Bake Me a Wish for Mother’s Day

Bake Me a Wish Mother's Day Monday

I am so excited to be a part of Mother’s Day Monday with Bake Me a Wish and some other wonderful bloggers!  Myself and nine other bloggers will all be hosting a Mother’s Day cake giveaway from Bake Me a Wish!  Not only will you be able to win here on my blog and enter on the other blogs, one lucky entrant who blogs about it will also win {more details below}.

If you know me, you know that I love dessert.  It IS the best part of any meal right? One of my favorite desserts is a Bake Me a Wish cake.  I have been fortunate enough to try several of their varieties, but for this Mother’s Day Monday event, I chose Red Velvet {which is my very favorite cake ever!}. The Red Velvet cake from Bake Me a Wish did not disappoint.  In fact, it was excellent!

A little bit about Bake Me a Wish from their website:

Bake Me a Wish! is the premium nationwide service for delivery of gourmet birthday cakes. Our cakes are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients by an award-winning family run New York bakery that also supplies pastries to some of Manhattan’s most elite restaurants.Through careful cost control and air-tight delivery systems, we are also happy to be able to bring you our fine cakes at an extremely affordable price. Now, whether it’s your son in college, your trusted associate, your old friend, or your granddaughter across the country, you will always have a simple and wonderful way to remember them on that important day of the year.

Plus, with our Bake Me a Wish! Calendar, we can keep a record for you of any and all important birthdays so that you never accidentally forget the special people in your life. We will automatically send you a reminder asking if you would like to deliver a cake each time one of your selected dates is approaching.We believe there is no better way to celebrate that special day of the year than to send a little indulgence from someone who cares.

As always, my heavenly Red Velvet Cake from Bake Me a Wish {$39.95 ARV}  arrived well packed and fresh.  It isn’t frozen, yet it is chilled just right.  I could dive in right the minute it arrived (which I did – no kidding!).  The flavors were wonderful, and the cake was moist. The cream cheese frosting gave it that special “oomph” without being overly sweet.  I do believe that this is my new favorite cake from Bake Me a Wish.  Look at this beauty:
Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and Bake Me a Wish is here to help.  If Red Velvet Cake isn’t a favorite of your recipient, there are so many other flavor choices.  Perhaps the mother in your life {whether it be your mother, your wife, a friend, or someone else} might like the Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake or the Tiramisu Classico Cake.  If she is not a chocolate lover {though this would mystify me}, there is a Coconut Cream Cake and a Vanilla Bean Cake.  Bake Me a Wish has just come out with some new cake flavors too. I am just too excited about this!  Mmmm – I am getting hungry as I look at their new Chocolate Truffle Lava Cakes and their Mississippi Mud  Cake.
Bake Me a Wish has cakes for all occasions – Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, Anniversary, Get Well, and more!  The cakes also come with a greeting card that you can personalize. If you are looking for a special Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift, or any other gift for that matter, you have come to the right place!
One thing I really like at Bake Me a Wish is that 5% of all proceeds go to help various charitable endeavors including sending birthday cakes to our troops overseas….what a wonderful thing! I try to support companies that give back, and Bake Me a Wish always has a way to help those in need, or those deserving.

For all Mother’s Day Cakes sold they will be giving 5% of SALES to support Rosie O’Donnell’s charity – Rosie’s Broadway Kids.

You have lots of chances to win a Bake Me a Wish cake for Mother’s Day! In addition to the giveaway on Eighty MPH Mom, you can enter the giveaway at other participating blogs. I will be linking up the other bloggers as soon as their posts are live.

1. There is also the weekly Bake Me a Wish contest on Facebook.  The week of 05/03 will be this: “Tell us your best story about your mom and cake!”  Preference given to answers that are funny, engaging or touch. Respond to the contest post on the Bake Me a Wish blog or on their Facebook page.

2. There will also be a cake for one blogger {must be a blogger who has been blogging for at least 1 year} who creates a blog post about the giveaway or any of the cake flavors.  If you choose to do this, please make sure you post your link on the Bake Me a Wish blog on 5/3 {or submit the link to me via email and I will submit it on 5/3}.  Only links that are submitted to the Bake Me a Wish blog will be eligible to win.
NOTE: Bloggers will only be entered once!  If you decide to post, you should only alert one participating blogger of your blog post!

One winner will receive a Bake Me a Wish Mother’s’ Day Cake!


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  1. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com on

    I would love to try their Carrot Cake…it is one of my favorites and I dont make it often because I am the only one who REALLY loves it at my house. It would be great to be treated for once and NOT have to bake and clean up!

    thanks much!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com


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    I follow Bake Me a Wish on Twitter!

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  9. I'd love to try their Tiramisu cake.

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  20. [email protected] on

    I like the Red velvet Cake.

  21. I would love to 'try' (makes it sound like I could stop at one bite! lol) the Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake

  22. jewelknits on

    Oh, my goodness, I think I just gained back the 10 pounds I only just managed to lose!! Such yumminess all in one place should NOT be allowed! The Boston Cream Cake, the Tiramisu Classico Cake, the Red Velvet Chocolate Cake .. I read the descriptions and I TASTE them! Oh, my goodness, there's a VANILLA BEAN CAKE TOO!!! Even if I don't win, I'm GETTING that one!!!

    Happy SITS Sunday!

    jewell330 at aim dot com

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  24. I went to vote it up on prizey but it was already listed as an editors pick!

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    "I follow this blog publicly via google friend connect

  26. Lorie Shewbridge on

    My absolute favorite kind of cake in the whole world is the Chocolate Lava Cake, but I would also like to try the Coconut Cream Cake.
    Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway, I LOVE this company especially for what they do for the troops.

  27. Lorie Shewbridge on

    I'm a fan of Bake Me a Wish on Facebook and told them you sent me,
    Bill Lorie Shewbridge

  28. I would love to try the Coconut Cream Cake.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  29. YUMMY! I would like their Mortgage Apple CAke 'cause it's also doing some good in these hard times


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    I follow you on Facebook Networked Blogs (Terri P)

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  33. I totally want the Chocolate Truffle Lava Cake or one of the red velvet cakes. They look SOOoooooo…..YUMMY!!

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