My Son is lucky to be alive (car wreck) – and a shout out to Honda


My son called Saturday afternoon and said he had been in an accident (he called from the scene). His voice was shaking and he could barely speak. He was hit by another college student driving a new Camaro (with only 2,700 miles on it).  My son’s car was t-boned and his car was thrown all over and spun around – the passenger side of the car landed on/at the sidewalk, flattening that tire. He is okay now, but was horribly shaken for a couple of days. I was a mess myself, of course, not being there for him when it happened. I did hear a lady in the background helping him, (she brought him water, etc). To the nice woman who helped my son while he was terrified and alone, I thank you.

Let me go back a bit. I bought this Honda when it was brand new, and it had all the bells and whistles – sunroof, 6-CD changer, V-6, automatic everything. I babied this car and it was my pride and joy. When my son began to drive, we bought him an older Honda Accord.  A few months later, I won a car, so my husband and I decided to give him my current car and sell his old one. Our reasoning was that since it is newer, it is ultimately safer. A lot of things have changed in auto safety in between the years of his old car and the one we gave him. The car we gave him (my old one) was in beautiful shape.

I came down here yesterday to be with my son and help him sort through everything. Insurance called me this morning and said the car was totaled. She said we needed to go to the storage yard and clear out the car. I was horrified with what I saw.
Safest cars in a car wreck

san luis obispo crash between honda accord and 2010 Camaro
And the “good” side of the car – the hood won’t shut completely.  The tire flattened when it hit curb:Honda you saved my son's life
The side airbag deployed:
honda accord deployed airbag

As I looked at his car, I had several thoughts running through my head.  I thought how VERY lucky he is to be alive and how lucky that the impact wasn’t directly on his door.  I then remembered why we gave him this car.  Sometimes I do think things happen for a reason. Had he been in his previous car, I don’t know if he would have been so lucky.  Part of the reason this amazed me so, is when I saw the damage to the other car – a heavy Camaro.  If it was damaged this badly, then the impact was very, very strong. The Honda that my son was in must have been incredibly strong and well built, and it was definitely designed for safety.  Here is what I mean:

2010 camaro crashsan luis obispo car accident honda and camaro
how does 2010 camaro hold up in crash

I thank God that the young man in that car was okay too. This accident could have been so devastating. Both are college kids who are very, very lucky.  They both walked away from this accident with no injuries. I know my son has a new appreciation for driving safely now, but I am not sure he is anxious to drive a car anytime soon.

I have been doing some thinking too, needless to say. I mentioned above how I babied that car.  Well, I also babied my little boy – and he is far more important than any car.  I couldn’t love him anymore than I do.  He has handled this amazingly well, has come to some realizations of his own, and I don’t think he will ever take life for granted anymore.

I realize that there is no object in the world that can take the place of a person you love so much.  The very purpose of giving my son this car, is what saved his life. Though it is sad that a great car is totaled, it did exactly what I had hoped in the event my son was ever in an accident – it saved his precious life.  I am one thankful Mom to have my son still with me, and also that another mother and father still have their son with them.

Honda – I am eternally grateful.



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  1. •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Mrs. Cox.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• on

    I am still so incredibly glad your son is okay and neither him or the other driver got hurt! Someone was definitely watching over him.

  2. Love the Decor! on

    I think the Lord definitely protected both young men!
    Love your comments People are way more important than our things!! Have a great time with your son

  3. singedwingangel on

    and HE will set angels before you and after you lest you dash your foot upon a stone that no harm shall come upon you…. Bet that verse has a whole new meaning now.. so glad he is okay and the other boy is too.

  4. I got goosebumps when I saw both of the damage to the cars. Thank God they are both okay {the boys 🙂 }.

    He had an angel looking out for him. I'll keep him in my prayers!


  5. Your story brings back memories of my daughters accident back in October 2009. Receiving those phone calls are pretty scary.

    I am very happy that both your son and the other driver are both okay.

  6. Oh My Goodness! Thankfully your son is ok! That camero looks terrible. And yes, Honda's are great cars, with all the negative exposure cars are getting now a days, I'm glad that you have had a positive experience – and shared it.

    Take care,


  7. Wow… I'm so happy he is not injured. It's hard not being there with your children when they need you.

    Go ahead and hug him mom, just don't squeeze too tight. 😉

  8. JamericanSpice on

    Oh dear Lord. I shivered looking at that camaro. Indeed your son is very lucky and have stronger vehicle!

    Goodness I can only imagine how you and he feels!

    Thank God he is ..they both are alright!


  9. Michelle @ Flying Giggles on

    OMG, looking at the Camero, I am surprised there is not more damage to the Honda. Yes, it babied your son…good thing. This is a great ad for Honda. I purchased a Volvo as soon as I became pregnant, figuring they are safe. The one accident I got in with my girls, I was driving my husbands truck, which held up way better than I thought it would.

    I am so glad your son is okay!

  10. Jenn@ The Crazies on

    Wow Jennifer… what a scary thing but I am so glad he is OK ( and the other driver too). What a nightmare and I am glad the car proved lucky and safe for him. Thoughts and prayers go out to your family and may he continue to be OK.

  11. OMG!! So glad he is OK how scary for you mom! My sisiter was in a very bad accident when we were in high school. Count your blessings, I know you are!

  12. ~*~ Melissa ~*~ on

    Oh wow! How scary! Another foot forward and that could have been really bed. And the other car, sheesh! I am so glad that your son is ok, and I hope you get the relaxation you need and deserve! Big hugs to you 🙂

  13. I am so happy to hear he is ok. Though mentally it takes a while to get over things like this. I can only imagine how it must of been to get that call and feel like there was nothing you can do being away from him.

  14. Lucy and Ethel on

    That IS scary, and I imagine your knees buckled a little more when you saw the car and realized it COULD have been so much worse.

    At least he could reach you by phone!!!


  15. I am so glad your son is okay. We just lost a 16 year old who was like a third daughter to us who got hit further forward by a big truck. Our whole community is just devastated. Wrap your arms around your son an extra time for me, and just don't let him go.

    God bless you.

  16. TheEclecticElement on

    Oh My God!

    I can't imagine how scary that must have been for your son AND for you when you got the phone call…

    Holy crap.

    Jen, I'm SO SO SO glad that he and the other kid are okay!!

  17. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com on

    I was just visiting after hanging out at Mel's Outnumbered and saw this post first of all.
    I know how you feel…I have gotten FOUR of those calls! (Two from my oldest son and TWO from my oldest daughter) Three were not terribly bad, but just 6 weeks before my daughters wedding an oncoming car hit the car in FRONT of her and she went THROUGH the accident with ANOTHER truck coming end over end TOWARDS her…the timing had to be perfect for her NOT to be hit BOTH ways. She got a badly sprained ankle and a hairline fracture. The two people ahead of her were killed and the car caught fire. I got that shaky voice call and was SHOCKED to see my daughters car!

    I know how grateful and relieved you must be. It changes you. My daughter was lucky all she got out of it was the disappointment of not being able to dance much at her wedding. She almost didnt get to wear that dress and have a beautiful wedding day. Makes you think….
    So glad your son is OK…and the other young guy. Nothing is by chance…angels were sitting on their shoulders!

  18. wow…. I've been away from the pc moving this weekend and I saw this post, so I had to come read it! Thank God your son is okay! And… this post makes me think twice about buying a Camaro! That's my fave car right now!

    So glad he's okay – sorry about the car but you know that's not the important part. Hugs!

  19. I am glad that both children are OK.
    I am sure you are mighty relieved.

    I was in an accident in a Honda and those cars know how to take an accident.

  20. SHANNABEBE569 on

    I got goosebumps reading this!!! Thank the Lord your son was okay, getting in an accident is something I have a great fear of.

  21. Sara A Broers on

    So happy everyone is OK~ Your son had an angel watching over him that day~ as well, as the other driver.

  22. OMG, you must have been frantic. I have a college age son too who commutes an hour each way on heavy travelled northern NJ roads and I worry about him all the time, but when it came time for a car we got him one that has a high safety rating and side air bags. I’m glad your son and the other boy were alright. Cars can be replaced, but not our precious loved ones.

  23. Wow. Being T-Boned is really scary, so I hope your son was able to go back to driving feeling okay, and I’m glad your son and the other driver are okay.

  24. I am also grateful that your son is okay! I lost an 18yr old son in a car accident a long time ago, but the hole in my heart is forever there. He was in a car driven by his girlfriend, who doesn’t remember a thing. It was a one car crash, so we will never know for sure what happened. I never could have gotten through the aftermath without my faith in the Lord. He was with me the whole way. The car in this case was also a Honda – a white Honda Accord and I could never own one for that reason. I try to always let my other children (all adults) know how much I love them, because we never know when might be the last time we see each other.

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