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Our family is really, really rough on computers. It hasn’t been as bad since my kids are older, but when they were much smaller, it seems that we were buying computers every year, as they would load some unknown and possibly suspicious programs.   They have theirs and I have my own {which they were not allowed to use!}.

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Buying computers that often gets very expensive {I’m sure you already know this!}. We have had our share of computer brands, but we finally bought a Dell – and we built it ourselves on their website which was pretty neat. I didn’t know it at the time, but there are Dell Coupons to help with the purchase of something as big as a computer. Oh how this would have helped us! Unfortunately the current desktop that the kids have is on it’s last legs, and I’m afraid we will be purchasing another computer shortly. I think this time though, we will get a laptop.  I hope the kids will take better care of the next one – we are not rich!


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