Leap into Spring: TECH4O Women’s Accelerator Sport Watch Review



I am so happy to tell you about this wonderful watch I received for review. I received the Women’s Accelerator Watch (Vapor) from Tech4O and I am thoroughly enjoying all of it’s features. It has a pedometer, chronograph (for exact results), countdown timer and even a daily alarm mode.

You like your day active, your workouts challenging, and your technology accurate and hassle free. Whether you’re passionate about running, hiking, walking or just staying fit, Accelerator women’s fitness watches give you what you need, and you don’t sacrifice accuracy for simplicity or features—you get them all!

I have been using this watch during my walks and during my exercising routine.  I love that this watch keeps track of my profile and that it measures speed, distance, heart rate and calories.

Tech4O women's accelerator watch review and giveaway

There are so many neat things this watch does – it is hard to list them all, but it has everything you could want in a women’s accelerator watch. My favorites are that it tracks speed, distance and calories burned.  It will keep track of how long you have exercised each day, and how much distance you have traveled, steps you have taken, etc. This watch really has it all and is a must have for anyone who exercises regularly or is just beginning to get into an exercise schedule. Good news!  The Women’s Accelerator Watch is available in a nice assortment of colors.  No matter what color you wear for your workout, there is a watch that will match perfectly. We all know how important that is, right ladies?

A little about Tech4O from their website:

Tech4o is dedicated to developing smart new products with the latest technology to enhance your experience. Feel the adventure with Tech4o’s products for outdoor exploration and personal performance measurement. Boundaries are broken, your soul is set free, and the pursuit is greater with Tech4o.

The Tech4O Accelerator Watch is also available for men too! On the Tech4O website, there is a helpful Interactive Guide.  You can take a look at the video if you have any questions! Learn about men’s accelerator watches too. Become a fan of TECH4O on Facebook!

Tech4O watch giveaway

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  1. Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." on

    I would LOVE to have the Trail Leader Pro watch. With all of the neat little gadgets on that one, I could know exactly how my training for my first 5K is going. 🙂


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  10. I'd like the Trailleader 1. I wish it were available in lighter shades, like the Women's Heartbeat (which I also like a lot).
    I love hiking and I think it would be great to have a watch specifically for hiking in the Mts.

  11. [email protected] on

    i like the black iris watch the most

  12. [email protected] on

    fb fan of tech40
    tiffany b pettey

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    entered the tech40 giveaway at 3 to 1

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    follow u on twitter

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    sub via email also

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    fb fan of 80mphmom
    tiffany b pettey

  28. I would also like to have the Alti-Watch Orange because it displays altitude, barometric pressure and temperature. Love it!
    cspmom at gmail dot com

  29. [email protected] on

    I like the Womens Accelerator in Vapor.

  30. MelissaAggie98 on

    I subscribe via email ([email protected])

  31. My pick would be the Women's Accelerator Pulse. Perfect for my daily walks and workout routine.

    linzendrsn at yahoo dot com

  32. i subscribe via email ([email protected])

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  36. I'd love the Women's Accelerator Periwinkle! What a great watch…would be wonderful to have on my morning walks!

  37. [email protected] on
  38. I like the Women's Accelerator Pulse watch. Too bad is doesn't have other colors.


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  40. [email protected] on
  41. I love the Women's Accelerator Pulse for so many reasons! Here's my top two: 1. it's blue the color for colon cancer awareness. 2. It monitors heartrate which is perfect while training to run the Undy 5000 5K in October in honor of Daddy who is battling colon cancer.

    trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  42. Visualized By Christy on
  43. tina reynolds on
  44. [email protected] on
  45. I'd pick the Women's Accelerator Vapor. Love the look and my doctor's been wanting me to use a pedometer. Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

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