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Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? No? Well, you are not alone! Now is crunch-time and consumers fill the malls looking for that perfect gift for friends and family, near and far. I think there comes a point where many people just kind of run out of ideas, and as the weather turns colder, many people find themselves suffering from GAD* (gift anxiety disorder).

Could you be afflicted? Symptoms include:

  • Paper cuts from flipping through too many catalogs
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome from too much Amazon browsing
  • Memory loss – “Does Jill like Katy Perry or Steve Perry?” “Does dad even know how to play golf?” “What are my kids’ names???”
  • Bruising from elbowing your way through crowded malls

and I’ll add my own symptoms to this list:

  • Now that my son is 21, what size shoe does he wear?
  • Last week Liz liked a certain band, but I don’t know if she still likes them or not!
  • Will my kids think this is cool or dumb?
  • My husband has a garage full of tools…but does he have a all-in-one tool? I just don’t know!

Luckily, this affliction is not without a cure. This holiday season, InComm, the leading prepaid gift card provider, is offering the following treatment for GAD:

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards!

The perfect go-to present for that co-worker or distant cousin that’s just too difficult to shop for, the card can be used in any store for any purpose. Vanilla Visa gift cards are available at thousands of convenient retail locations, including 7-Eleven, CVS and Walgreens.

You can connect with Vanilla Visa on Facebook and Twitter!  In fact, there is a sweepstakes running through tomorrow (12/16/11), called “A Million Options” Sweepstakes, where you can win 1 of 5 $1,000 Vanilla Visa gift cards!


So if you are still having trouble finding those perfect gifts, don’t stress about it.  Vanilla Visa Gift Cards always make a perfect gift!

*Of course GAD is not a real medical disorder 🙂


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