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Kipling Yubin 55 Spinner

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Now that we have purchased our retirement/vacation home (which is 3 1/2 hours away), I find myself traveling more than I ever imagined. I spend more time at the new home than the rest of my family, and I head down there every other weekend or so to have some relaxing “me” time. I am able to do this since my kids are pretty much grown. Since driving that far so often gets tedious, I usually take Amtrak.

We generally have everything we need in the the new home, so when I travel down, the only things I need to bring are my laptop, iPad and other electronics, as well as a few odds and ends. I do not want to lug around a big suitcase for these trips – I like to travel lightly and just bring a small carry-on bag. It is also a MUST that it rolls!

I recently received the most fantastic rolling suitcase – the Kipling Yubin 55 Spinner ($279 ARV). It is absolutely perfect for my needs – not too big and not too small.  I adore the beautiful blue color and the cute little monkey (more about him later).  This suitcase is also available in Neon Pink.

Kipling Yubin 55 rolling suitcase

It easily fits my MacBook Pro, and there is plenty of extra room for my iPad, Kindle Fire, and cords for all of these.  I can fit a couple nights worth of clothes in the Kipling rolling bag if needed, as well as a pair or two of shoes, toiletries, etc.  Previously I used a rolling backpack but the shape wasn’t right and I found myself shoving items in there, only to struggle to get them back out. It measures 13.75″ X 21.5″ x 9.5″ without expansion and 13.75″ L x 21.5″ H x 10.5″ D with expansion.

kipling rolling laptop bag

The Kipling Yubin 55 Spinner features:

  • Expandable Zipper
  • Interior practical organization
  • Soft grip handles
  • Adjustable packing straps
  • Lightweight EVA wheels
  • Fabric: Crinkle Nylon

What about quality?

I am really, really impressed with how well constructed the Kipling Yubin 55 Spinner is. You can see in the photo below the quality of the bag. I think this rolling suitcase might even hold up to my abuse for years to come (I am kind of rough on things).  The wheels are so smooth and this thing turns on a dime (which is good, because nothing is worse than a rolling bag toppling over when you’re in a hurry!).

kipling blue rolling suitcase

There is a zippered section inside the suitcase, which is perfect for paperwork or jewelry or other items that need to be contained.
kipling rolling laptop bag

There is also a perfectly sized zippered compartment on the outside of the bag (many times they are so small on luggage this size, but not this one!). It even has a gorgeous lining:

kipling rolling suitcase, rolling overnight bag

And I just have to mention how cute the monkey is.  Each Kipling bag comes with a little monkey attached.  The reason for this?  Well, monkeys are fun and adventurous so they became Kipling’s mascot!  Each collection has it’s own monkey too. How fun is that?  Some people even collect them!

kipling blue monkey


For a tech savvy blogger like myself (and most of us bloggers are!), it is nice to have so many options for storage and transport of our beloved electronics.  I’ve got my eye on the Digi Touch Bag below – I think it will be going on my holiday list this year 🙂

laptop bags, rolling computer bags, iPad cases

Make sure you check out Kipling’s HOLIDAY 2012 collection, which includes stylish shapes, lots of colors and awesome patterns. They also have new ACTIVE and TECH collections, in addition to iPad/cell phone cases, chic handbags, mini-bags, wallets, all kinds of suitcases & luggage, and plenty more! You can find something for everyone at Kipling this holiday season! I always assumed that Kipling just had purses and handbags, so I was thrilled to discover they have these other items as well.

*I received the above product, free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. I like traveling with many little pieces of luggage rather than one big one, it allows me to better organize my thing, unless we are traveling by air, then its everything stuffed in one bag! I would like the Seoul Bag for my laptop and accessories, my son could have the monkey!

  2. That bag looks fabulous! I love that it has casters that can roll in any direction so I wouldn’t have to trip over myself while walking around. Looks great for an overnight bag, especially for a quick flight out of town.

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