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I have been using Glad Force Flex Kitchen Garbage bags with Febreeze for several months now, and they are one of my all-time favorite products. Next to big messes, there is nothing worse than stinky garbage (blech). The Febreeze scent in these bags keeps my kitchen smelling really fresh.

I have used all types of Glad Bags in the past, and recently received Glad ForceFlex Black Bags to try out!  Now, in this household of teens (well ages 16 and 22), we not only have plenty of garbage and recyclables (they treat their rooms like recycling centers – plastic bottles everywhere!), but we always seem to have several donation bags going at any given time.

glad force flex black bags

We have a company that picks up donations twice a month.  We leave our bags on the curb with their tag attached, and it is really easy.  The only part that isn’t easy is getting the bags to the curb!  My kids fill up regular white kitchen garbage bag and they always, always rip and tear on the way to the curb (or even on the way downstairs).   Last night I walked into my daughter’s room and there were three bags she had sitting for donation (actually one was full of books that she wants to take to the half-price book store for credit).

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I told her we were going to consolidate the two donation bags into one of the Glad ForceFlex Black Bags.  But would two kitchen bags worth of clothes, belts and purses really fit?  Oh yes they did – with a little room to spare.  That’s when I went and grabbed a few clothing items that I was saving for donation and put them in as well.

glad black bags

We pulled the red ties and my daughter held up the bag to demonstrate how strong it was (keep in mind that most of her clothes were heavy jeans and jackets!).

glad force flex black bags

Hauling the bag downstairs was a breeze (super heavy, yes, but it held together just fine!).  I am no longer dreading carrying the bags to the curb on donation days.  We could have easily put even more in the bag as you can see from the room still left on the top.  It’s like the Glad Black Bags expand and expand but don’t rip – this is due to their diamond texture and it might also have something to do with how well they are constructed – see this seam?  It’s like they made these bags especially for my family.

glad black bags

I mentioned above how messy my children are.  Let me offer you this tip:  as soon as they are able to clean, wash clothes, etc., let them!  I waited too long with my son and I found that I was doing more than I needed to be doing for him.  When they make a mess in the bathroom or kitchen, though I am tempted to clean it up, I leave it there until I find them (oh yes, I will hunt them down), and show them that this is not what we want our house to look like. After hounding them enough, they eventually learn to clean the messes as they make them.

We are hosting the holidays this year in our new vacation home and for Thanksgiving at least, we will be having quite a group!  We will be going through water bottles, sodas, and maybe a few adult beverages as well as loads of food and food containers.  It is going to be wild.  I can assure you though, that I will have Glad ForceFlex Black Bags on hand at all times, because I know that our current garbage/recycling arrangement will never keep up with the mess that our group will be making.  I wish I was doing this post after our big celebration – the photos would be priceless!

I am so glad (no pun intended) that I have Glad bags to help me clean up all of the holiday packaging. You see, I am buying all new holiday decor for the new home, and the way things are packaged these days, it can make quite a mess.  I will simply carry my Glad bag around with me and fill it with the mess. Then it can go straight outside. Viola!

Glad ForceFlex bags are available in 30 and 33 gallon sizes, enough to handle the messiest of messy folks.

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*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


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  1. sheri grennille on

    i have not tried the febreeze version, but i paid almost full price for the forceflex after having too many episodes of cat litter trails to the curb. awesome product!

  2. I’ve never tried them but they sound great. We really don’t produce much garbage, about 1 small bag a week but I bet these would come in handy during the holidays when moving presents to family’s houses and in the summer when bagging grass!

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