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One thing I fear the most – always – is bed bugs. Just those two words sends chills down my spine and makes my stomach turn. I don’t know if you’ve seen the news recently, but bed buds are running rampant in many cities, including hotels, and they also invade homes. One way to help prevent bed bugs at home is with the Invisicase Surround Protector from Leggett & Platt. It is a protector that fits around your mattress, in hopes of preventing bed bugs. This is especially important if you are planning on buying a new mattress, or currently have a mattress but do not have a protective cover for it {and hopefully don’t currently have bed bugs!}.

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Of all mattress types, the benefits of a tried and true innerspring mattress can’t be matched. Research from Kansas State University’s Institute for Environmental Research shows that an innerspring sleep surface dissipates heat at a faster rate than other sleep surfaces. This means that innerspring mattresses not only help you sleep cooler, but it can reduce heat and moisture, which is the perfect breeding ground for bedbugs.

When purchasing a new mattress, it’s also key to seal bedbugs and other microorganisms out from the onset. With a mattress protector like the Invisicase Surround Protector, bedbugs can’t find their way into your mattress. Invisicase also repels body fluids and moisture and allows vapors to easily breathe through the protector. Invisicase is also a great solution for “gently used” mattresses.

Although I don’t have bed bugs {and let’s hope I never do!}, I think that the Invisicase Surround Protector will be essential on my current mattress, which is fairly new, and on any mattress I buy in the future. I really am just not interested in bugs crawling and biting on me while I am sleeping peacefully. Blech!

More about the Invisicase Surround Protector:

High performance fibers create a 100% waterproof barrier that repels bodily fluids and moisture and is resistant to stain
Machine washable and tumble dry at low temperature
Fits mattresses up to 9″ or 12″ thick
Available in sizes twin through King including special Twin XL, Full XL and Cal King sizes

Lets vapors escape from a mattress through a special breathable backing on the soft sleeping surface
Provides a clean and hygienic sleeping environment for all ages
Simple on and off: Easy to fit on mattress with three-side zipper closure

In addition to the Invisicase Surround Mattress Protector, Leggett & Platt has some other fabulous bedding items, including sheets, mattress cleaner, pillows and bed sets. I was just telling my husband about the Air Dream Sofa Sleeper System I saw on their website too – his brother is coming to visit in a couple of weeks, and we sure could use the extra bed.  They are available in sizes Twin (perfect for bunk beds!) through  Queen, and they are so reasonably priced!   I also found some really good sleep tips on their site as well – who couldn’t use a perfect night’s sleep?  Now, if only I could get my cats to read those tips!

I haven’t personally tried the Invisicase Surround Protector, but I am super happy that I get to give one away to one of my readers!

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One winner received an Invisicase Surround Mattress Protector from Leggett & Platt in their choice of size {$79 ARV}!

Open to residents of US only.  Giveaway ends September 26th at 9:00 p.m. (PST).
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  1. I have never had a experiences with bed bugs, which is a good thing, because I would freak out.
    I would love to have the Chantilly bed.

  2. Snowflake07 (Audra) on

    Thank goodness, we’ve never had a bed bug problem. My hubby travels a lot and I do worry sometimes about him bringing home a bed bug in his suitcase. I would also love to have their Nara Bed. That would look awesome in our newly remodeled bedroom!
    hotpepper71 at bell south dot Net

  3. I have not had an experience with bed bugs. it kind of creeps me out. This looks like it would help against that .

  4. I haven’t had a bed bug experience and hope not to! Apparently, they are on the rise and it makes me nervous about hotel beds.
    PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

  5. Lauralee Hensley on

    I also like the Sasha Juvenile Bed Frame in Twin Size. I’ve never had problems with bed bugs, but my parents once went to a motel that had them. They didn’t stay after twenty minutes in the bed my Dad and Mom went to
    the manager and demanded their money back. I think they were in Georgia somewhere when this happened.
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

  6. Fortunately I haven’t had any experiences with bed bugs–but I’d just as soon keep it that way! This looks like a great product! Thanks for the entry!

  7. i had an experience with bed bugs at a hotel… the next morning, I had several bites on my arm – all in a row.

  8. Ewwwwwww!!! The closest I have come to bed bugs is watching in horror as the early news shows reports on the rise of sightings in America. EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I think this mattress cover is about the BEST thing I could ask for from their site but I would also love to have the Patio Bed!

  9. I have not had any issues with bed bugs, but I did see a creepy special about them being on a lot of cruise ships. Good thing i can’t afford a cruise lol.

  10. have never had them, but have seen them in hotels and immediately checked out. Would love the king size

  11. I have never had any experience with bed bugs, thank goodness! My husband travels a lot and I’m always worried he will encounter them.

  12. never had an experience but have been thinking about buying a full mattress encasement
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  13. I checked out their site and would love to have the Air Dream Sofa Sleeper System….our visitors would love me!

  14. I currently found out I have bed bugs and I likely need a new mattress. I would love a protector for the new bed!



  15. Luckily, I have never had any experience with bed bugs- and I hope I never do! I also like the Chantilly bed from their website.

  16. I’ve seen the news and even saw the Dr. Oz show where they talked about bed bugs. Hope I never get them. Would love to win this, would help with allergies etc..

  17. i subscribe via email ([email protected])

  18. i subscribe via rss feed ([email protected])

  19. Never even seen a bedbug (other than on tv) thank god! Let’s hope that stays the case.
    hmcnaron at gmail

  20. Never had experiences with bed bugs, but keep reading about how bad it’s getting in the paper! Thanks for the chance.

  21. We’ve never had bed bugs but its totally gross seeing the stories on the news every night. I’d love to have the Cortland bed. It would look great in our newly painted bedroom.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. we once stayed in a motel and had a rash when we woke up in the morning. Might have been bedbugs, might be a reaction to the unknown detergent – I don’t want to think what else it might have been 🙁

  23. I’ve had experience with bed bugs before and they’re a pain, my doctor told us to get clean sheets and a clean mattress protector and never had problems further

  24. I’ve never had bed bugs (and hope I never do!), and the thing I’d like most from the Leggett & Platt website (besides the protector) is an actual mattress, I need a new one desperately!

  25. Heather Henderson on

    I would like to have the Air Dream Sofa Sleeper System, the matress inflates in under one minute.
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

  26. Heather Henderson on

    I commented on the Sept. 20th “In My Neighborhood Tuesday” post
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

  27. I have never even seen a bedbug (except on TV recently) but am becoming paranoid about accidentally bringing some home!

  28. I haven’t had bed bugs but I had a bed bug scare! My daughter was waking up with spots on her belly that looked like bug bites and we couldn’t figure out what they were. After bed bug treatments, scabies treatments and countless benadryl treatments, the bites were still there. Eventually, they just went away! It wasn’t bed bugs or scabies because they don’t go away on their own. I guess we’ll never know but it’d be nice to have the piece of mind to be sure its not bed bugs!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  29. Steva Spottswood on

    No bed bugs,,, the news is frightening! I’ve always wanted an iron bed and they have a gorgeous one the Sylvania Canopy Bed.

  30. I haven’t had any personal experience with bed bugs but I’m getting more and more nervous about actually having them invade the house

  31. I haven’t experienced bed bugs but my sister in laws apartment building was infested in them.. The landlord didn’t even care, so they moved after only living there a month

  32. I am thrilled that I have never had any experience with bedbugs. I’d love to have a Kendall Bed from Leggett & Platt.

  33. We have been fortunate never to have had any experiences with bed bugs, which is a good thing because I’m sure I would freak out – and with the infestations spreading across the country the Invisicase Surround Mattress Protectors sound like a wise investment.

  34. Ugh! The thought of bed bugs makes me want to itch like crazy. I never have personally but I found out that a local hotel has had an infestation. I don’t even want to DRIVE past there!

  35. I haven’t had trouble with bedbugs (knock on wood). I do have horrible allergies so I would love to win this.

  36. Never had a bed bug issue, but the thought of it completely creeps me out. I am six hours from NYC where there seems to be a major bed bug issue. Hope they don’t come my way.

  37. Thankfully we have never had a problem with bed bugs, but you see it on the news all the time and it freaks me out.

  38. Never had any experience with bed bugs – thank goodness. I really like the Madrid Bed


  39. I have never had a experiences with bed bugs, but a close friend of mine did from staying at a hotel.
    I would love to have the Chantilly bed.

  40. We have never had a problem with them but a Great Aunt of mine told us some horror stories as she grew up as a child. They had them bad like most everyone else back then. With their comeback, I am MUCH more cautious about preventing them from entering the house.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  41. I went to Texas to pick up my son and stayed at a hotel on the way back. When I woke up I was covered in bed bug bites. NOT FUN!!!

  42. A close friend of mine came to the United States to visit and while at a nice, reputable, well-known hotel – she was exposed to bed bugs. She had to be medically treated because she was allergic to the bites. It was extremely traumatizing for her – she still fears bed bugs to this day, even when there’s no possibility one is near.

  43. Hello, thankfully no I have never had any experience with bed bugs, but we hardly travel and we live in a wooded area, so we do get an occasional spider bit or shudder “tick” bite, so we’re not immune to those darn bloodsuckers. We love the the West Bay Bead. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  44. Veronica Garrett on

    My mother bought a used wood bed. When she put it up we found out it was infested with those little boogers. Never uy and use an antique wood bed.

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