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wall bumpi

We are a co-sleeping family but my husband and I decided to try our youngest in her own space to see if she might be ready to move into her own bed.  The beds are against the wall but that still leaves a gap between the wall and bed.  Previously we lined pillows against the wall but the Wall Bumpi™ solved that problem for us and did so nice and neatly.

wall bumpi

The Wall Bumpi™ protects your little one against hard, cold walls while they are sleeping providing cozy and safer sleeping surroundings. The Wall Bumpi™ bed rail and bed bumper comes in a variety of different colors and sizes to fit toddler, twin and full size beds. The stuffing is made from polyurethane flame retardant foam and the outside cover is 100% cotton canvas fabric. A zipper closure allows for the cover to be washed when necessary. The Wall Bumpi™ has been safety tested and is in compliance with the CPSA. Each Wall Bumpi™ comes with a “Big Kids” bed certificate which totally makes your child feel special. A handy pocket on the outside will hold all of their secret treasures.

The Classic Wall Bumpi™ starts at $36.99 and is available in Toddler, Twin, and Full sizes. Available in white, ivory, candy pink, fucshia, navy blue, and brown you will surely find a color to match your child’s room decor. The Wall Bumpi™ can also be used as a bedrail if you purchase the accessory belt. Starting at $10 this belt would turn you Wall Bumpi™ into a pillow soft bed rail. Visit Wall Bumpi™ to view all of their fine products.

*Jessie received the above product, free of charge, to facilitate this review.


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  1. I don’t have kids, but my dog is always falling into that space by the wall. I always think it’s funny, but I am sure he’d love this product!

  2. FInally someone came up with this idea! My son was constantly bumping his legs and head against the wall, which would either wake him up, or wake us up…It also looks very nice and classy! Thanks for the tip Jessie…

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