Monster Buddy Body Pillows Review for Your Little Monsters


Two Hippos is a company that I was unfamiliar with but, thankfully, we here at Eighty MPH Mom are in the business of keeping our readers well informed and up to date on the best products on the market. A recent opportunity came up and there was no possible way that I could pass on it. You see, we are pillow people. My 4-year-old currently has more pillows on his bed than I do. We have throw pillows everywhere and, to our toddlers’ discontent, they are not actually meant to be “thrown.” One thing that I have always been a fan of is body pillows. From lounging and sleeping to easing the discomforts of pregnancy, body pillows are absolutely ahh-mazing. However, they are extremely difficult to come by in a child’s size – until now.

I am sure that there are some people out there that would recommend using a standard queen and/or king sized pillow for use as a child’s body pillow but, well, it just doesn’t work that way. Body pillows are different. Think memory foam mattress versus a stuffed animal, which would you rather sleep on? Now think memory foam mattress combined with a stuffed animal, genius isn’t it? Two Hippos’ Monster Buddy Body Pillows are exactly that, genius.

Featuring real memory foam inside an adorable little monster body, these pillows are certain to become a child’s best friend. Wrapped in an amazingly soft minky fabric and accompanied by an equally cute matching blanket the Monster Buddy pillows are great for any time of the day; Nap time, cozy movie nights, long car rides, camping, sleepovers, and of course bedtime. They are even the perfect companion for helping children get over the age old fear of monsters under the bed. With their very own Monster Buddy keeping a watchful eye over them, children will have nothing to be scared of! The blanket folds up neatly and tucks into a storage pocket on the back for simple cleanup and transport. My little ones also found use of the pocket to stow away items like their monster fighting flashlights. The Monster Buddy comes in six colors and will surely please, both, boys and girls. Our green Monster Buddy has officially become my kids’ true monster “buddy.” Fittingly named “Buddy,” the body pillow has gone everywhere with us, even making a visit to Grandmom’s house.

I love that the Monster Buddy Body Pillow promotes a better sleeping posture for children. Both of our kids are very different sleepers. One sleeps like a log, perfectly still and calm. The other… he’s my monster. I find him sideways, upside down, hanging off of the bed, on the floor, you name it. Ever since our Monster Buddy arrived he has slept so perfectly snuggled up with it. I no longer have to worry about him falling out of bed due to his restless tossing and turning. The memory foam mixed with the softness of an adorable monster body has truly made our nights less scary and, thus, our days that much more fun. As if that wasn’t great enough, the cover is machine washable!

The Two Hippos’ Monster Buddy Body Pillow is, by far, the greatest addition to our pillow collection. It retails for $65.99, which may seem a bit steep for a pillow, but I don’t believe that you can ever put a price on a good night’s sleep. It is well worth every penny and, while my little ones share relatively well, I am pretty certain that I will have to ask Santa to bring one more (maybe two… who says they’re only for kids?). If you are looking for something different to gift this year, look no further. The Monster Buddy Body Pillow is THE perfect gift for the holiday season that is certain to bring a smile to the face of any little monster in your life.


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*Randi received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.


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  1. What a smart, fun and cute idea! I had never heard of Two Hippos or the Monster Buddies Pilows either until today. We’re a pillow family for sure and I can evn see myself using one!!

  2. My youngest boy would love one of these, they kind of remind me of the Ugly Doll! They seem a little pricey but I don’t mind spending money on things I know they will use for a long time.

  3. What a great invention. I’ve never heard of them before so I’m really glad I read your review. My youngest grandson is a mover when he sleeps. He’s all over the place. This would be perfect for him. I guess Christmas will find his Monster Buddy under the tree. I love it. Thanks again for the review.
    Carol L.

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