November is National Bread Month – celebrate with the Grain Foods Foundation!


National Bread Month,Whole Grain Foundation

Did you know that November is National Bread Month? I didn’t know this, honestly, and I also didn’t know that this year is also the 250th anniversary of the sandwich! Mmmm sandwiches.

The Grain Foods Foundation wants to remind us how good sandwiches are. Not only are sandwiches tasty, but the whole grains contain much needed nutrients.  The other nice thing about sandwiches is that  the possibilities are endless. It is one food item that never really gets boring. I love to create sandwiches – I often try different combinations of meats and cheeses (or just veggies!) to come up with something yummy and satisfying. I recently made Pine Nut and Cranberry Picnic Chicken Salad Sandwiches (oh my – need I say more?).

chicken salad
I also created an amazing (if I do say so myself) Chicken Cordon Bleu with Garlic Lime Aioli Sandwich.


Did you know that it is recommended that you eat six 1-ounce servings of grain foods every day (Dietary Guidelines). That shouldn’t be hard to do for me, really, as I love anything and everything grain related. Bagels? Yes please! Buns, tortillas, crackers and bread are super tasty, in addition to being affordable and convenient.

ciabatta bread

When my kids were little and I packed them lunches for school, they always loved their sandwiches. I didn’t want them to get bored, so I would mix it up a bit – one day I would make PB & J, another day I would make ham & cheese, etc. Not only did I not want them to be bored with their sandwiches, but bread of course is the most important ingredient in making a healthy, tasty sandwich! I love that sandwiches are great for any time of the day too. Sometimes when the kids are out and about and doing their own thing at dinner time, my husband and I will have sandwiches for dinner. Easy-peasy, and we always have the ingredients on hand for sandwiches.

blt sandwich

The bread choices these days are endless. When I was a child we had white bread and wheat bread. That was it. We just had to change the fillings to get a different type of sandwich. I can walk into a store these days and find a huge aisle of different breads (my favorites are the Artisan breads). There are 7-grain, 12-grain, potato bread, ciabatta, buttermilk bread, sprouted, non-sprouted, and the list goes on and on. Nowadays I not only have the option of changing the “innards” of the sandwich, but I can bring a whole different flavor to my masterpiece, just by using a different bread.  I will never get bored!

Another wonderful thing about bread (and other grain-based foods) is that the complex carbohydrates in them provide steady energy that the human body needs on a daily basis. Oh, how I need that energy!

To honor the sandwich and showcase its star ingredient – the bread – the Grain Foods Foundation has partnered with celebrity chef and sandwich guru Bryan Voltaggio has created some tasty sandwich recipes. There are so many I want to try, but I think the BLT Tartlets will be the first one that I try:

blt tarts,sandwiches,recipes

*Photo courtesy of the Grain Foods Foundation

How about you – what is your favorite whole grain?  Do you have a signature sandwich that everyone loves? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. I love bread and making sandwiches, toast, french toast, garlic bread, whatever. My favorite sandwich bread is one that has a strong wheat flavor, dense yet still soft and is nutty. We don’t really eat any white sandwich bread at our house but I do like a strong sourdough now and then.

  2. Thank goodness for national bread month! I now have the perfect reason to eat as much sourdough french bread ( my fave) as i want! Since i feel it is now my duty to represent my love of bread in november!!

  3. I don’t have a favorite type of bread, I love them all. I will say that my favorite sandwich is a roast beef sandwich.

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