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Welcome to Monday Mingle –  May 10, 2010
“Mingling with you since August 2009!”


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THIS WEEK’S QUESTIONS (submitted by Eighty MPH Mom) :
1. Currently, what are your top 3 favorite television shows?
2. What is one restaurant you wish you had in your area?
3. What do you feel is the toughest part of being a parent (even if you aren’t one!)?


Monday Mingle – May 10th from Jennifer Regan on Vimeo.
NEXT WEEK’S QUESTIONS (submitted by Mandy from I’d Rather Be Crafting ) :

1. What is the hardest *physical* thing you have ever done? (Giving birth, running a marathon, etc.)
2. What is one of the hardest things you have ever done emotionally? (Saying goodbye to a loved one, watching your babies grow up, etc.)
3. Name one thing from your bucket list – something you hope to achieve before you die.


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  1. Don't even get me started on Spencer. Gah! He drives me crazy. I always say I won't watch the Hills anymore but keep watching the train wreck. I too record all my shows and then watch them. What is a commercial anyways?? 😉

    Just a side note. I know you are not looking for opinions but I REALLY don't like the link program you used today. I rather see the actual blog names then the URL to the mingle like this one is showing.

    Love the mingle though. I think I may be hooked.

  2. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom on

    Hmmm – I didn't realize it would turn out like this (the linky). I don't like it either. I thought it would show the blog name above the URL. I will use the regular linky next week : )

  3. One Cluttered Brain on

    Hmm. I thought i added my linky. But it isn't seem to be showing. If I enter it twice, which i might do again, you can delete just one.
    i vote for the old linky. This one is lame.

    I love Olive Garden!!

    Yum. Nice plug for lizzie btv. i plugged her as well.

  4. One Cluttered Brain on

    5 seconds and it says it should be there. I still don't see mine.
    Can you help a girl out?

    i'll be patient…Darn linkys…:))

  5. One Cluttered Brain on

    Yeah, my mingle just isn't showing up on this linky.
    What's up with it?
    i tweeted my mingle instead.

  6. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom on

    I just put the Linky Tools linky back on (like I used previously), and linked everyone up…

  7. Love your water feature, so soothing…Oh, good one, I forgot about watching your children hurt ~ I guess 'cause when they hurt my gut reactionis go kick some butt, then they spend the next 10 minutes trying to talk me down. LOL

    And I really need to learn how to do some editing, yalls vlogs are so purty! LOL

  8. Banteringblonde on

    I love the salad at olive garden … I will try to mingle today – just finishing up some stuff first…

  9. The water feature makes me want to pee. Just had to throw that out there! LOL

    I like the hills, except spencer and heidi are such DB's…so I can't stand them.

    I've been to Olive Garden once. And it was embarrassing. The waiter called me an Olive Garden Virgin. Oh em gee. LOL Brand LOVES In and Out Burger! I think he likes the shirts more than anything though. Ha!

    I'm going to get some questions to you soon!!

  10. LOL I never got sucked in to The Hills but I'm one of those people who if I watched it would more than likely get sucked right in! I'm not a fan of the crazy plastic surgery girl though!

    Olive Garden is one of my FAVORITES! I love Italian food. I've been craving pasta for weeks now, I think I need to pay the OG a visit!

    Watching anyone hurt for me is a biggie, I cried last week when B put a bug in the toilet without killing it first so the poor little guy was swimming circles for an hour until *gross alert* I rescued him with a piece of plastic LOL I'm far too empathic.

  11. RedheadedStepchild on

    Great vlog! I'm going to have to go with another service than photobucket, I can't seem to embed my videos. AARGH

  12. I am cracking up because not only did we have the same answer about kids, (watching them hurt is tough!) but I had a plane going over in mine too! And I totally forgot that I love Glee! thanks for hosting and see you next week

  13. RobynsOnlineWorld on

    Don't you wonder how we ever watched TV without DVRs? I have never seen The Hills, except clips on The Soup, but I have seen Spencer and Heidi on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here – YIKES!

    Love your co-host! We are cat people too 🙂

  14. YAY airplanes over head. xD And you like the closer? really?! i guess its ok. but id rather watch bones xD

  15. I also feel the same about kids being hurt.. We want to protect them from all pain.. 🙁

    I love Olive Garden. They just built one here a few years ago.

  16. Hi Jennifer,

    This is my first time mingling! What a great idea! I so agree about your children hurting, I am the same way. I also agree with your comments about LizzieB. She is really good on video, and seems like such a wonderful person. I've been tuning into her site for a bit now.

    Again, thanks for being so welcoming!

    K over @ Stiletto CEO

  17. Lorie Shewbridge on

    I really love The Olive Garden, too. We actually have 3 in the immediate area, we are really lucky.
    I really like the TV show "The Closer" also, but my hubby hates it, so I DVR it and watch it during the day while he is working on his computer upstairs.
    Just like I told Erin, It really makes me sad when my kids are hurt or sad and there is nothing I can do to make them feel better. I think that is a universal thing for all moms.
    Have a terrific week.
    BTW, I love your water feature. 🙂

  18. •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• on

    The Hills is addictive bad tv. Seriously. LOL
    Olive Garden, we have one close to us, but there's an ICKY story going on around here about Olive Garden so I won't be eating there anymore.
    Hmm yes, I don't think I'll like Charlie's heartache when she's older.

  19. Hey Jennifer & Erin – thanks for the comments! It was a lot of fun to do – and being a busy mom myself – there's nothing better than vlog multi-tasking! I'm hoping to join you guys next week as well 😉


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