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At the moment I have 2 kids in diapers. Luckily one is potty training but for the other one I have at least another year or two of diapers. I do cloth diaper Justin part-time, but the other part of the time I’ve had him in Pampers because that’s always been a good brand for our family…until recently. CVS sent me a few packages of their new and improved diapers for me to try.

I tried CVS diapers on Jaxon first.  The size 4 that we received fit him great. I hadn’t before seen a diaper with the Smart-fit size indicator right on the diaper:  Red indicates that you should probably move up a size; green indicates that it is a perfect fit and yellow indicates that it might be too big.

I like that the tabs are stretchy.  So many other store brand diapers do not have the stretch tabs, so this was a welcome sight for me! I’ve been using them on Jaxon at night and when we go out.  I also used them when we were on vacation recently. I have to say that I am impressed with these diapers. Jaxon sleeps anywhere from 9-12 hours a night and we haven’t had a single leak! They also held up great while we were at an amusement park, walking around all day and riding rides.

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I also tried the CVS diapers on Justin because honestly, I forgot we were low on disposable diapers and had to use them. His tabs went into the yellow and almost overlapped but we didn’t have any problems with leaks or anything. He’s learning to crawl so he’s always on the go and he has had no issues moving his legs. The diapers have plenty of stretch to them, yet they still hold in everything they need to.  I actually liked the diapers on him and I haven’t bothered going out to to buy any more since the size 4 seems to be fine for both of them. I figured I could just use what is on hand, especially since I’m only using them part time for both kids.

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Between using the new CVS diapers, potty training and part time cloth diapering we’re going to be saving plenty of money from now on! Prices start at $8.99 for a regular pack and $15.99 for the Value Size (# of diapers in each pack depends on the size of diapers).

*I received products for the purpose of reviewing at no cost to me. All opinions expressed are of my own and not influenced by anything or anyone.


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