Dog-e-Glow LED Dog Collar Review


Our dogs safety is a high priority for us. They are members of the family too and we don’t want anything to harm them. When I had the opportunity to review Dog-e-Glow LED collars I was pretty excited. We love walking and with my husband’s crazy work schedule I often walk towards night. Our road does not have sidewalks so I have to be especially careful to watch for cars because they don’t always see us. Dog-e-Glow LED collars help to insure we will be seen.

We received both the LED collar and LED leash to review. Both came with an extra set of batteries which is so nice because I didn’t have to run out and get any. We chose the Pink Plaid but if that is not your style there are over 30 patterns to choose from. From Sports to Fashion there is something for every dog owner.

Steady Glow and Flash Mode
150 hour replaceable battery life
100,000 hour L.E.D. Life
Fully weather-resistant, visible up to 1000 feet in the dark
Batteries and one set of replacement batteries are included (Four 2032 3V Lithium Coin Cell batteries)

The 2 settings on both the collar and leash are easily changed with just a press of a button. You can choose a constant “lights on” or you can opt for the blinking lights. Once it starts getting dark you can tell how easy an animal can be seen with the bright LED lights. It was Mabel who fit in the collar and she can escape our fence and normally heads to the front yard to sniff around. It will give me a bit more peace of mind now when I let her out at night and turn on the collar. If she does happen to go in the front yard she will be clearly visible to any car passing by.

The collar itself was easy to adjust and because I was reviewing the product I tried to see how easy it was to replace the batteries and it was. Overall this is a great product for a dog owner. Mabel seemed comfortable in the collar and it is made very well, I am sure it will last us a long time. You can find more information about Dog-e-Glow on their Facebook page and there is also a coupon there to get $5 off your order of $50 or more.

*Jessie received the above product, free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.


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