The Bachelor – Jake’s not such a good guy now


The bachelor Jake and Vienna break up

I am an avid “The Bachelor” fan. I have watched every single season since the very beginning.  Why does it appeal to me? I have no idea, but it seems to entertain me and it keeps me out of trouble.

Last night’s “The Bachelor” included a bickering fest between last season’s couple – Jake and Vienna.  When Deanna Pappas was the the bachelorette  a couple of years ago, Jake was one of the bachelors.  He seemed like such a nice, caring guy. He cried. Oh how he cried!  America fell in love with the sweet, tender and emotional Jake.  He seemed genuine enough last season when he was the bachelor.  He chose Vienna, the underdog, to be his partner, and they really did seem to be in love. Vienna showed up each time Jake was on  ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and it seemed like everything was peachy keen.

Jake and Vienna recently broke up, and last night they “talked” about it on “The Bachelor”.  I was a little stunned at what an outright A$$ he was.  He continuously bashed Vienna and told her to stop talking, stop interrupting and even told Chris Harrison, “See, this is what she does”.  Jake came across as callous, pompous, evil and downright psycho.  Yes, Vienna babbled a bit but at least she showed emotion!   This looks like a serious case of emotional abuse to me, and it seems as if he has worn her down. Apparently she cannot do anything right, and I doubt anyone can live up to his so-called standards.

Granted, the way they started their relationship is in no way traditional, but does that mean he can be such a jerk to her?  He strikes me as Jekyll & Hyde, and that’s not a good feature in anyone.  He had absolutely no emotion on his face, or in his words.  That strikes me as odd since he appeared to be a big ball of emotions previously.  What gives Jake?

Vienna was never my first choice for him, but I certainly wouldn’t wish this treatment on her or anyone. He is a jerk, liar and pretty pathetic in my book.

What are your thoughts on their situation and the ‘discussion’ on “The Bachelor” last night?


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  1. I have been bored with Ali this year so I have only watched a show or two but I definitely had to fast forward to watch Jake cry. I can’t believe he didn’t but then again he didn’t have a staircase to fling himself over. I think he should audition for any Lifetime movie part that comes his way. He is a total blowhole!

    • LOL -too funny! Right – if he can’t be dramatic it’s just not the same. Lifetime would suit him perfectly!

  2. I agree. I thought he was such a nice guy… I was really thinking his only fault was that he was too perfect- until last night. What a jerk. I am so shocked that he would actually act like that on camera!
    I am not a huge Vienna fan either, but she shouldn’t be treated like crap either! They should go their separate ways for sure!

  3. I’m totally with you on this. I could not BELIEVE the way he acted! I agree that Vienna babbled a bit and doesn’t always come off as the most mature woman ever… but his tone and behavior was just almost freaky! His eruption of STOP INTERRUPTING ME was over the top and then he went back to his same strange stoic attitude. Yikes!

    • I know right?? That totally took me by surprise, and you could almost see it in his eyes, the abusive part. Very, very strange!

  4. I agree with you. I took a poll on some site, can’t remember which, and more people were FOR him! What?!

  5. Carol I can’t believe anyone could think he was right! It had to be people that hated her or guys that are just like him lol

    I too have watched the Bachelor & Bachelorette for years and I liked Jake until that episode. Wow! Can you say jerk!! I was shocked at his abusive, mean behavior. She is younger and babbled a lot but that’s no excuse for his behavior! He is a Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde lol

  6. He’s a tool! They do need to definitely go their separate ways – that is definitely an abusive man – and a baby too boot! sammiejanL40 at aol dot com

  7. omg…I can’t agree more…I hated Vienna during the show and when Jake picked her over the other girls is when he lost my respect. His squeaky clean image seemed to have tarnished right then and there…I said this guy is a jerk, and gets what he deserves. As far as Vienna goes…well I think we all knew she was immature and reckless ;but, hey give the girl credit…she won in the end, and in no way deserved to be treated the way she was…that interview spoke volumes..Jake does seem to be a phony for the cameras…whereas, Vienna is being her true self….so in the end Jake is the biggest jerk ever and used Viennna, and the show to further his career…how sad.

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