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Okay now that I have your attention – this isn’t so much about being on TV {although you could be selected}, but it is more about helping families in need. WEtv is working on a new one-hour series which features World-renowned therapist Tara Fields, Ph.D. If you are wondering who is the therapist on Hoarders, Intervention, she is the one!  She has also been on Oprah, Dr. Phil and CNN. What I like about those shows is they offer real help – they are not trashy reality shows, but they actually make a difference in the lives of those on the show, and they do it in a respectful manner {which to me is very important if it is to be televised}.

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WEtv is looking for families in the Southern California area who are families who are struggling with difficult issues and aren’t sure where to turn. In these tough economic times, a lot of parents and their kids are struggling but don’t know where to turn…this heart-warming show will be devoted to lending a helping hand to the families who need it. Whether they’re having trouble dealing with the current economy, job loss, marital problems, blended family stress, depression, bullying, or parent/teen issues, this show can help!

Is your family struggling with job loss, blended family stress, depression or any other issues that you need help with?
Is life at home filled with stress, anger and anxiety?
Does your family need help but you aren’t sure where to turn?

Licensed Family Therapist, Tara Fields, PH.D. can help…

Tara Fields will work with families one-on-one, to uncover what their real issues are and then help them to overcome them and repair relationships. This unscripted tv series is not a live studio audience show, it will be filmed in the privacy of the family’s home.

Families who appear on the show will receive free family therapy after the filming and a financial honorarium as a thank-you for their time commitment.

Isn’t it time to get your life back on track – for you, your children and your relationship(s)?

If you or a family you know is struggling with any of the issues above, please contact the casting director, Danielle Gervais, and tell her you heard about this from Jennifer @ Eighty MPH Mom.  Additionally, please leave a comment below if you think you might be contacting Danielle.  You can reach Danielle Gervais at:
Phone: 212.377.4543 / Fax: 212.414.5956
[email protected]


Thank you 🙂

**When you send your info to casting director, you will need to include a description of your family and the issues you’re dealing with, along with a recent photo. Couples must have at least one child over the age of 9 and be open to discussing and working through their challenges on camera.


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