How to Train Your Dragon Video Game for Wii Review

how to train your dragon for Wii review and giveaway

Based on the Dreamworks movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘, the new video game of the same name from Activision launches gamers into a third-person action-adventure as a Viking hero where they must embark upon an epic quest to become the ultimate dragon trainer. Players explore an island of challenges and movie-inspired environments including the Vikings’ Village, Wild Zone, Training Zone and Fight Arena as characters “Hiccup” or “Astrid.” Gamers train their dragons, navigate through environments and participate in prestigious dragon tournaments for a truly larger-than-life adventure. Friends and family can square off against each other in head-to-head multi-player combat in a variety of unique arenas, offering a social and competitive element to gameplay as they fight and fire their way to Viking victory.

We were sent this video game for review, and my daughter thought it was really fun, even though she hasn’t seen the movie.  It is exciting, and allows players to be creative when they create their own dragons,  She thought this was especially fun!  This game is rated E10+ (Mild Fantasy Violence).  My daughter is 13 years old and found it to be very entertaining (and that is saying a lot – she is easily bored!).  She only played this game by herself, but it can also be played with friends or family for even more fun.


Create Your Very Own Dragon The “Create Your Dragon” feature allows players to customize six different types of dragons, providing virtually unending combinations of ways to modify your dragon’s appearance.
Train your Dragon for Battle – “Level Up” your dragon’s speed, power, fire and other abilities through intense training to face the critical Viking challenge of becoming the ultimate dragon trainer.  Then use your arsenal of trained dragons to battle friends in a variety of unique environments.
Pick up Where the Movie Left Off – Players enjoy an all-new post-movie adventure as they jump into battle as their favorite characters. Explore the picturesque Island of Berk as Hiccup or Astrid in Adventure Mode or experience fierce battle action in Arena Mode as you fight for your crown as ultimate dragon warrior.
Head-to-Head Multiplayer Mode – Arcade mode allows friends to select their dream team of four individually customized dragons or dragons chosen from the arcade roster, then jump in and battle against each other. In addition to Astrid and Hiccup, additional characters are playable in Multiplayer Mode including Tuffnut T., Ruffnut T., Fishlegs, and Snotlout.
Mini-Games – Mini games include Ice Sculpting, Looping Race, Flying Sheppard, Memory Torch, and Puzzle Dragon.  Excelling in Mini-Games earns players experience points toward leveling up your dragon, winning gold and other items to help care for dragons.

How to Train Your Dragon is available for Wii, PS3, NDS and Xbox 360, and is available in stores now!

GOOD NEWS!  Now through April 7th you can enter the Activision Sweepstakes where through random drawings, you can win a Nintendo Wii or DS game system, plus a copy of the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ video game!  Head over to the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ website and take a look around – where you can see videos and screenshots and learn more about the game.

You can also enter to win below!

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  3. my son thinks this movie looks cool and since he is a little young to play, I would play and he would watch! He loves to watch me play video games! My sister would also love this game when she visits!

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  4. Um…I would keep it…is that bad? lol. I reeeaaalllly want to make my own dragon to train for battle! AWESOME!

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    OH EM GEE I have to win this for Grant and I!! I loved loved loved this movie!! Did I say we loved the movie?!

  6. I would give this to my son. He loves dragons so this is right up his alley. Of course I'll have to play it with him. It's no fun playing alone lol

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  23. This would be for my girls! We're actually going to see this movie today… my oldest has been begging me to take them for the last week!


  24. I'd give this to my boys, Logan & Jackson… and hope & pray that they SHARE. 🙂

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  25. I would give it to my 6 year ols son…he is OBSESSED with this movie and we have not even seen it yet….it looks so cute!

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  31. I'd give this game to my kids – they are just the right age for this.
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  38. My Godson would love this game. I usually buy him a wii game every Christmas and this would be perfect.


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  40. I would give it to my son for his 8th birthday. We don;t have any kid games for our wii and it would be nice to have one for us to play.

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  42. I'd keep the game but would give to my daughter to play as she'd be playing the most. My favorite feature would the the mini games but I think my daughter's favorite feature would be training the dragon.

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  45. My 5 year old son is starting to get into video games, so he would love this. He has played computer games for years but only recently discovered our wii. 🙂

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    I would give the game to my 3 boys. My dad came and took them to see the movie a little over a week ago and they are still raving about it, so I know they would go crazy over the game!


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  56. I would absolutely give my copy to my 5-year-old nephew if I won. I'm not sure if he's seen the movie, but his family has a Wii and I KNOW he loves dragons!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

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  58. I would give this game to my niece and nephew. We saw the movie and it's one of the sweetest kids' films in ages.


  59. I have a 6 year old son and an 8 year old son who love this movie and love their Wii.

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  60. I would give this to my son – he LOVES his Wii and is always looking for new, fun games for it!

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  62. If I won this video game, I would give it to my older nephew. But you can bet I would have fun playing it too. Thank you for the chance to win.

  63. I would definitely give this game to my nieces or my friends 8 year old son (who is getting a new baby brother in a week, and is feeling insecure)

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  64. I like the create your own dragon feature best. I'd give this to my nephew for his birthday.
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  66. Would give it to my son… Although I'm sure the whole family would enjoy playing it… weeshenanigans (at) gmail (dot) com

  67. I took my kids to see this last Sunday and it is sooo much fun! I love how they put a little lesson of life in the movie! I would get this for my kids and would make it a family game!
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  68. This would be perfect for my son and daughter who I recently took to see the movie.
    They loved it !
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  69. I would give the copy of the game to my son for his sixth birthday. He loved the movie, we went a few weekends ago.

  70. Give??? I'm not sure give is the correct word in my house..the kids would claim it before it came in the door by smelling out the package.