Not for Kitty Arms – a Newman Story


Newman is always into trouble (shocking, I know).  Well he is not supposed to be on the counters, and he knows this all too well. We have discussed this ad nauseam.  He seemed to be listening, but who really knows with cats.

We have a rolling cart in the middle of the kitchen that has a metal top and on the side a wood area with slots for large knives.  There is also a hole next to the knife area (I have no clue what it is for).  At any rate, Newman thinks it is A-Okay to 1) jump on the cart 2) stare at me like I am the one who is doing something wrong 3) stick his pay wayyyy into the little hole next to the large knives.

Exhibit “A” – on the counter:



I have told Newman on several occasions that this is NOT acceptable behavior.  Does he care? Not really. I was a little worried that he might get his paw too close to the knives while fishing around in there, so my daughter put a sticky note over the hole with this message:


I chuckled when I came into the kitchen one day and saw said note.  Please note that the sticky note was not all crumpled  prior to Newman getting ahold of it.

We had hoped the note would make him forget that there was a hole underneath. I thought it was working well until one day I spied this:


and then this:


followed by:




Then he sat there and stared at me.

The end.


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  1. NEWMAN!!! Silly but oh so smart kitty cat 😉

    He’s challenging you “is this all you’ve got? REALLY!?! This is the best you can do!?!” Teehee


  2. I love the rascal Newman!
    I think he can read and decided that he had been sticking he his little paw in there for long enough and there was no problem. So who were you guys to tell HIM not to put his paw in his hole. =)
    As for the hole, I think it is either for a knife sharpener (you know those long round diamond file ones, or if it has a way to empty it, it is for crumbs from whatever you’re cutting on the utility area of the cart….. Just my two cents, and what do I know. =)

    • LOL you know a lot! You just might be right on the crumbs…however the wooden piece isn’t removable so I really don’t know 🙂

      And you are probably also right that Newman knows it is HIS hole. He really is a character…

  3. Newman is hysterical!!! Gota love that Newman :)….Isn’t it mazing how they look at you with the look of exact understaing making you believe you have an agreement? hahaha..yea right!

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