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I have a small facial care routine I go through each day but not as thorough as I would prefer. The older I get, the more I want to maintain my youthful appearance and not have puffy eyes. I was super excited to have the opportunity to try out YBF Skincare product line of highly concentrated and extremely effective products for women (and men).

YBF stands for Your Best Face and was developed by Kimberly Fristed and Darrell Owens. Their goal is for you to look YOUR best…not your sister’s best or some celebrity best and they wanted to create a product line that delivered on its promise to be great and effective. Their products use airless pumps and require very little preservatives in the formulas. One of the main active ingredients in their product line is called Spin Trap. I wasn’t familiar with this but discovered that it is a type of antioxidant that doesn’t kill free radicals. Instead, it restores balance to unbalanced molecules and protects your cells better than other free radical fighters. I was given the chance to try out their entire product line and I have to admit, I was amazed at the already subtle difference in my skin in just a week’s time.


As far as my facial care products from YBF, Prep is a creamy microdermabrasion treatment that contains brightening exfoliants, smoothes and refines and reduces wrinkles. I loved how this felt on my skin and it’s rich, creamy texture was soothing to my face. Balance regulates shine, calms irritations and encourages clear skin. My favorite part was how well it absorbed excess oil and moisture because I struggle with an oily t-zone. Defend is like the sunscreen for your skin. It prevents wrinkles, balances oil & shine and hydrates and tones. Defend is so light and airy that you can barely tell you have even applied it to your skin. Boots clarifies skin, tightens & tones and discourages blemishes. I also found that it did an excellent job of reducing redness that can sometimes appear on my face too! Restore brightens skin, soothes and refreshes and promotes healing. If you love Vitamin C as part of your daily facial care routine, this is the product for you. It goes way beyond ordinary vitamin C serums to give you the ultimate bright skin. If you are exposed to the damaging effects of the sun and stress, Control is the product for you. It reduces deep wrinkles, repairs sun damage and rejuvenates your complexion. It also provides maximum moisture to heal and improve your skin without leaving behind an oily or greasy feel.

Your lips are not left out with YBF Skincare as they have lip care products too! I absolutely fell in love with Quench which not only heals, protects and refreshes but goes on so smoothly your lips feel like they have been bathed in moisture. It also seals in moisture to prevent chapping and cracking too. Define it an anti-aging cream for your lips that addresses problems such as wrinkles and fullness.

As a Mom to 3 kids and someone who often gets in bed late at night, I was thrilled that YBF offers products targeted directly for your eyes. Correct is an invigorating eye cream that targets lines, puffiness and my favorite, reduces dark circles! It also helps fight signs of aging and fatigue around the eyes. Refresh reduces existing wrinkles around your eyes and improves elasticity using antioxidants and peptides. Nourish is an ultra-lightweight eye cream that prevents signs of aging and tones and soothes the skin around your eyes.

Of course, YBF wants to make sure their product line offers you the ultimate effects and they have 2 concentrates to make sure the job is done most effectively. Hydrate B enhances your skin care routine by getting the most from moisturizers and other YBF products you use in your daily routine. It draws moisture deep into your skin helping active ingredients better penetrate, stay effective longer and perform better. It is a clear gel that includes 3 forms of B vitamins. Antioxidants is a lightweight serum that can stand alone or be blended with your favorite YBF Skincare creams. It is great to add to lotions for your neck, chest, hands, elbows or knees.

Overall I was super pleased with the YBF skincare line and can already feel a difference in my skin after just a short usage. I have also discovered it is worth taking the time to do a complete skin care routine using YBF Skincare. The only downside is that it is a rather pricey skincare line. However, with the awesome results I am seeing from YBF the price might just be worth it. In my case, I will just have to get it for holiday gifts or birthday gifts as it is not something I can afford on an everyday basis. If you have never tried YBF Skincare, I would highly recommend you give it a try because I guarantee you will be amazed at the results and notice a visible difference in their products, the way they feel on your face as well as the way they are extremely effective.

If you would like to find out where you can purchase YBF products, take a look on their website. Make sure you also follow @YBFSkincare on Twitter and follow on Facebook!

*Gretta received samples of above products to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.


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