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Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery

Since Fall is now upon us, I am in the mood for “Fall Cleaning” – much like Spring Cleaning, but I seem to get motivated this time of year! A big part of cleaning for me is organizing. My kids are 16 and 22, and let’s face it, they never seem to put anything away where it is supposed to go. I have been looking for a organizing system that will make it easy for them to find a “place” for everything and put things back! I received several items from the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line of products and they are PERFECT for what I am trying to achieve in my household. What I want to achieve is neat and tidy countertops, clearly labeled trays and drawers, and no clutter anywhere.

From the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line, I received these items to try:

  • Stack + Fit Organizer
  • Dry erase weekly planner
  • Spiral notebook
  • Metal rim tags
  • Chalkboard labels
  • Accordion file
  • Binder + vertical file folders

I had a blast pulling each item out of the box – and my imagination ran wild. I knew that these products would give me a great start with my organizing goals.  Although I absolutely love all of the products, I am especially smitten with the Stack + Fit Organizer. It is really clever – you can purchase just what you need to make it work for YOU. You can add on as needed or desired, and depending on what you would like to store/organize. Here is a quick video that explains how the Avery Stack + Fit system works:

I had fun setting this up. The set I received included a drawer, a tray, and 3 different size boxes to fit on top. There are so many different options available, and I think I will be adding onto mine soon. But for now, this is just perfect. It has allowed me to have “my stuff” in one place – kind of like my own personal desk. Since we are limited on space in this house, this is definitely a welcome addition. I set it up with a big stack of coupon inserts in the drawer (bottom). I decided that the shelf above the drawer is perfect for the catalogs that I want to look through. Above that is a flat tray/box that sits right on top of the tray. I put the long grocery coupons that print out at the register in here. I also found that this is the perfect place for my reading glasses (sad but true, I can barely read the small print on coupons!). Above this tray are two smaller boxes. In one of them I put oddball, loose coupons and restaurant coupons.

stacking organizer, martha stewart by avery

Last but not least, the smaller box is perfect for my business cards! I finally got to take them out of the box that they came in, and put them in a really convenient spot. I now have all of my important things right in one place. I am a happy girl!

Avery Stack and fit, stackable organizer

I gave the Dry Erase Weekly Planner to my daughter, as she is a junior in high school (and very busy!), this is an at-a-glance way for her to keep on track. She told me how much this helps her, and she likes that it can be changed each week, by simply wiping off the last week’s information and adding in the new items. It is attached on the wall, next to her desk, within easy reach.

dry erase weekly planner

I have been using the Accordion File to keep my blogging paperwork organized. I use one slot for pending (the paperwork that arrives with products – which I refer to when composing a post), another slot for check stubs, and so on.

Avery Accordion file,organizing folder

The Spiral Notebook is a perfect size to keep next to me at all times when I need to jot down notes, ideas or when I am on an important phone call regarding my blog. It is really sturdy, since it is spiral bound, and each pages is perforated, which makes it easy to discard old, unneeded pages.

small spiral notebook,avery notebook

Plus it’s really pretty!

avery notebook,martha stewart by avery


The binder is really nice.  Since I am just learning how to use coupons in a big way, this will be perfect for the coupon that I cut out from the newspaper inserts.  I have some plastic sheets that will fit just right in the binder, and I can slip the coupons in each. This will help me immensely!

The Vertical File Folders are fantastic! I have never seen folders like this before, but they just make sense. It is easier to glance at papers and documents when they are vertical, rather than bending your neck sideways like I tend to do with traditional manila folders. I am going to purchase one of the magazine boxes to put these in, and oh, how much easier filing will be! Another feature I like with these is that one side and the bottom are closed, so papers won’t fall out.

vertical folders,martha stewart folders

I love the tags and chalkboard labels! I remember the days of using plain white address labels when I wanted to label something, but the possibilities are endless with these colorful and stylist labels and tags.


One winner will receive a Martha Stewart HOme Office with Avery Prize Pack, just like the one I received!
*Open to US residents only. Ends 10/23.

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*Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery, and it’s partner Red Sky PR provided me with product in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions above are mine and mine alone.  Red Sky will be handling the fulfillment of the prize.


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  1. because I have an obessession about getting organized and because I just started an at home business and would love love love to try it out! EEEEEEEEEEEEK thanks for the chance, Brandy

  2. I’m excited to win for my daughter. She has 3 children all going places at different times and this would help her keep track of things for one.

  3. sheri grennille on

    my daughter wants to be a teacher (she’s 9) and runs a doll school in our house. these products are great at getting her to organize her supplies. we both go to the section and almost drool over how pretty they are – and who and what we’ll use the % off coupons we sometimes have!

  4. Michelle White on

    I recently started working full time and am having a hard time keeping up with all of the stuff that goes with one child in preschool and one in K. I need something to get me organized!
    Michelle W.

  5. I am excited because my un-organized self could finally have some organization in my life! Thanks for the chance!

  6. These products look great…I always find that things in my life go more smoothly if I’m organized but I have trouble actually getting myself organized and these products look they would help.

  7. I am excited because I love things to be organized and to win this would be a great help!
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  8. I am excited about these Martha Stewart organizing products because I trust her brand and I need organizing help.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  9. Betsy Rubendall Barnes on

    I am excited about this prize because I have a huge mess and this would certainly help me get organized 🙂

  10. These products are really nice looking and my desk are could really use some serious neatening up.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  11. Carolyn Barnett on

    I am excited about these products because they would be an awesome gift for my sister. she manages an apartment building and this is perfect.

  12. If I could show you a PICTURE, I would not have to explain my excitement. I am actually in the middle of trying to regain our space in our home, and de clutter. Our counter has several baskets and bins, and it is very disorganized. These products at the counter end and wall behind would make for a great organization CENTER for our family of 6. I ‘d so appreciate it! Does it come with a visit from Martha AND a team of experts to organize? Nice thought!

  13. I NEED to organize the paper mess on my desk and keep them filed, this looks as though it would make the chore a whole lot easier.

  14. I’m excited about these products because I’m looking to organize my new office area at home.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I love me some organization! My husband and I need a little bit of it in our lives right now. Things have been crazy the past month and this would really help us create a game plan and start getting our lives more organized! Also, they look nice! Great giveaway!

  16. I’m excited because I love office supplies and reorganizing my desk! Plus martha and avary – what could be better 🙂

  17. Stephanie Larison on

    I’m a organizational (is that even a word?) freak! Lol everything must be nicely put away where it goes. I hate clutter! I would be in heaven with this.

  18. Between Maria’s Space, running a community website,. my social media company, the kids schedules and being the secretary at the Chamber of Commerce in town things are crazy. I need to get better organized before life passes me by while I search for things

  19. I love products that help me get–and stay!–organized! When they can do that with style…totally a bonus.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  20. Amber Warfield on

    I love pretty much everything that Martha Stewart puts her name on because its all quality items. I could really use some additional items like this for my home office. Great products.

  21. I love the colors and designs. It would be so helpful getting everything organized – from my office area, to the kitchen, and the craft area. Thanks!

  22. I am excited about these products because they are pretty as well as functional and will help differenciate between my stuff and my spouse’s stuff. Thanks.

  23. I’m excited because I am tired of all the little odd and end things on the desk that just don’t have a home !!!

  24. I am excited because I really need to get organized… case in point… couldn’t find a coupon that expired yesterday until TODAY lol. and am trying to get back into refunds, coupons to save money and doing that you need to be organized!

  25. Kathleen M Smith on

    This prize would be awesome to help me get organized with coupons, contests, classes and other activities. I have been struggling a bit with organization and this would be a big help.

  26. I’m excited about them because I need some help organizing all the stuff that comes in our house, especially from my kids’ schools.

  27. I am obsessively organized and love all the tools. I really like the dry erase planner – so much better than my little 8×10 white board.

  28. I love the weekly planner – this would definitely have a place of honor in my kitchen.
    [email protected](DOT)com

  29. I need to update my office and I just seen a commercial featuring a few of these products! They are versatile so they would fit my life perfectly!

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