Only a blogger travels this way


When bloggers travel…

I am sitting here on an Amtrak train, surrounded by all of my “stuff”. My bag was extremely heavy this time around (I take the train a couple of times a month), and I started asking myself…why. Why oh why.

Then I took a quick inventory in my head and it all makes sense. Here is what my small rolling backpack consists of:

  • MacBook Pro
  • iPad
  • Kindle Fire
  • DSLR Camera
  • 3 lenses for said camera
  • Flip Camera
  • iPhone
  • Windows Phone
  • Ear buds
  • cords for all of the above
  • 2 pairs of underwear (had to throw that in)
  • Makeup bag

I don’t imagine that the average traveler takes this much in the way of electronics when they travel. Us bloggers need every single thing listed above (maybe with the exception of 2 phones and the Flip camera).

bloggers and electronics

Let’s examine this.

1. MacBook Pro – well duh! I am a blogger and my laptop goes everywhere with me. Except maybe to the bank and grocery store. My intention is to get some blog work done on the train. Even if I don’t, I will still need my Mac to use when I arrive at my destination.
2. iPad – well duh again! What blogger doesn’t take their iPad with them everywhere?
3. Kindle Fire – as a backup in case my iPad loses battery power.
4. DSLR Camera – I am a blogger and bloggers take an insane amount of pictures. Whether I need to take a few shots for a review, or I just see something that will be the perfect photo for a blog post idea, I NEED my camera.
5. Lenses – I might need to zoom in on something. What if I see a teeny tiny little bug or something?
6. Flip Camera – I usually take video with my phone these days, so honestly, I don’t even know why I brought this.
7. iPhone – no explanation necessary. But I will anyway. When I am standing around at the train station amongst the creepers, I need to look like I am busy doing something. I can either play on my phone, or have a fake conversation. I need to check Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. too of course.
8. Windows Phone – I did a Nokia Lumia 900 review and really love this phone. There are different games on here than on my iPhone, and it is just fun. Besides what if the battery level on my iPhone suddenly plunged? I would have a back up phone. Only a blogger…
9. Ear buds – see #7 above – I usually put these in my ears whether I am listening to music or not. That way I can ignore anyone I don’t want to to talk to. #prepared
10.  Cords – well this is a no brainer – without these, I couldn’t use any of the items above, silly!
11. Underwear – because you just never know. Besides, my mom always told me to bring extra unders.
12. Makeup bag – I’m a girl and I like to look purdy.

Don’t even get me started on how strategically I had to pack all of this stuff. I not only had to carefully put things in so they would all fit, but had to predict which items I would need first and make a plan of how to get them out of my small rolling backpack.


Don’t judge.  I am totally prepared! Prepared for what you might ask? I have no idea.  But it feels damn good.

Only a blogger travels this way.

What do you typically bring when you travel? What can’t you do without?



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  1. This made me laugh because it is so true. I don’t yet have a DSLR so I take 3 cameras so I can always grab the best picture. NEver know which one will get it! My husband often calls me an email/internet addict but I keep trying to explain there is a huge difference between being a blogger and an addict. WE are working, or sorting through mountains of email which again is work!

  2. Oh gosh. I’m just starting to piece together what I’ll be bringing on the road trip and it’s making me whimper. Your list more or less… PLUS clothes for all of us? And diapers. OY.

  3. LOL!! I had no idea but it really does make sense if you think about it. I just recently began my blog and I don’t have much of anything there yet as far as content goes and I already understand this post!! LOL!!

  4. Excessive! I’m not a blogger, but I often travel for weeks or months with everything in a standard backpack. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

    Safe travels always, and thanks for all you do!

  5. LOL yep looks about right. My husband thinks I’m nuts bringing my laptop, tablet, camera, video camera and everything else. Gotta be prepared I tell him!

  6. LOL! You are too funny.

    I travel light – iPhone, maybe my iPad or laptop and camera. 🙂 I wish I could blog when I travel. I can’t. I need to be at my own desk. I feel “off” if I try and write someplace else.

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