didn’t like the smell of it.  When I heard that they had a whole line of new scents, I agreed to give them a try.  I am so glad I did!  Pine-Sol has come a long way from what I remember, with the only option being the original scent. I received the whole line of products for my review, and I have used several of the scents since receiving them. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I like them!
The phrase “that’s the power of Pine-Sol” makes sense to me now – I never really paid much attention to that phrase before, but now I completely understand what it means. I used Pine-Sol on all types of surfaces in my house, and everything got clean with minimal effort. I used a two sided sponge for the majority of my cleaning, but the funny thing is, I mostly used the side that was sponge, not the scrubber side. It was that effective. True story!

Pine-Sol® cleaner can be used in the kitchen to clean floors, counter, sinks and stoves; in the bathroom to clean showers, tubs, tile, floors and toilet bowls; for tough jobs such as deodorizing garbage cans, pet areas and diaper pails; and in the laundry for pre-treating grease spots and heavy soil on white and colorfast fabrics.

There are three bathrooms in my house, and two teenagers – you do the math!  I will make sure I have Pine-Sol on hand always.  I think it is kind of fun to put a different scent in each bathroom, as the new Pine-Sol scents leaves such a wonderful, light smell after using.  It is fun to mix things up a bit!  The new scents are Lemon Fresh and Orange Energy (both of these are great for the kitchen), Mountain Energy and Sparkling Wave (perfect for the bathroom), and Lavender Clean and Wild Flower blast (perfect anywhere!). I love them all but my very favorite of the scents is Lavender Clean.

Have you heard of Pine-Sol’s Powerful Difference campaign?
For more than two years, the makers of Pine-Sol have sought to support, identify and reward strong, independent women who have risen to the occasion to make the people and their lives around them better, more productive and more fulfilling. Pine-Sol recognizes these women, and the impact they have on their communities, through its Powerful Difference campaign.

Pine-Sol has partnered with Girls for a Change (GFC), a national non-profit organization that empowers girls to implement change in their communities and their own lives. To help women make a difference in their communities, Pine-Sol and GFC have created the Make a Powerful Difference Action Kit complete with advice and resources and available free at www.PowerfulDifference.com.

All Pine-Sol® products are available nationally at grocery stores, drug stores and mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target.

I am so excited that Pine-Sol has offered one of my readers the same set that I reviewed – I think you are going to really love these!

THE GIVEAWAY is now closed:

Follow Pine-Sol’s Powerful Difference on Twitter – 1 entry

Thank you to Pine-Sol for this amazing giveaway!

I received product samples to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed herein are those of blog author only.


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    I would love to try the orange energy scent.
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  16. I read about Diane Amos the Pine Sol Lady. Wow I cannot believe how long she has been doing their commercials!

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    I Follow Pine-Sol's Powerful Difference on Twitter.


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  18. onangelwings on

    Wow…the entire line? Awesome. Pine-Sol is always under my kitchen sink.

    Currently my fave is lavender but I would love to try Sparkling wave

  19. The scent I would most like to try is the Mountain Energy Scent. I currently use Pine Sol's Lemon Scent and like it very much. jgs0925 at gmail dot com

  20. I would love to try the Lavender Clean. Haven't tried Pine Sol since it was just the original.


  21. I subscribe by email ([email protected])

  22. If this really reminds me of vacation in florida, I want Sparkling Wave scented Pine Sol
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  23. [email protected] on

    I like the original scent–to me it equates CLEAN

  24. I learned you should never use it on dishes, laundry, cars, or… my computer is so slow I forgot the 4th one. I could not see if it was safe to use around pets. I was always told to rinse 3 times after.

    address on my profile

  25. I usually buy the Original Pine-Sol
    because I felt if I could smell the pine sol then it meant my house was clean, I like to have the smell last for awhile and it seems like some cleaners the smell only last minutes.
    I would love to try all the scents but my first choice is Lavender Clean

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

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  60. coriwestphal on

    I like the sound of the new scents. Orange Energy sounds wonderful, but I'm still a fan of the original scent. Nothing is cleaner than the smell of pines!

  61. Heather Fawcett on

    I think my favorite scent would have to be sparkling wave.

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    I follow Pine-Sol's Powerful Difference on Twitter


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  64. The scents sound great, but I think I'd like the Mountain Energy the best. Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

  65. Thanks for the giveaway…we would like to try the Lemon Fresh scent.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  66. Pine-Sol® cleaner, and the subsequent pine oil cleaners Mr. Cole invented, weren't an overnight success. His business started slowly, supplying janitorial services that cleaned local banks. It was 17 years before Pine-Sol® cleaner would be sold outside of Mississippi.

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