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dibs on my ribs

I received a box full of really fun items to try my hand at grilling ribs (well my husband helped just a little!). You can also try your hand at grilling ribs in the Dibs on My Ribs Contest (more info below)!

I was stunned when I opened the box to discover a fantastic cutting board, sauce mop, basting brush, rub rack, wood chips for enhancing the flavor of the ribs, BBQ tools and McCormick Seasonings. YUM-O!

bbq products

dibs on my ribs

My husband and I decided to have our own private “rib-fest” while we were at our vacation home last week. We also happened to be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary and thought this would be a blast.


To season our ribs, we decided to try the McCormick Grill Mates Sweet & Smoky rub instead of a BBQ Sauce.  I rinsed the ribs and coated them generously with the rub.

spices for ribs

We were really curious about the Weber wood chips.  I have to admit that I love the flavor of wood chips when grilling meat, but somehow I really never knew how to do it on a gas grill. I have only previously seen wood chips used with a traditional grill. The little foil packets I received are SO convenient and what a difference they made! I don’t think we’ll ever BBQ without them again.  We chose the Apple flavored wood chips for our ribs.  We simply soaked them for about 30 minutes and set them on the grill with our ribs. It couldn’t have been easier!

wood chips for gas grills

Now I didn’t even know that rib racks existed, but what a super idea. The ribs don’t stick to the grill when using this, and it really made it easy to cook them. Mmmm – is your mouth watering yet?


The smell coming from the barbecue was amazing. I’m sure our neighbors wanted to come over to join us, but this was our night. Finally it was time to pull the ribs off the grill and we couldn’t have been more ready. Take a look!


These ribs are the BEST ribs I have ever tasted (and I have tried a lot of ribs in my day!).  The flavor was amazing, and they were so tender and…just…OH MY!

Do you like to cook ribs?  Do you have a rib recipe that uses McCormick spices or Kraft sauces? Share your recipe and enter the Dibs on My Ribs Recipe Pork Recipe Cookoff Contest, where you can win free groceries for a year (2 grand prize winners!). Grand Prize Winners will also have the opportunity to attend the Memphis in May BBQ Event in Memphis, TN in May, 2013. You can also vote on your favorite recipes too! Please see the official rules for more details. The Dibs on My Ribs Contest is co-sponsored by Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc., McCormick & Company, Inc., Kraft Foods, Inc., and the National Pork Board.

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*This is a sponsored post. Although incentives were provided to me, all opinions stated are my own.


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  1. Kathlean Owens on

    I par-boil them for about 10 minutes before putting them on the grill just to make sure they are cooked thoroughly. When I take them out of the water, I put some rub on them and put them on the grill, but not standing up like the rack you are showing. I leave the BBQ off and let people add it if they want it.

  2. I put a dry rub on them, let them set for a couple of hours, then cook them slowly on my grill. I like to then dip them in sauce.

  3. Denise Anderson on

    Parboiled in OJ or Cranberry Juice and then slathered with a sweet sauce and carmelized on the grill to perfection…or sometimes just brushed with some sweet honey.

  4. I dry rub the ribs, then set them on the upper rack of the grill and cook for about 2 hours on low heat. About a half hour before they’re done, I slather on some sweet/spicy sauce and continue cooking. Love ’em! Thanks.

  5. Wanda McHenry on

    We cut the slab in 3 portions, rub with lemon halves while squeezing, then do a rub. Stack the portions and refrigerate for 8 hours. Then put the stacks on the grill and rotate every 40 mins. Then spread them out and put your bbq sauce on. Yummy!

  6. My DH does all the grilling with a lot of marinating before hand — so I don’t know all the details — I just add lots of BBQ Sauce 🙂

  7. I marinate my ribs in a mixture of BBQ Sauce, Red Wine Vinegar, lots of fresh Garlic before I grill them. Thank you for the chance to win!

    kdones (at) optonline (dot) net

  8. i’ve never grilled ribs but i’d love smoked ones! with our homemade bbq sauce- yum!!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  9. Juli Guthrie on

    Honestly I haven’t grilled them yet. But my dad normally marinades them for a day before he slow cooks them. So good! He is a great grill master!

  10. Jennifer Donohue on

    We use a home made rub, home made bar-bq sauce and apple juice… slow grilling on lowest heat possible

  11. We love to grill ours using Famous Dave’s Devils Spit sauce as our BBQ sauce, it has some real heat, and wow it is so tasty, I personally like to cook them ahead of time in the crock pot, they get so tender & juicy and then I usually take them out and lay them on the grill or if inside I use a cookie sheet and smear on the sauce and heat them either under the broiler or the grill just to get them flavored with the sauce and we use extra sauce for dipping, we love that sauce and use it on many other things too

    Thanks for another fantastic giveaway

  12. kimberly schotz on
  13. I usually make up a sauce with something spicy and grill them outside. I’d love to try that rib rack! I didn’t know there was such a thing either!

  14. *°•ƸӜƷ Louis ƸӜƷ•°* on

    I like a flavorful herbal rub and then grill it to perfection
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  15. First I boil them in water for half and hour. Then I marinate them in a caribbean jerk sauce over night and then grill them.

  16. I par boil if they are really fatty. A little dry rub, cook low and slow in the oven and glaze with sauce for the last 10 minutes.

  17. Grill rack? Never heard of it, but looks like a great idea! I usually just use a dry rub and throw it right on the grates.

  18. My husband puts them on a smoker after rubbing them with seasonings, then spritzes them every once in a while with apple juice. They are oh-so-good. Thanks.

  19. I normally cook ribs slow and low in the slow cooker or oven, but on the rare occasion we do grill them I marinate them in an Asian sauce with lots of ginger! SO good.

  20. Andrea Anderson on

    I have never grilled ribs myself, but I like to have my ribs grilled with lot of honey bbq sauce. Yum!

  21. I’ve never grilled ribs, but I’m pretty sure that my dad puts them in foil on the grill with a bunch of spices and sauces. They’re amazing!!

  22. When I was younger my mom would always lather me up with Coppertone sunscreen. I LOVED the smell!

  23. Monique Rizzo on
  24. Helen Keeler on
  25. Yes, I have tried Coppertone sunscreen. Actually, I use it because the smell brings back wonderful childhood memories!!! (It is amazing how smells/aromas can transcend time.)

  26. I’ve never made ribs at home… maybe I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  27. The instructions say to tell you if I’ve tried Coppertone sunscreen, but everyone else is talking about ribs…Yes, I’ve tried Coppertone. LOL…Yes, I like ribs. LOL

  28. I think the Raffelcopter might be broken. It asked me if I’d ever used Coppertone…Yes. I have.

    Re:ribs-I like mine with a smoky, slightly sweet sauce.

  29. It’s asking if i’ve tried coppertone sunscreen…on the ribs rafflecopter..hmm… But the answer is yes

  30. I like to grill mine with mesquite bbq sauce but ..rafflecopter is asking me if I ever tried coppertone sunscreen, yes I have

  31. kelly willis on

    i season them up the night before put them in frige. then next day lather them with bbq sauce but the grille on low cook them for about 3 to 4 hr and as they are cooking baste them with bbq and wow the meat just fall right off and taste so good

  32. Jamie Brigham on

    I’ve never tried coppertone sun block but I would love to, Oh and I love my ribs on the grill with Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce.

  33. i have tried coppertone sun screen, think maybe wrong question in rafflecopter,
    I like my ribs with dry rub on it

  34. never tried it
    Thanks for a great contest! janna johnson [email protected] GFC: [email protected]

  35. Jennifer Vickers on

    I hope this is right, my question says have I ever tried coppertone…yes! Most people answers are rib related so I hope this is ok!

  36. :Tell me if you have tried Coppertone sunscreen”. Yes I have but judging from the answers above me, I think I have the wrong question.

    Love ribs, but never made them myself.

  37. The ? was… have I ever tried Coppertone?!?!? Yes, in fact I’ve used it off/on since the 60’s!!! Thanks for the chance….

  38. Melissa Shirley on
  39. I never cook ribs but we like using McCormicks Grill Mates Fiery 5 Pepper Seasoning


  40. Julie Lynn Bickham on

    Yes I have tried Coppertone Sunscreen and I use the Coppertone Kids sunscreen on my kids currently.

  41. Aimee Fontenot on

    I have tried Coppertone Sunscreen, but I don’t think that’s the right question for this contest. LOL

    I like my ribs with a dry rub of brown sugar, cracked peppercorns, and secret spices (not really, it’s just about everything in my pantry though).

    Sometimes I put a little sauce on at the end.

  42. I’ve never made my own ribs. But, I like them with with a sweet and smoky barbecue sauce.

  43. Tiffany Banks on

    First we put the ribs in the oven & then grill them! They are SO tender & just fall off the bone!!

  44. I have to admit that I haven’t cooked ribs yet, but I’m getting ideas from this post and the comments.

  45. I mix up homemade barbecue sauce, using my Grandma’s recipe; cover the ribs with the sauce and bake for several hours.

  46. Never grilled ribs before. I think my husband has cooked ribs at home once. My Mom used to make them in the crockpot with an Asian-inspired sauce

  47. I like my ribs…..cooked by my husband. I tried it once and burnt the whole thing. He has a way of slow cooking them on the BBQ and they just melt in your mouth.

  48. I don’t cook ribs, but pretty much any way they’re cooked, I will eat. BFF’s hubby smokes ’em. Yum.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  49. I cook mine in the crockpot. On HIGH for two hours w/ 1/2 cup of chicken broth. Then drain, put ribs back in crock pot on LOW for 5 hours with one bottle of BBQ sauce, 1 chopped yellow onion. YUMMEH!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  50. Aaron Bretveld on

    My favorite way to cook ribs is with the Alton Brown Good Eats recipe where you actually cook them in foil packs in the oven. They come out great every time that way!

  51. I usually put ribs in the oven for a few hours on low heat then grill them. I like my ribs spicy so there’s plenty of BBQ sauce & hot sauce on them

  52. Barbara Long on
  53. I don’t cook ribs, my husband does. It’s a ‘guy thing’ in our house. He boils them to get them tender and then puts them on the grill. I’m not sure what he puts in the water, but it is magic. They are quite tasty which is why I never get ribs at a restaurant. They just don’t stand up to his. 🙂

  54. Amanda Halloway on

    I like my ribs smoked and basted with bbq sauce. I am going to try the dry rub and see how that turns out.

  55. I don’t eat ribs so don’t cook them. My father in law parboils them, bakes them with a dry rub and then tosses them on the grill with some sauce.

  56. Lisa Marie Sicora on

    We season ours with Famous Dave’s Rib Rub (nothing else!) & smoke them with a mix of cherry & mesquite wood biscuits in our Bradley Smoker! 3-2-1 method!

  57. Dorothy Hubbard on

    I cook them numerous ways, crockpot, oven, grill etc. Depends on the time I have the temp of the do and so on.

  58. I like to let my Dad cook my ribs – he puts a dry rub on them and this his secret recipe bbq sauce! They are delicious!

  59. I prefer to grill mine but because of time constraints, I often use the crockpot. Still very good!
    cawillingham1202 at gmail dot com

  60. Michele Amos on

    Hubby grills them after marinating them with lemon juice, liquid smoke, garlic salt and paprika. Awesome!

  61. Lisa Fonseca on
  62. Heather Poindexter on

    I have always parboiled them with some grape jelly but it so much trouble I do not do it often.

  63. I like to grill them on the barbeque slowly, and lather them in Famous Dave’s Hot and Sassy barbeque sauce.

  64. Margaret Smith on

    Hi Jen,
    I’m so excited to have won. I’ve replied twice to your email and just want to make sure you got my reply. Please let me know.
    Thanks so much.
    Margaret Smith

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