Funny Wine Names!


Whenever I am in the wine section of a store, I am always “tickled” by the names of the wines. I have been taking pictures of some funny ones to share with you. I hope you enjoy them too!

Gnarly Head…ummm.
gnarly head wine

The Naked Grape – cute!
naked grape

7 Deadly Zins. Zins – get it?
7 Deadly Zins

Rex Goliath. This one is just so strange, but funny nonetheless.
Rex Goliath

Menage a Trois wine – oh my! I assume it’s several (three) wine grapes combined to make this?
Manage a Trois wine

House Wine. Yep when ordering at a restaurant and you ask for the house wine, you might get this. Clever!
house wine

Smoking Loon – I just love this!
smoking loon wine

And my very favorite – Goats Do Roam. That they do!
Goats do Roam wine

I think I’m going to have to actually buy a few of these and try them. I’m curious if they are really good, or if the names are what make them semi-appealing.

What are some funny/clever wines you have seen or tried?


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  1. Nicole Strunk on

    I have tried 5 out of 8 of those. I love house wine, smoking loon is pretty good as well. I have also tried the ménage a trios, gnarly head, and 7 deadly zins. I would buy each of them again. I have seen one called mad housewife that I thought was funny, but didn’t like it so much. Super cute bottle though.

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