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Jaylin is 6 and she has sensory issues, things can’t be too tight or feel a certain way. Every time we’re in the van she knows to buckle up, but when I look back she has the shoulder strap BEHIND her and it drives me crazy. Not only does it annoy the OCD part of me but it’s really unsafe! I’ve explained the safety to her, tried to make her understand, but the sensory part of her hates anything around her neck that is rough like that and that trumps safety in her head. Thanks to Seat Pets theΒ seat belt is no longer behind her anymore!

It’s pretty funny, just the other month the kids were watching TV and the commercial for Seat Pets come on, my oldest son Jeffery told me “You need to get that for Jaylin.” Now that we have it, he was right. Jaylin loves her “monster” Airheart. She loves that it has so many pockets to put her little toys in and I’m happy she’s wearing her seat belt the right way. We just recently took a road trip that was a little over 4 hours long and I never once saw her wearing her seat belt the wrong way, she even had a few naps on it!

When it’s just Jeffery in the van he happily cuddles up to it too. I looked back yesterday and he was fast asleep on it. So when we stopped at a stop light I had to quickly snap a picture of him! I never have any problems with him buckling up the right way, he is the usually the first to buckle up and remind the rest of us to do it too. He just likes it because it’s comfortable, we may end up getting him one and I know once Jaxon is out of his 5 point harness car seat that he will be getting one. Great way to make it fun for kids to buckle up.

Jeffery sleeping on Jaylin’s Seat Pet

Seat Pets can be used on other things as well, the site shows a little girl with it attached to the front of her scooter. It also comes with a backpack strap that the kids can take their Seat Pets with them. My favorite thing about Seat Pets (besides that it makes her wear her seat belt the right way) is how easy it can be taken off and put on. When my dad came and got Jaylin to take her out for her birthday I was quickly able to take the Seat Pet off and out of our van and put it on in my dad’s vehicle. Jeffery has even been able to take it off when Jaylin isn’t in the van and put it where he sits, it is that easy.

Seat Pets are $19.99 and come in three different characters, Whish, Awty and Airheart.


One lucky Eighty MPH Mom reader will win their own Airheart Seat Pet.

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  1. This is exactly what I wish I’d had as a kid! I was always finding it hard to get comfy on long trips. I’d love to get one for my niece!

  2. My oldest sits in a booster seat in the car. He tends to fall asleep and it just looks really uncomfortable when he does. This would help keep his neck from hurting.

  3. I would love to have one, when my daughter falls asleep in the car, I feel so bad for her, she looks so uncomfortable. My daughter is always moving her neck strap off of her too.

  4. I have 2 girls and they get really cranky on long road trips they would really love SeatPets for both of them. It would really help Mommy out too. I hope it will help them fall asleep and entertain each other so we can have a peaceful car ride.

  5. My son is a bit older & isn’t in a booster seat anymore so when he does fall asleep in the car his head tilts at an odd angle. It must not bother him, but it looks so uncomfortable. I also would like it for all the little pockets it has! My son has a ton of stuff that is constantly in the car, so this would be perfect!

  6. we need one for my daughter when we go on long trips she has to take along a big pillow to sleep in the car and this would be great

  7. My little fellow is not a morning person and is always so sleepy on the ride to school in the mornings. This would give him something to snuggle up to for the ride.

  8. My daughter would love this. She would think all the pockets were cool. I’m sure it would turn in to one of her favorite toys.

  9. Because my son always looks so uncomfortable when he falls asleep in the car and I am hoping this would help πŸ™‚

  10. My son is in a booster seat & the seatbelt leaves nasty marks on his neck & when he falls aleep, his head hangs down & his body slouches. This would definitely help with both problems. πŸ™‚

  11. My 3-year-old son came into the room one day and told me wanted one. I thought he said Sea Pet and told him he already had some, pointing to our fish tank. The poor boy looked around and around and asked me where! Finally I realized I misunderstood him and thank goodness we have a DVR. I was able to rewind the show he was watching on TV so that I could see the commercial. Later when I showed my husband what they were, my 14-year-old daughter told me that she wants one too!!!

  12. I think our little girl would love it and would come in handy on road trips, keep her occupied and if she falls asleep she would have a little cushion.

  13. I want a seat pet because sometimes we are in the car for long periods of time and would love for the kids to be comfortable in the chairs

  14. I went to order this, but it wouldn’t tell me the shipping and handling fee until after placing my order. Also it says a lower price for two, it wouldn’t tell me that price as well. I a not willing to give out my credit card number without an order total. I think it is very sneaky for a company to no tell you the cost of things until after you place an order. Poor business practices.

  15. I need one because if we go to the beach I go to sleep and I have to sit in the middle every time and I have told my mom about it and she said I could get one but I don”t know where to order.

  16. Worst customer service ever, check out their facebook page, many people waiting for their orders since June/July, everytime you call for a status you get a different answer, was told mine shipped Wed, but no tracking number available, then I get one and it is an invalid number, already been billed, now being told that it hasn’t been picked up by fedex yet, absolutely horrible company to deal with. Many people paid for priority processing, you think they would offer a refund ? Nope !, Expedited shipping ? Nope !, all they care about is getting your money, nothing about the kids that are upset over not receiving their product, also a number of complaints about the quality, and that the Velcro does not hold and needs to be replaced. Think twice before buying.

  17. I want to win one for my grandson .he’s in a booster and the seat belt hits his neck at the wrong spot and he hates the belt .He knows he has to buckle up or my car doesn’t move and I thought this might make it more endurable for him.

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