Her name is Annabelle


Her name is Annabelle.

She came to me right after my mother died.  I mentioned in another post about signs from the departed, how I would sit under the gazebo and just cry, while missing my mom.

One day as I was sitting out there and crying, I heard a “mew”.  I looked around and finally saw the source of the tiny sound.  There stood a beautiful kitty, who was terribly skinny.  Being the cat lover I am, I started talking to her and she continued to talk back, although she wouldn’t let me touch her.  That’s okay – I knew she would eventually.  I went inside and filled a bowl with cat chow and took it out to her.  She was ravenous and crunched away for several minutes.

Over the next few days she would reappear, while I was sitting out there alone and sad.  I talked to her each day, and brought her food. After much coaxing, she finally let me pet her.   We became friends immediately and I think we were a comfort to each other.

A few months later, Annabelle disappeared. Needless to say, I was very worried about her. As I was washing dishes and staring out the kitchen window one day, I spotted her in the yard…followed by 5 tiny kittens. I raced outside and slowly approached her. She was keeping an eagle eye on the babies, but they wouldn’t let me touch them. She had a nest in the neighbors yard, and she would crawl under the fence with her babies in tow. When they went under there, it was impossible to reach them. She came over again a few days later and there were 4 kittens. My heart broke as I tried to get close to the remaining babies. I tried each day to get close to them, but they would run, and she was very protective. I did notice that they didn’t look well – their eyes were runny. One morning I went out and there were only 3 kittens, one of which was lying on his back on the hillside…very listless. I called my son out to distract her, while I gathered up the baby and quickly took it to the vet. They said it was very sick and likely wouldn’t make it. I told them about the other kittens and they said if I could capture them (and mama kitty) to bring them all in. My son continued to distract Annabelle and after a bit of a struggle (and the kittens getting sicker), I was able to get the two remaining kittens in a carrier and take them to the vet. The doctor seemed optimistic and started to treat them with antibiotics and ointment for their eyes.

I ran back home and with my son’s help yet again, we got Annabelle in a carrier and took her to the vet to be with her kittens. They put her in a cage with them, and the vet said that we would need to figure out what to do with all three kitties once they were healthy. I called around to the shelters and asked if they would be able to keep mama and babies together in one cage and they assured me that they could. I also said that I wanted to bring Annabelle “home” to our house after the babies were adopted. They said this was fine. The vet told me to call in the next morning to see how the kitties were doing. I called first thing and the technician said they were all doing fine, and that I could come and pick them up in a couple of hours. When it was time to go in, I packed the carrier with comfy blankets and walked in the vet’s office. I said I was here to pick up the cats, and the receptionist looked surprised and told me that the kittens had died. I was in shock. The doctor talked to me and said when she came in that morning, the babies had already died and Annabelle was still bathing them. I cried uncontrollably and I felt absolutely horrible.

They asked if I wanted to take Annabelle to the shelter and I said, “No way”. Since I knew Annabelle wouldn’t be an indoor kitty, I asked them to please spay her and give her all the shots she needs. I also asked if they could keep her for a couple of days for her to recuperate…they agreed.

The next few days after Annabelle was home were a little rough. She was looking around the yard for her babies, and making the ‘chirping’ sound she used to call them with. I gave her lots of love and affection and I cried plenty.

Annabelle has been with us for 5 years now, and oh how I love her. She is my little buddy. When I go outside she runs up to me and purrs and purrs. She “dances” with her front paws. It is unconditional love (for both of us), and she stares at me so adoringly. She is the sweetest cat I have ever met – she doesn’t bite or scratch. We play on the grass, and she rolls on her back for a belly rub. She purrs the entire time I am with her.

Annabelle came to me when I needed a ‘friend’…and she has been just that. My whole family is smitten with her (although it took her about 3 years before she would let anyone else pet her).

Yes, this is Annabelle 🙂


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  1. Oh I believe she was sent to you…I feel the same way about my dogs, who have helped me through some very rough times. Pets can mend broken hearts and they always give more than they take. What a great story,, although sad the babies didnt make it. You have a very caring heart Jennifer <3

    • Thank you Eileen! I know she was sent to me (mom was a cat lover too), and that is part of the reason Annabelle has such a special place in my heart. Pets are such a comfort when we need them most. One of my other kitties, Jake, gives the best kitty “hugs” – he knows when I am sad.

  2. Awwww poor baby kitties. I’m glad that you have Annabelle with you. I rescued a cat last year (she used to be my ex-husband’s cat….long story) and she is just the most lovey, snuggly kitty. Mimi (the cat) seems so grateful for the care that we give her and for taking her in.

  3. And yes, I believe cats in particular {no offence to the canines out there} can sense when we are sad. Athena always comes to me when I cry. She nuzzles into my neck and purrs at me.

  4. Aw, what a beautiful little girl 🙂

    It sounds like you found each other right when you were meant to-It’s so sad to hear about all her little kittens, but unfortunately, that is how life works. At least they all got to experience this world for a little while before they left it again.

    Plus, I know you received some good Karma points for all your love with Annabelle and her kittens 🙂

  5. What a beautiful kitty! I am sure she was put into your life for a reason and the fact that you realize that shows so much about your character 🙂

  6. This post made me cry. You are such a kind-hearted, compassionate person–so many people wouldn’t spend their own money to get vet care for those kittens. Annabelle obviously came into your life for a reason, and you came into her life for a reason too!

  7. Thank you for sharing the story of your connection with Annabelle. Sounds like it was meant to be.

  8. Beautiful cat! I believe in cat destiny. My beloved Sasha died. I was so grief stricken I didn’t think I would own another cat. Two years later I wandered into a local pet rescue center thinking about picking out a kitten. One 2 yr old cat was in a room nursing her kittens and two other cats kittens. She was so loving and wanted petted and I fell in love. I asked the staff attendant what the rescue league had named her. Her name was Sasha… the name of my cat who died. Needless to say she went home with me that day (and I changed her name to Bella) and I also brought home one of her kitttens as I just couldn’t separate her from all her babies.

    • What a sweet story! I’m so sorry about your kitty Sasha…it is so hard to lose one of our babies. It seems like no other kitty could ever replace them, and they really can’t. But later you find one with a totally different and endearing personality, and it’s easy to fall in love all over again. Bella sounds like a sweetie, and that is so nice of you to bring home one of her babies too! I’d love to see a picture of them sometime 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  9. What a beautiful cat and wonderful story. I am sad and teary also that her kittens died, but you did save Annabelle and she came to you when you needed her. I love cats and mine passed away last year after having him for almost 11 years and I still cry and miss him so much. They are amazing animals and hopefully more people will treat them kindly and love them as we do.

    • I am so sorry about your kitty 🙁 It is really hard to get over it when they pass away. I am glad there are others out there who love animals as much as I do. I hope you and another kitty fall in love in the future…

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