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If you have a smart phone, you have probably sent a text {or email, or Facebook update} and said to yourself “uh oh” right after you hit send.  You probably even laughed hysterically, depending on who you sent said message to.  I sent one of these funny texts yesterday and I was reminded of some other really dumb ones I have sent since acquiring my iPhone.

funny smart phone autofill texts

I thought how fun it would be to tell you my “oopsies” and hopefully you will share yours with me!


What I meant to say:  “Don’t forget to lock the door when you leave!”.

What he received:  “Don’t forget to lick the door when you leave!”

Yeah.  I laughed so hard though, just picturing this. He was probably thoroughly confused. But being the smart guy he is, I am hoping he figured out that I do not, in fact, want him to lick our front door.  Ewww.

OOPSIE TEXT TO DAUGHTER (when hubby was going to pick her up at Grandpa’s  house):

What I meant to say:  “Daddy will be there in a sec”

What she received:  “Daddy will be there in a arc”

Hmmm there isn’t much water on our streets, nor do we have a boat of any type.  I assume she knew what I meant.  That text was a real knee-slapper alright – I doubled over with laughter while picturing my husband showing up to my dad’s house in a really big arc.

OOPSIE TEXT TO HUSBAND (the first day I got my iPhone):

What I meant to say:  “Hi Hon!”

What he received: “Hi Jon!”

What he replied:  “Who the hell is Jon??”

Ummm, my bad! Love you honey!

ANOTHER OOPSIE TEXT TO HUSBAND (just saying hello to him):

What I meant to say:  “How’s my big guy today?”

What he received: “How’s my bug guy today?”

Crap. Now he thinks I have something going on with our Clark Pest Control dude.

There are plenty other oopsie texts that I have sent, but I can’t remember them at the moment {probably just as well}.

Okay – your turn! What silly texts have you sent or received thanks to autofill?


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    • Jennifer-admin on

      LOL I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m sure there will be plenty more stupid texts – and I will keep a recurring segment in mind!

  1. I turned mine off. I hated the blasted auto correct thing. If I make a typo, I want it to be because of me, not my idiot phone who thinks that my acronyms are simple three letter words.

  2. i recently sent a quick message to a friend i lost track of for about a dozen years. when i went back and saw what i had sent to her I was mortified to see, “anxious to find out who are you doing,” instead of “anxious to find out how are you doing.”

  3. I wish I could remember the exact wording, but my brother recently sent his new wife a text calling her a “ho.” He meant to say “hon” but lost the last letter. Luckily she has a great sense of humor, and we all got a good laugh!

  4. LOL – this is funny. I remember mistyping 6 on a text to my hubby. I meant to say that I’d be there at 6, instead I said, “I’ll be there at sex.” Of course he loved it. 🙂

  5. Haha I love the texts to your husband! I do the same thing all the time! I didn’t know you could turn the auto correct thingy off though! Saw that in the comments! I use it a lot though. Sometimes I mess up but it knows what I mean! lol

    • LOL yep you can turn it off, but it really is helpful sometimes (frowny face lol). Besides, it cracks me up too much!

  6. HAHAHA! Oh man, do I know how this goes-I KNOW I’ve sent some doozies, but I can’t remember them. Next time, I’m going to totally write them down xD

  7. These are hilarious! I’ve mistyped so many times and didn’t even catch it on the proofread!
    kmogilevski at gmail dot com

  8. This has me belly laughing at the kitchen table at 2AM! Especially the Hi there Jon! crazy funny! this should be made into a book! thank God for the backspace button (computer keyboard OR on phone)
    ME? I have a five year old phone and takes me 10 minutes to send a text…my kids dont laugh at my texts…they laugh at me trying to SEND one!
    And now…my husband came home with a smart phone that listens to you and writes your text as you say it I am guessing there might be even more mishaps if you don’t double check to see what you “wrote”?

    I want to see more so save them and share again please!

    • Jennifer-admin on

      I certainly will! If you liked these, you have to read the site “Damn You Auto Correct”. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. Seriously – you have to check it out! LOL on your phone…I don’t text that quickly either. I think a phone that would write as I talk would be fabulous! I didn’t know such a thing excited!

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