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Spend some quality time with your family and friends and discover average things in a new light. Join In My Neighborhood Tuesday – a fun photo meme where you can be creative and get outdoors! There will be an assignment/prompt for each week, and hopefully you will have some time to take a walk and show us what you found in your neighborhood!
This week’s assignment:
Clever/fabulous Halloween Decorations or Costumes (if posting costumes make sure to blur faces if it’s not your child)


Jack, Jack in the Box costume,how-to

My son as “Jack”!

This was our favorite costume ever.  My husband, son, and I worked for days on it, and it was so worth it!  When he walked on the playground, jaws dropped, literally.  After school I took him to the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, and he leaned over and the cashier just gasped, laughed and called the manager over!

It is easy to join in! Just take your picture and post it on your blog, with the button above and link up on Eighty MPH Mom. Make sure you visit the other participants to see what they have found in their neighborhood {or house or wherever} recently! Don’t worry if you didn’t have a chance to take a walk over the weekend to snap the perfect shot. If you already have a picture that fits into the “assignment” of the week, feel free to use it. If you want to write down the upcoming assignments and take photos for several of them while you are on a walk, you can do that too! There really aren’t many rules, except to stick with the theme of the week and be creative! You can even post more than one photo if you so desire.

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  • Take a photo(s) relating to this week’s theme
  • Post it on your blog with a short explanation
  • Put the “In My Neighborhood Tuesday” button in your post {coding on right hand side}
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  • Visit others to see what they found in their neighborhood!


October 26th: Fabulous Costumes – Clever/fabulous Halloween Decorations or Costumes (if posting costumes make sure to blur faces if it’s not your child)


November 2nd: Fall Colors. Show us the gorgeous colors of fall in your neighborhood!

November 9th: Things that make you say “Awwww” – post picture(s) of something incredibly cute or heartwarming.

November 16th: Rocks. Rocks that look like something else, or something else that looks like it is a rock.

November 23rd: Neighborhoods. Show us something unique about your neighborhood.

November 30th:  Interesting Weather – show us your best shot of any type of weather!

December 7th:  Turn that frown upside down – do something to make someone smile, and take a photo of that smile!

December 14th:  What were they thinking?? Post photos of houses painted strange color(s). There seems to be at least one in every neighborhood!

December 21st:  Christmas is here! Let’s see your decor, lights, etc.

December 28th:  My Thinking Spot. Is there a place you go {even if in your yard} when you need a break, or need to think?  Show us!

Previous “assignments” {feel free to do posts for these too if you’d like}:

August 31st: Something Old – Can be farm equipment, and old car, whatever}. And no, you can’t use photos of grandma and grandpa 🙂

September 14th: Interesting Tree – Take a shot of an unusual tree, or an unusual shot of a normal tree!

September 21st: Water – Can be a body of water, rain, or a creative photo of any type of water.

October 5th: Yellow Flowers – Let your imagination run wild!

October 12th Unusual Mailboxes – there are some pretty, funny, and original mailboxes out there – fine one or a few!

October 19th:  In Flight – Post a picture of an airplane, from an airplane, a bird in flight or anything else in flight!



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  1. Yes I totally LOVE this costume!!!!!! OMG i would die laughing if I saw this in person. And going to Jack in the Box? GENIUS! I’m surprised you didn’t get free food. Hahaha

    • Jennifer-admin on

      Well that was our hope lol. The manager did give us this really cool laminated “Jack” sign with a big picture of Jack.

  2. That is a great costume! The only one I personally have ever made for any of my children was a “road” costume for my youngest last year. He didn’t want to dress up at all, but he eventually agreed to dress up if he could be a road LOL.

  3. That’s really a great costume! A few years ago a little boy about 5 yrs old came to our door dressed as Jack and he was wearing a tiny little suit…overall just SO adorable. And his mom told she made the head too…

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