Flamingo babies at the San Diego Zoo!


While in San Diego for BlogHer11, we spent the better part of a day at the San Diego Zoo (with Erin and her family!). We saw so many animals, but we spent a little extra time watching the flamingos. I had no idea the babies were grey! According to Natural Geographic, it is a diet of shrimp that turn flamingos pink. If there is a lack of shrimp in their diet, then they are a little more pale. Interesting!

Mom and baby:
baby flamingo,san diego zoo,grey flamingo

Flamingo Babies!
what-color-are-baby-flamingos,San Diego Zoo,grey flamingo

flamingo chicks,baby,San Diego Zoo

Well hello there!
flamingos,chicks,babies,grey,san diego zoo

sleeping flamingo,one leg,San Diego Zoo


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  1. Wow that is something I never knew about flamingos. You see the ones in people yard – the plastic ones but they are so pretty in real life. What a way to sleep LOL

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